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Want to start a business but want products to sell ? Try Handshake, a wholesale market filled with best-sellers. ( Don ’ triiodothyronine concern, we won ’ triiodothyronine tell anyone — it ’ ll be our little secret. ) In this article, we ’ ll break down what a bio is, how to write one, and some aplomb Instagram bio tricks. But most importantly, we ’ ll give you some Instagram bio ideas that you can literally copy and paste onto your profile. Okay, well, possibly not forever. But at least until you make some changes.

If your Instagram bio is enticing, they might decide to engage with your content or follow your account. If it isn ’ thymine, you might lose their interest… constantly. Most people only take a few seconds to scan bio and photos before deciding whether or not they should follow you. merely like pretty much everything else on the internet, your Instagram bio is all about making that impactful first impression. Start a dropshipping storehouse with Shopify. Build yourself an conglomerate. Get started nowadays .

What is an Instagram Bio?

An Instagram bio is the small area under your username where you can share some details about yourself or your post. Your Instagram bio can include a brief self or brand description, contact information, emojis, hashtags and more .
here ’ s an model of one of the best bios on Instagram :
Marie Forleo has a hard Insta bio. The first note is used to describe who she is : ‘ CEO. Writer. # MarieTV. Fancy Dancer. ’
The irregular line of her cool bio is used for social proof : ‘ Named by Oprah “ Thought leader for adjacent generation. ” ’ I don ’ t know about you, but to me, this says that she ’ second worth following .
The third base line of this short bio for Instagram describes what she does : ‘ Learn to get *anything* you want. ’
And the last pipeline is her CTA, which links to a free capacity download. She besides included two emojis to make the text easier to read and draw excess attention .
If you ’ re looking for Instagram bio ideas for girls, Marie Forleo ’ s Instagram bio formula is worth copying .

marie forleo instagram bio

Instagram Bio Template to Follow

You can write your Instagram bio any way you want to. here are a few Instagram bio tips that you might want to add based on popular trends. If you want to become an Instagram overcome, follow these tips and sign up for the Instagram class today .

1. Include a Description of Yourself

The best Instagram bios tend to have a self-description. Things to consider adding : your job entitle ( south ), the party you own or work for, some claims to fame, things you love, and what makes you stand out .
king Latifah ’ s Instagram bio does a big job of describing her. In the first agate line of her bio she writes, ‘ Actor/Rapper/Singer/Producer. ’ When people visit her fanpage, they ’ ll learn that she ’ s more than fair an actor and may check out her other spear to learn more about her .
Plus, that little blue tick shows up on her page, then people will immediately understand that she ’ s celebrated when visiting her Instagram account. One of the Instagram bio tips Queen Latifah teaches us is that you can learn a distribute about a person flush from a short bio .
queen latifah instagram bio

2. List Your Interests

To make a good first impression, you need to connect with your audience .
How can you do that ? By sharing your interests .
For exemplar Paola Antonini ’ s Instagram bio shares a elusive trace about who she is and what her Instagram is all about. For her interests, she shares, “ Lifestyle | Travel | Gratitude. ”
When you see the word gratitude thrown in there, you get a small intrigue. And after scrolling through some pictures, you immediately see that she has a prosthetic leg .
And much of her Instagram includes pictures of her living life, travel, and having fun, which makes her interesting to follow. Pretty sure her 2.6 million followers agree .
The best bio will always be the one that ’ mho easy to read and takes your most entice interests, which are two significant Instagram bio tips to copy .

paola instagram bio

If you ’ re the owner of a fan page or occupation, or you ’ re a public figure, your Instagram bio should include your contact information.

Most people write something like ‘ For business enquiries, electronic mail diagnose @ email.com. ’ You can besides mastermind people to your DM for sending messages .
The app party A Color Story includes their e-mail address in their Instagram bio for easy communication. The whole finish of sociable media is to be social, after all, so making your contact information more accessible is one of those Instagram bio tips you have to follow .

a color story instagram bio

4. Add a Call to Action

Whether you ’ re a business owner or an influencer, having a predict to action in your Instagram bio is a must .
Remember : you ’ ve got one connection that you can include for users to click on. So throw in a request to ‘ sign improving for my course, ’ ‘ check out my latest web log post, ’ or ‘ shop the hottest fashion products nowadays. ’
Tony Robbins ’ Instagram bio model includes the CTA ‘ 👇 Watch the Documentary 🎥. ’ The finger emoji points down to the link to get some supernumerary attention .

tony robbins instagram bio

5 Instagram Bio Tricks to Try

Want to learn a few Instagram bio tricks to make your bio design popular ? here are four of the most popular ones :

1. How do You Change the Font in Your Instagram Bio?

Using a tool like LingoJam, you can easily copy and paste unlike Instagram bio fonts for your profile. All you need to do is type in the words you ’ d like in a unlike baptismal font, like your list .
then, scroll through fonts until you see one you like. Copy and glue it right into your Instagram bio .
lingo jam for instagram bios

2. How do You Add Symbols to Your Instagram Bio?

Using a web site like CoolSymbol, you can copy and paste symbols and fancy text .
You ’ ll find lots of cool symbols like stars, copyright, arrows, currency, bracket, hearts, zodiac signs, and more. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you click one of their symbols, it immediately gets copied. then you can head on over to Instagram to post it in your bio .
instagram bio emoji

so, you probably already know how to add your web site radio link in your Instagram bio. But what about when you want to add multiple links ?
A cool little web site that ’ ll serve you do this is Linkpop. All you need to do is log into your Shopify report, add the links you want to the land page, and partake your alone radio link on your Instagram visibility .
Linkpop Homepage Screenshot
When all that ’ randomness done, your Instagram bio yoke ends up directing your visitors to a page with multiple links .

To add a link to your Instagram bio, follow these steps :

  • Go to your profile and select the “Edit Profile” button
  • Add the URL in the “Website” field
  • Save the changes
  • Test the website link in your profile

4. How to Add Space to Your Instagram Bio

Using the free tool by Apps4Life, you can add line breaks for your Instagram bio ( or Instagram captions ) and click the Convert button to add it to your clipboard .
then, you can head to your app and spread the text immediately in your Instagram bio. Doing this is the easiest way to have an Instagram bio space. This saves you the hassle of manually creating quad you need within the Instagram app .
instagram bio line break

5. How do You Add a Location to Your Instagram Bio?

You can add a localization to your Instagram bio if you are listed as a Public Business or Figure. If you are, watch these easy steps :

  • Go to your visibility and select the “ Edit Profile ” clitoris
  • Under “ Public Business Information, ” select “ Contact Options ”
  • Choose “ Business Address ” and fill in the fields
  • Save the changes
  • Test the address in your bio to ensure it links to the right place