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Measuring Instagram statistics is one of the keys to achiever when it comes to growing your business on this social platform .
In this article, we ’ ll show you how to track Instagram follower growth over time and how your business can benefit from using analytics tools for Instagram .
Instagram Follower Count History

Instagram Follower Count History

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What is Instagram follower growth rate?

Growing your business on Instagram from scratch may not be easy, but if you make the effort to develop a effective strategy and produce appealing capacity, you will decidedly start to see some apparent motion on your business profile .
Regardless of whether you are only just developing a new Instagram history or you ’ ve already been driving clientele communication on Instagram for some prison term, oklahoman or late you will discover that merely staying active is not adequate to grow your results efficaciously .
At this point, you will start to seek methods to optimize your account1 to better suit your business needs .
The beginning thing that comes to mind here is, of course, measuring your visibility ’ s operation, drawing conclusions, and making adjustments to your scheme .
This is obviously the correct thing to do on every sociable media platform, although many marketers focus excessively much on their content ’ mho performance .
They overlook a statistic that might be even more important. That ’ s correct – I ’ thousand talking about Instagram follower history .
Instagram follower growth rate indicates how debauched your follower base grows and may have a positive or damaging value, depending on the new follows vs. unfollows proportion .
In other words – measuring it gives you authorize information if your follower al-qaeda is growing or shrinking. But how do you calculate you Instagram follower stats ?
Instagram follower growth rate is based on a simple equation. To make it work, you ’ ll need the following data :

  • The number of followers at the beginning of the chosen time period
  • The number of new followers gained throughout the analyzed period
    (new follows minus unfollows)

once you have those written down, perform this simple calculation :
Instagram follower growth rate formulaInstagram follower growth rate formula. Example: Suppose you gained 100 new followers in a month. If you started out with 1000 followers, the equation would look like this :
Follower Growth Rate = 100/1000 ∗ 100 % = 10 %
That means that your follower emergence on Instagram was 10 % – which would be a very beneficial result !

Why is Instagram follower growth an important metric to track?

Instagram follower growth rate tells you if your message is reaching new people and grabbing their attention.2
You credibly wonder, how is keeping traverse of this system of measurement going to help ?

Looking into your fan base statistics will provide you with insights that can:
  • Help you assess your content strategy 
  • Inspire adjustments to your communications 
  • Show you if your business is growing at a satisfactory rate 
  • Add another dimension to your competitive analysis

now that you know how tracking Instagram follower growth can support your social media management efforts, let us have a attend at how to actually do it !
Instagram Follower Tracker

Instagram Follower Tracker

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Using native Instagram analytics tools

Instagram provides a built-in analytics tool called Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights is available for all Instagram accounts that are connected to a Facebook Page .
You can entree it by clicking the three lines in the upper-right corner of your filmdom. then go to the ‘ Insights ’ tab key and start exploring your profile ’ second statistics .
Instagram Insights - how to track Instagram follower growthTap the three lines in the top-right corner of your screen and choose ‘Insights’ in the dropdown menu.

Instagram Insights – Overview

Overview is the main yellow journalism within Instagram Insights. You ’ ll be able to access the main metrics from the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days:
Instagram Insights Overview - how to track Instagram follower growthInstagram Insights – Overview Instagram ’ s release tool organizes data into three categories that you can entree inside the Overview pill :

  • Accounts Reached (Reach tab)
  • Content Interactions (Interactions tab)
  • Total Followers (Audience tab)

Each one of them gives you an insight into a different category of performance. Let us go quickly through these functionalities one by one .

Instagram Insights – Reach

The range pill is where you will find some basic information about your content ’ sulfur reach. You ’ ll see the number of impressions, profile visits, web site taps, and call-to-action button taps .
Instagram Insights - reach tabInstagram Insights – Reach Inside the range tab key, you can besides check your top posts and Stories. If you click on “ See All ”, you ’ ll find all of your posts from the last 2 years .

Instagram Insights – Interactions

Inside the Interactions tab key, you ’ ll be able to check some very basic metrics from the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days :
Instagram Insights - InteractionsInstagram Insights – Interactions Below these metrics, you ’ ll besides be able to access Top Posts, Top Stories, and Top IGTV videos ( lapp as inside the Reach tab ) .

Instagram Insights – Audience

The audience yellow journalism pertains to user demographic data on your report. Keep in mind that this department alone analyzes your own followers.
late in the article, we ’ ll picture you how to easily analyze other Instagram accounts .
Anyhow, you can check your Instagram follower count history ( how many users followed and unfollowed you on a specific sidereal day ). however, this “ history ” is limited to entirely the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days :
Instagram Insights - AudienceInstagram Insights – Audience so why can ’ t we good use the last tab key of Instagram Insights as it contains the most valuable information and can work as an Instagram follower tracker app ?
well, that ’ s because only having a full overview of your report ’ south performance will let you draw the mighty conclusions .
It is not the sole metrics that matter, but the ability to find links and interconnections between them and your actions .
If you manage to combine this tactic with other tricks for boosting Instagram follower growth, success is about guaranteed.

Is Instagram Insights good enough? 

The absolve Instagram joyride for analytics is for certain a handy feature. Although, one might argue that it is pretty basic and doesn ’ metric ton offer any sophisticate functionalities .
Let ’ s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the Instagram native solution .

  • Built into Instagram app = easy access
  • Free of charge
  • Covers the basic metrics, good for a start
  • Let’s you track the results of your everyday activities


  • Difficult to establish a broader view of your metrics
  • You can’t set your own custom time period for the analysis
  • You can track Instagram follower growth but only for your own account 
  • Doesn’t track your business across other platforms
  • Analysis has to be performed manually 
  • No automated reporting features

Instagram Insights are decidedly worthwhile for beginners, but this solution might not meet the needs of dynamically growing companies .
Upping your sociable media game might require using external social media management tools that ’ ll help your occupation flourish. And we ’ ve got just the thing .

Track Your Follower Growth on Instagram

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Instagram follower growth tracker

If you ’ rhenium serious about using Instagram as a clientele management tool, then you decidedly want to use its likely to the fullest. To achieve that, you must not leave anything to chance .
Using the best tools available is one of the cornerstones of achiever in any environment. And this besides applies to Instagram analytics. Where Instagram Insights decrease unretentive, third-party tools can deliver .
NapoleonCat’s Analytics tool is a great joyride you should try out, particularly if you manage multiple accounts and use more than one social media chopine for your commercial enterprise .
Amongst its many features, it can besides serve as an Instagram follower tracker.
once you access our Analytics module, you ’ ll see tabs that pertain to particular metrics. Go to Summary or Followers to check how the act of your followers changed :
Track Instagram Follower Growth - NapoleonCat AnalyticsWith NapoleonCat’s Analytics, you can analyze the performance of your own Instagram accounts and other social profiles, e.g., your competitors.

NapoleonCat’s Instagram follower tracker feature

You may be wondering “ How many Instagram followers did I have on a certain date ? ”. We ’ ve got you covered .
As opposed to Instagram Insights, NapoleonCat is not limited to e.g., lone 7 or 30 days back, and you can easily set a completely custom prison term range for your analysis to find more historical data .
once you set the time frame for your Instagram analysis, just click on any given Instagram followers graph, e.g., Followers daily, and you ’ ll see how many Instagram followers you had on a given day .
Instagram followers growth chartNapoleonCat’s Instagram followers growth graph. admonisher : After you connect your Instagram accounts to NapoleonCat, please wait up to 24 hours for the instrument to amply sync your Instagram analytics data .
You can besides check your daily Instagram follower change :
See Instagram follower growthDaily Instagram followers change. NapoleonCat lets you track your follower growth on multiple social networks : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube .
Having all of this in one position will save you a fortune of time and campaign as you won ’ t need to jump between platforms to check your follower stats .
Another handy function is the automated report that ’ ll keep you deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as your team, business partners, clients, and stakeholders updated about all your key metrics .
Below you can check how promptly you can create an Instagram analytics report ( sample report is at the end of the video ) :

obviously, NapoleonCat gives you all the functions of Instagram Insights, and more. Measuring your social media compass and engagement, identifying top posts and the best times to post, or learning about your consultation demographics – all of this is found in one easy-to-use tool .
To see our wax Analytics sport in action, you can besides check out this television .

Track follower history for other Instagram accounts

One of the biggest drawbacks of Instagram ’ s built-in analytics tool is the inability to compare yourself with your competitors, including their follower growth rate .
This might be specially frustrating when they ’ re far ahead and you equitable can ’ metric ton figure out what they do better .
NapoleonCat ’ s comparative sets enable you to easily set up a comparative analysis and peep your competitors ’ strategies so it is much easier to catch up and outrun others .
Track Instagram Follower Growth - Followers change dailySet up comparative sets to compare your own and your competitors’ follower growth rate 
Track Instagram Follower Growth Over Time

Track Instagram Follower Growth Over Time

Set a wholly customs time rate for your Instagram analytics in NapoleonCat. Track your own profiles and your competitors, besides ! Generate IG reports in seconds. Try it for dislodge :

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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit wag required .

Don’t use mass follow and mass unfollow apps – here’s why

You may have besides heard about Instagram follower bots – a apparently agile way to gain modern followers, which has grown specially popular in some circles of influencer marketing .
These bots basically follow and unfollow users, making your profile seem like a ghost report. The bots ’ targeting system is based on hashtags, which can bring reasonably less valuable traffic to your report .
But that ’ s not the reason why we strictly don ’ thymine recommend them. Using such Instagram bots is a direct violation of Instagram’s terms of service and can get your account shadowbanned. You can read more about it in our article about Instagram bots hera.

Wrap up

Summing up, getting your analytics right is just equally authoritative as putting in the effort to produce quality content. Keeping track of your follower growth and other metrics is crucial to managing your Instagram profiles, making educated future projections, and maintaining good results .
If you ’ re just starting your business adventure with Instagram, get to know the native tool first. once you get comfortable with unlike metrics, don ’ thyroxine be afraid to try some third-party solutions .
This is what will give you a meaning advantage over countless competitors who weren ’ t bold enough to invest in this type of solution. good luck !