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If you ’ ra scrolling through your calculate messages on Instagram, you might have noticed that some users don’t have the “Last Active” status under their username .
consequently, you might be wondering why this is the font .
It can be quite jumble because some users have the “ last Active ” status while others don ’ thymine .
furthermore, there are many different statuses on Instagram—active now, active voice 1 hour ago, active today, active yesterday.

With that many statuses, it can be hard to tell the dispute between them all .
But don ’ thyroxine concern, in this article, you ’ ll determine 4 reasons why some users don ’ t have the “ last Active ” condition .

Why Is Instagram Not Showing “Last Active”?

Instagram not showing last active
Instagram is not showing the “ last Active ” status either because it ’ south past the terminus ad quem of 25 users, the user has turned off their activity status, the drug user has blocked you, or the exploiter has restricted you .
first, if you scroll past more than 25 users on your calculate message list, the “ last Active ” status of the 26th user will not be shown.
future, if person turned off their activeness condition, it will be hidden from everyone .
third, if person blocked you on Instagram, you can no longer see their status.
This will besides hide their profile from you and make it unsearchable on Instagram .
end but not least, restricting someone will hide their status from showing angstrom well .
Let ’ s get to each one of these reasons in detail .

1. Limited to the first 25 users

Instagram last active
The beginning rationality why Instagram is not showing “ end active voice ” is that the status is limited to the first 25 users on your lead message list .

The “ final Active ” condition will alone be shown for the foremost 25 users in your lead messages .

once you scrolled past the 25th drug user in your direct message tilt, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to see the natural process condition of the rest .

If you scroll through your direct message list, you ’ ll notice that merely the users that you ’ ve r ecently messaged have the “ end Active ” condition .
On the early hand, the “ last Active ” status is not showing for the users that you haven ’ t messaged in a long prison term .
The “ last Active ” condition will be merely shown for the first 25 users on your calculate message list .
once you ’ ve scrolled past the 25th exploiter, the “ last Active ” status won ’ triiodothyronine be shown anymore .
In other words, the “ last Active ” condition won’t be shown for the 26th exploiter onwards .
I did a test and found out that this hypothesis is true .
hera ’ s how the test went :

  1. I used 4 different accounts and scrolled down each of its direct messages.
  2. After the 25th user, the “Last Active” status is no longer shown.

This test confirmed the theory that Instagram has a limit to which the “ last Active ” status will be shown, and that limit is 25 users .

2. Activity status is turned off

Instagram activity status
next, if the user has turned off their activity status, you won ’ thyroxine be able to see when they are “ last Active ” on Instagram .

If a drug user has turned off their action condition on Instagram, you won ’ t be able to see it .

Instagram has a feature of speech where you can turn off your action status .
You can access that feature by navigating to your visibility > menu > settings > privacy > activity status > on/off .
When you turn off your action status, it will be hidden from others .
however, you won ’ thymine be able to see other users ’ natural process status arsenic well .
therefore, if person turned off their natural process condition, the “ last Active ” condition will not show up under their username.

3. The person blocked you

Instagram blocked
If person blocked you on Instagram, their bodily process condition won ’ t be visible to you .

You won ’ triiodothyronine be able to see the natural process condition of a drug user that blocked you .

If person blocked you on Instagram, the “ User not found ” error will be shown when you visit their visibility .

If you were to visit their profile, there ’ ll be a “ User not found ” error .
however, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine startle to the conclusion that the person has blocked you because it ’ s most likely not the casing .
In order to know whether person blocked you on Instagram, search for their username on Instagram .
If you can ’ thymine find their profile by searching for their demand username, then they ’ ve blocked you .
You can confirm this by searching for their username using another account.
If you can find them using another report by searching for their username, then they ’ ve blocked your main account .
In a nutshell, if you ’ re placid able to visit the person ’ south profile, you ’ re not blocked .

4. The person restricted you

Instagram Restrict
last, if person restricted you, you won ’ t be able to see when they are “ last Active ” on Instagram .
In other words, you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to see if the person is on-line .

If person restricted you on Instagram, their activity condition will be hidden from you .

apart from the hide activity status, you won’t be able to see if they ’ ve read your messages deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
In summation, if you were to comment on an visualize posted by person who has restricted you, it will be put on declare .
They can either choose to approve, delete, or ignore your gossip .
It ’ randomness heavily to tell whether person has restricted you on Instagram or not because it ’ randomness very unlike as compared to blocking .
The entirely legitimate way to tell whether person restricted you on Instagram is to comment something on one of their posts .
then, use a secondary bill to check whether the gloss is there .
If the comment is missing, it means that the person has restricted you .
On the other hand, if the remark is shown, then the person did not restrict you .


The “ final Active ” status is important because you might want to find out whether a drug user is deliberately avoiding your conduct messages .
In addition, you can find out whether the person is presently using Instagram or not .
however, some users do not have the “ last Active ” status .
In this article, you ’ ve learned 4 reasons why the “ survive Active ” status in not showing on Instagram .
Before jumping into conclusions, make sure you go through each and every one of those reasons thoroughly .
then, deduce the reason behind the missing “ last Active ” condition based on their details.
entirely then you can find out why the “ last Active ” condition is missing .

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