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In this mail, we ’ ll discuss the two chief ways you can access analytics on Instagram, including the best tools to track Instagram metrics specific to your goals. now, how do you get analytics on Instagram, particularly since the chopine doesn ’ thymine have its own analytics splashboard ? Well, that ’ s precisely what we ’ ra going to look at. For those unfamiliar with their role, Instagram analytics is how you assess the performance of your content and your profile overall. grok businesses utilize IG analytics to track a variety of metrics and evaluate the potential of their posts. By paying close attention to your analytics data, you can gain utilitarian insights to help you improve your Instagram commercialize. Do you know if your Instagram market scheme is working ? Can you tell which post or story generated the most betrothal over the course of a workweek ? If you don ’ t have the answer to any of these questions, you need a goodly venereal disease of Instagram analytics.

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How to Get Instagram Analytics

You can track Instagram follower stats and early identify metrics through :

  1. An Instagram occupation profile
  2. An Instagram analytics tool

If you ’ ve already created an Instagram profile for your business, you can see your analytics via the “ Insights ” tab key in the Instagram app on your smartphone .
If you ’ re using the convention profile, you can well convert it into a business one by following the steps here .

How to Get Insights on Instagram

When viewing the main page of your Instagram profile, you ’ ll see four upright lines at the top right corner of your mobile ’ s screen .
How to get Instagram Insights
Tap on them, and Instagram will take you to the Insights shield .
You should now be able to access a diverseness of metrics for your posts, activity, and consultation demographics .
Note : If you ’ ve created or made the switch to an Instagram business profile very recently, it can take a while for the platform to present data for your profile. besides, Instagram will only display insights for stories and subject that you ’ ve posted after converting to a business profile .
The advantage of using Instagram Insights is that the datum is pretty easy to comprehend. You don ’ t need to possess any former data analytics experience, and you might even be able to draw out some valuable insights by tapping into the cognition you already have .
But if you ’ re not keen on trying to cobble in concert data from the native Instagram app, you should consider trying an Instagram analytics app .

The Best Instagram Analytics Apps

Given the size of Instagram and the diversity of its metrics, it ’ s much best to have assorted types of analytics tools available at your disposal. here, we ’ ll introduce the 15 best Instagram analytics apps out there to help you improve your overall performance .
Let ’ s take a spirit at the apps !
squarelovin instagram analytics
Squarelovin is one of the few tools that offer Instagram analytics free of charge. You can use it to get a monthly psychoanalysis of your late posts and emergence, or a history of your content broken down by hour, day, calendar month, or year. additionally, the app offers insights on your hearing ’ mho preferences and interests, and which times are the best or worst for posting .
You can even figure out the best hashtags and filters to use, depending on which posts are better received by your followers .
price : complimentary to use .
pixlee analytics app for Instagram
This is another free Instagram analytics joyride to help monitor your top-performing posts and generate ideas for modern content. Pixlee besides has an intuitive report feature of speech that delivers performance reports on a weekly basis. Plus, you can use its data to find social media influencers, ampere well as connect with advocates posting about your occupation .
It besides offers hashtag track and stats, an option to identify your most engage content, and a way to track growth in Instagram followers .
price : unblock to use .
crowdfire Instagram analytics dashboard
Crowdfire ’ s Instagram stats offer a detail opinion of how your Instagram business report has performed until a specific date. You can choose a range : yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, inland revenue 90 days. The alternative option is to pick a custom-made date range for a maximum of 90 days. In addition to this, the platform allows you to choose any Instagram metrics you ’ five hundred want to compare, including the posts, likes, reach, followers, comments, profile views, bio e-mail link clicks, and text message clicks .
You can even compare your operation in the existing menstruation with that of the previous one, good by toggling the bantam switch on the crown of your Crowdfire splashboard to “ ON ” .
price : free for viewing data for the by day .
Later Instagram app
late is another Instagram analytics joyride that will help you grow your business by improving your IG marketing scheme. What makes this platform unique is its Linkin-bio have that allows you to link your Instagram posts to specific URLs, such as product pages. You can then track web site clicks, page views, and click-through rates from your Instagram visibility and see how many sales a specific post generated .
Though Later offers a detached plan for individuals, its paid packages will give you access to versatile useful IG analytics such as Instagram Story insights .
price : From ampere short as $ 9 a month .
minter Instagram insights
Another Instagram analytics instrument you could use is Minter.io. It creates PDF reports that can give you insights on metrics such as the growth of your followers, post and profile betrothal rates, most popular photograph filters, and more. You besides get an option to export your data in a beautiful format that helps you keep other stakeholders in the closed circuit about your Instagram marketing efforts .
Minter.io besides offers a 14-day free trial that can be extended on your request. This ensures that you can try it for detached to make certain that it ’ s the right Instagram stats app for you
price : Starts at a mere $ 9 per calendar month .
smartmetrics review
Smartmetrics gathers insights on an hourly basis to provide you with more than 30 Instagram metrics about your stories, posts, and Instagram account. You can use it to track interaction with your followers, see hashtag battle by the day, and even monitor the replies you get on your stories. In addition, the creature offers a means to monitor action around your brand by tracking and replying to mentions on Instagram.

You can export Smartmetrics ’ south reports as CSV or PDF documents and share via electronic mail with a unmarried click .
price : Begins at $ 9 per month .
hootsuite social listening
With its social listen and analytics tools, Hootsuite allows you to review your Instagram metrics more extensively. You get the option to create an outright numeral of reports and compare historical data to analyze your overall performance. In accession, the platform enables you to easily contribution reports with different team members straight from your Hootsuite dashboard .
price : Starts from $ 19 per month .
8. Iconosquare
This is the ideal tool for agencies or brands that have multiple accounts on social media. It provides you with advance insights to help you optimize your overall social media scheme. A few of its unique features include Instagram Stories analytics, betrothal metrics, and hashtag and rival track .
Its Community Analytics joyride will besides assist you in understanding Instagram insights such as the age, gender, and prefer language of your followers .
price : Begins at $ 29 per month .
This joyride offers a free monthly Instagram report checkup that will give you some insight into which hashtags you can use to increase employment, and which posts your hearing react to most. It will even tell you on which times your followers are the most active. however, if you want to access premium Instagram analytics through this platform, you ’ ll need to get a give subscription .
As a paid subscriber, you ’ ll be able to capture and archive important data about your trade name. You ’ ll besides be able to identify your exceed fans and receive detail insights from their Graph API. What ’ s more, you can create customize reports and save your data as a PDF at any time .
price : Starts at $ 49 per calendar month .
keyhole Insta analytics
Keyhole is one of the best Instagram analytics apps available for viewing the diachronic and real-time performance of your account. It allows you to track hashtags, mentions, keywords, URLs of your previous and existing posts. You ’ ll not alone discover how many times a hashtag was used – the app besides allows you to see trending hashtags and how your content is performing.

In addition, you can use Keyhole to track the operation of competing Instagram profiles. You can track their activeness, growth, and employment data over a sealed period. You can then use these insights to inform your own KPIs ( samara operation indicators ) .
price : Starts from $ 99 a calendar month .
sprout social Instagram story analytics
sprout Sprout has everything you need to track, evaluate, and improve your Instagram market performance. You can use it to track trends in hashtag usage, contented performance, rival and engagement data. Customizable reports allow you to choose a certain report period, while rival analysis lets1 you keep tabs on Instagram trends and hearing groups across a portfolio of competing brands .
Besides all of that, Sprout offers Instagram Story analytics to help you measure the long-run affect of your stories via clicks, replies, and other crucial KPIs .
monetary value : From $ 99 a month .
If you ’ ra looking for an easy-to-read Instagram Insights report to share with your team, virtual adjunct, or social media coach, Whatagraph will come in handy. It provides brilliant visual image of data with detail reports that show the rate at which your followers are growing, identify top tip stories, and measurement interaction and employment generated by your Instagram message. furthermore, you can create a cross-channel social media operation report card to compare performance across assorted channels .
There ’ south even an option to customize the report. Whatagraph lets you put your logo, apply your color schema, and send the report from your own e-mail ID .
monetary value : Begins from $ 119 each month .
Rival IQ analytics Instagram
rival IQ is tailored to help you keep chase of the most authoritative Instagram metrics. You can use it to monitor Story taps forward and exit rates, when your consultation is the most active on-line, visibility link clicks, follower removes and adds, and so much more for better performance. And with loads of demographic information ( age group, sex proportion, and sol on ) at your fingertips, you can see what ’ s resonating well with your followers .
furthermore, the tool allows you to analyze favored post types, hashtag performance, and best posting times to help create top content in your industry .
price : From $ 199 a month .
socialbakers free instagram analytics
Socialbakers has a rid Instagram analytics tool that provides you with stats on your most popular posts, allowing you to track your performance, and learn what type of capacity resonates well with your followers. If you want more advanced analytics like Instagram Story insights, then you ’ ll motivation to sign up for Socialbakers ’ AI-powered market suite .
The AI suite lets you manage your Instagram account smart by using predictive analytics to identify what stories and posts to promote, when to post them, and which follower segments to prioritize .
price : Starts at $ 200 a month .
hyperauditor review
If you ’ rhenium looking for an in-depth psychoanalysis of the quality of an Instagram influencer ’ s followers or a manner to find bogus or ghost followers stats, HyperAuditor ’ mho got you covered. It digs cryptic into influencer profiles to calculate their engagement Rate ( share of followers that engage with the influencer ’ s posts ) and how it compares to the employment rate of similar experts. You flush get an AQS ( Audience Quality Score ) that analyzes an influencer ’ s real worth on a plate of 1-100, with a score higher than 70 indicating that the influencer has good value .
furthermore, the platform can be used to check whether or not an influencer ’ second comments come from a patriotic and engaged audience.

price : basic plan costs $ 299 per month .


As you can see, there are several Instagram analytics tools available to cater for a assortment of needs. Whether you wish to increase your engagement, grow your follower count, or discover the top swerve hashtags for likes, using these platforms will help you achieve your finish. By monitoring and learning from the insights that these tools provide, you ’ ll be able to see what ’ s working, what isn ’ triiodothyronine, and how to bridge the gaps .
Did we miss any significant Instagram analytics app ? Which Instagram analytics app do you prefer ? Let us know by leaving a comment below !

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