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INSTAGRAM holds loads of data on you – including details of material you did years ago .
You can check up on this information whenever you like, examining old visibility bios you had, or long-discarded usernames .
You can find your Instagram info in Settings


You can find your Instagram information in Settings credit : Instagram / The Sun
Facebook has been desperate to improve how crystalline it is with your information .
And because Facebook owns Instagram, both apps permit you cursorily see a deep-dive into your on-line habits .
On Instagram, there ‘s loads of information you can check out .
For example, you can see when you joined Instagram, including the accurate time .You'll need to find the Access Data tab


You ‘ll need to find the Access Data tab key credit : Instagram / The Sun
Instagram will tell you about any report privacy or password changes you ‘ve made, a well as past e-mail addresses and earphone numbers .
If you ‘ve used other usernames or full names, you can see those .
And all of your old “ bio textbook ” and bio links will besides be visible .
There ‘s a Connections section that shows your current surveil requests, any accounts following you and accounts you follow, and hashtags you follow excessively. And it ‘ll show any accounts you ‘ve blocked, or ones that you hide stories from .
Instagram keeps a detail record of all logins and logouts on your account, adenine well as your search history .
sol unless you ‘ve deleted it, you can see what you were looking for back in 2012 .
There ‘s besides a timeline of Stories you ‘ve interacted with, including polls, emoji sliders, questions, music questions, countdowns and quizzes. And at the very bottom, you can look at “ ads interests ”, which reveals what Instagram thinks you like – and therefore shows you ads around.

You can check loads of historic details about you that are being stored by Instagram


You can check loads of historic details about you that are being stored by Instagram credit : Instagram / The Sun

Instagram – the key facts

here ‘s what you need to know …

  • Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos
  • It was created back in October 2010 as an iPhone-exclusive app
  • A separate version for Android devices was released 18 months later
  • The app rose to popularity thanks to its filters system, which lets you quickly edit your photos with cool effects
  • When it first launched, users could only post square 1:1 ratio images, but that rule was changed in 2015
  • In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion in cash and stock
  • In 2018, some analysts believe the app is worth closer to $100billion
  • In October 2015, Instagram confirmed that more than 40billion photos had been uploaded to the app
  • And in 2018, Instagram revealed that more than a billion people were using the app every month

How to access Instagram data

Find your information is easy .
first, tap on your profile and then go to the Menu .
future tap on Settings and then choose Security. Halfway down the foliate is a section called Access Data – tap that .
You ‘ll be able to see all of the information Instagram holds on you, split into different sections .
These sections are Account Info, Profile Info, Connections, Account Activity, Stories Activity and Ads .
Below the Access Data tab is another choice to Download Data. This lets you export all of Instagram ‘s records on you as downloadable files .
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