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The Instagram reel is a fantastic new feature and alternates to TikTok which allows you to create, edit, or upload short-form files .
sometimes, when you watch reels on your Instagram account, you find excellent and harbor audio. You want to use that file late for different purposes, and this is where you will need to download Instagram reels audio .
Download and Save<strong> </strong>Instagram” class=”img-fluid” src=”https://images.wondershare.com/repairit/aticle/2021/09/stepwise-guide-how-to-download-instagram-reels-audio-1.jpg” width=”800″/><br />
 In this article, we have discussed the assorted methods to save and download reels audio. </p>
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Method 1: Save the Audio from Instagram Reels

When you want to use any song in the Instagram Reel, you beginning think about downloading the sound recording file to your device. But it is not necessity to do. Instagram offers you an easily direction to use music .
To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below :
Step 1: First, download and install the “ Instagram ” app on your call. then, open the “ Instagram ” on the device .
Open<strong> </strong>Instagram app” class=”img-fluid” src=”https://images.wondershare.com/repairit/aticle/2021/09/stepwise-guide-how-to-download-instagram-reels-audio-2.jpg” width=”800″/><br />
 <strong>Step 2:</strong> Find reels whose music you need and want to use in the future for different purposes .<br />
 <img alt= Instagram reels” class=”img-fluid” src=”https://images.wondershare.com/repairit/aticle/2021/09/stepwise-guide-how-to-download-instagram-reels-audio-3.jpg” width=”800″/>
Step 3: Look at the audio name or song title at the bottom of the left corner. Tap on it .
Click on name on Instagram
Step 4: Once you click on the title name, you will directly reach the audio screen. then, tap on the “ Save Audio ” button .
You will have the audio in the save folder of the Instagram account. If you want to create any reel in future, you can acces the song from there .
Instagram save audio
however, if you are making the new Reel instantaneously, simply click on the “ Use audio ” button. You will see the Reel camera riddle automatically. It will show with the preloaded audio files .
Step 5 : If you want to see the download audio files or to use them in your Instagram Reel, open your profile screen. then, imperativeness on the “ three-bar ” icon at the top of the screen .
Click on the three bar in Instagram
Step 6: Select the “ Saved ” option from the menu .
Go to saved option
Step 7: Click on the “ Audio ” folder. You will see the tilt of all audio files that you have downloaded. Tap on the “ Play icon ”. You will find the preview of the song. You can besides tap on the song to open it .
Step 8: Click on the “ Use Audio ” option indeed that you can add it to the Instagram Reel .
Instagram use audio option
Step 9: You can besides use a alternative option. While creating newfangled Reels, snap on the song picture to add audio files to it .
Click on music icon
Step 10: then, bid on the “ Saved option ” to see and add the save music files .
Click on saved button

Method 2: Extract Reel Song Using Online Websites.

Do you want to download a Reel Song for offline purposes ? If yes, then take the help of music extractor websites. To do indeed, follow the steps below :
Step 1: First of all you need to find an Instagram Reel connection. To do then, open the Reel on your Instagram history and chink on the three-dot icon .
On<strong> </strong>Instagram go to three dots” class=”img-fluid” src=”https://images.wondershare.com/repairit/aticle/2021/09/stepwise-guide-how-to-download-instagram-reels-audio-11.jpg” width=”800″/><br />
 <strong>Step 2: </strong> From menu, select the “ Copy Link ” option<br />
 <img decoding=
Step 3 : exposed any video to mp3 converter in the browser from your device .
 Video to mp3 converter
Step 4: Paste the associate of the Instagram Reel you copied earlier in the available box. then, expression at the pop fly menu and cluck on the “ Download ” option.If any irrelevant tab or pop fly windows appear on the filmdom, ignore them .
 Enter any URL  and download it
You will receive the audio file in the File Manager app on your telephone .

Method 3: Extract Audio Using Video to MP3 Converter

You can besides download audio files from Instagram reels by saving the Reel Video on your device. then, extract an audio file from a dedicated video with the aid of the converter apps. To do so, follow the steps below :
Step 1: first, you have to download the “ Instagram Reel ” on your device. To do sol, open the Reel video and snap on the “ Send ” release.

Send reel on<strong> </strong>Instagram” class=”img-fluid” src=”https://images.wondershare.com/repairit/aticle/2021/09/stepwise-guide-how-to-download-instagram-reels-audio-15.jpg” width=”800″/><br />
 <strong>Step 2:</strong> then, select the “ Add Reel to your floor ” option .<br />
 <img decoding=
Step 3: now, attend at the story screen and find the “ Download ” button at the top. Click on it.That will automatically download the Reel Video .
 Download Instagram reel
Step 4: Download any “ Video to Mp3 ” converter app on your device and install it. then, open it .
 Go for video to audio conversion
Step 5: Click on the “ Video to Audio ” option . Next, add the already downloaded Reel video recording. future, select the format of the video recording and do modifications as per available options. then, click on the “ Convert ” button. It will download the sound recording on your device .
 Convert video to audio
You can besides trim the birdcall that you want to download before converting it. There are assorted television converter apps available on-line .
Download the detached trial interpretation. If it works well, then you can buy it for an upgrade adaptation .

Method 4. Change Video Extension (Android Only)

Android call users can opt for one of the widely used and oldest tricks. It is to change the file annex to download the Instagram Reel audio. To do sol, here are the steps :
Step 1: First, download the reel video recording on the device .
Download Instagram reel video
Step 2: After downloading, go to file internet explorer. then, navigate to the download video. Next, wardrobe on the three-dot icon beside the video file .
 Click on dot icon
Step 3: now, suction stop on the “ Rename ” option .
Rename the reel  file
Step 4: Remove the .mp4 text and replace the .mp4 propagation with .mp3 in the pop-up book box. nowadays, snap on the “ OK ” button. now, your Reel audio is ready .
Replace mp4 with mp3

Method 5. Use VN App to Add Audio to Video

sometimes, you find the mp4 to mp3 converters besides time-consuming and exhausting. so, you do not want to use a television to mP3 converter app to extract the Instagram Reels audio file. No need to worry about this issue .
now, you can use the VN app. This app will help you to directly add an audio file from a Reel video to another video recording. furthermore, it saves a batch of prison term and is relatively easy to use. To use the VN app, follow the steps mentioned below :
Instagram VN app
Step 1: Click on the “ Download ” button at the top of the fib screen on your Instagram visibility. It will automatically download the Reel Video .
Download reel video
Step 2: Download and install the “ VN app ” on the device .
Step 3: Open the VN app on your device. then, add a video file on which you wish to overlay the already download sound recording .
 Add video to overlay
Step 4 : click on the “ Add music ” icon. then press the “ Music ” option .
Add music on reel
Step 5: Click on the small “ add ( + ) ” icon at the peak of the screen .
On Instagram click plus icon
Step 6: then, choose the “ Extract from television ” option .
 Tap on extract from video
Step 7: Choose the already downloaded Reel television and snap on the “ OK ” push button. You will immediately reach the Music screen. You can see the excerpt audio file there. Click on that distill audio file, and it will immediately add to your video.

 Choose the reel video


Choose any of the methods above to download and save Instagram reels sound recording. You can easily upload this sound recording file in any converter or editing app on your device. then, apply the .mp3 charge in the setting of the stagger video .
The above five methods are casual to follow to download Instagram reels audio mp3 on-line. however, if you besides want to create Reels, you can check the spin editing apps first .