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    You wo n’t be able to see who ‘s viewed your regular Instagram photograph or video recording posts, but it ‘s reasonably easy to figure out how to see who ‘s viewed your photograph or video stories .

  1. Tap your profile picture bubble at the top of your prey to view your history .

  2. look at the lower left corner of your floor. If any of your followers have already viewed it, you ‘ll see one or multiple profile video bubbles with a seen-by label below it.

    Seen by 13 icon for Instagram Story
    If you do n’t see this index however, tap the X in the top right corner to close the narrative and wait a little sting longer for your followers to view it. After waiting, repeat steps three and four .

  3. Tap the profile picture bubbles with the Seen by # label to open the scene check. You ‘ll see a number of all the people who ‘ve viewed your narrative, along with the total opinion count in the lead bequeath. Tap the X in the top right when you ‘re done .
    Close X in Instagram Story
    Tap any viewer ‘s profile picture or name to go directly to their profile. You can besides tap the three dots beside their name to hide the report thus that person ca n’t view it again or alternatively the mail icon beside their name to send a mastermind message.

  4. Customize your narrative ‘s see and sharing settings by tapping the gear icon in the clear entrust corner of the narrative. From here, you can configure the follow options :

    • Hide Story From: Select people from your followers list to hide this story from them.
    • Close Friends: Create a list of close friends if you only want to share this story with specific people.
    • Allow Message Replies: Allow your followers or only followers you follow back to reply to your story or turn replies off altogether.
    • Allow Sharing: Allow your followers to share photos and videos from your story as messages.

    Customize your fib settings any clock time you want, even when you do n’t presently have any live stories, from your score settings. Open your profile, tap the menu icon in the clear right, tap Settings, scroll down to Privacy and Security and choose Story Controls .

  5. Check your notifications by tapping the heart icon in the buttocks menu after the 24-hour floor termination time period. Upon passing, you should receive an automatic presentment tell you how many people viewed your narrative. Tap that notification to open the fib ‘s view pill to see who viewed it .
    The Instagram app for iOS

    Increase the chances of your history being viewed by more of your followers by keeping it about longer than the default 24-hour period. To do this, all you need to do is set your history as a Highlight. Tap to view your report and then tap the Highlight push button in the penetrate right. Although it will disappear from your followers ‘ feeds after the 24-hour menstruation, it will remain on your profile until you remove it .

  6. Consider setting your Instagram visibility to private if you do n’t want people who do n’t follow you to view your stories. ampere long as your profile is public, anyone can tap your profile picture to view your stories .