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so, are you one of those who are wondering why they can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go steady last Active on Instagram ? Well, of course, you are .
There has been a batch of reports where users mention that they couldn ’ thyroxine see the last Activity condition of all of the chats on their DM lists .
This consequence may not be a particular app-related offspring. As sometimes, you would see the last Activity of some users. actually, there can be a fortune of reasons .
And here, we will not only mention reasons for the return, but you will find a proper lead to fix Instagram concluding Active not working issue.

indeed, let ’ s dive right into some details .
What is Last Active status in Instagram?
The Facebook -owned photo-video communion app keeps on bringing fresh features onboard to keep the user-base engaged while attracting new electric potential users .
well, Instagram brought the Reels have last year in order to gather the attention of the raw users american samoa well as capturing the users from the indian marketplace, where a lot of users were looking for the alternative to the taiwanese short-video sharing app Tiktok .
early than this, Instagram keeps experimenting to bring necessity features as well .
Talking specifically about the concluding active status feature of speech. It came to a batch earlier when Instagram was bought by the social media giant – Facebook .
The last Activity condition have looks the lapp as Whatsapp ’ s death see feature. Whereas users get the details of early users ’ activity on the app .
here, we will be talking about the reasons and methods to fix a very park Instagram last Active ‘ not working ’ issue .
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Why you can’t see Last Active on Instagram –

Before we start talking about the ways to fix the issue. Let us first discuss the reasons why one can ’ metric ton see last Active on Instagram .
We will be mentioning the reasons first. In encase, you want to check the ways to fix the issues, you can directly jump to the 2nd separate of this steer for a bit-by-bit routine .
Without far bustle, let ’ s see what ’ s stopping you to check out your boyfriend ’ s stopping point Activity Status on Instagram .

1. User’s Last Activity is disabled

The first and the most coarse rationality why you can ’ thyroxine see last Active on Instagram of any exploiter is that her/ his Last Activity fix is disabled .
Instagram developers have created each and every set ever cautiously. The same goes for the last Activity feature on Instagram. Like early apps like Whatsapp. Anyone can enable or disable this feature according to one ’ mho decision .
And if person has disabled the last active condition on their app. then you won ’ t be able to see when they were last active voice on Instagram .
And there is nothing much you can do about it .
But, if you can ’ metric ton see the survive Activity status on anyone, you should proceed to check out the next reason mentioned.
can't see last active on Instagram

2. You’ve been Restricted by the user

Let ’ s see another possibility of why you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see last Active on Instagram .
We get it, how you might have felt when you found out you are not able to see the last active condition of the person whom you are talking to .
Let ’ s see one more possibility why you can see the last active condition of an Instagram user. The exploiter, whom you are trying to talk to and want to know more about, has restricted your account on Instagram .
well, Restricting person is different from blocking person. With the Restriction feature, you may still person ’ s mail photos, report, but you won ’ t be getting any notifications for that .
Yes, it sounds a small bit ill-bred .
again, you can ’ t avail yourself. But, remember, you can still send messages, text, meme, to the person .
You barely got to try hard .
can't see last active on Instagram
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3. Your Last Activity is disabled

Another most common reason why you can ’ thymine examine end Active on Instagram is that you have disabled your own Last Activity setting on Instagram .
well, these are the rules of the game. If you don ’ thymine want others to see your stopping point active condition, you won ’ thyroxine be able to see the last Activity of others as well .
many social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram follow the same rules for the Last Activity feature .

4. The 25-users Limitation

Are you sure, you have not been restricted by the drug user ?
well, if you are indisputable, you should know about one more possibility of why you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see last Active on Instagram .
Instagram only allows you to see the Activity Status of the first 25 users on your Direct Messages list .
sol, if you have not texted the person for a long and his/ her new world chat has been shifted to number 26th or below. then you won ’ thyroxine be able to check their last active voice status on Instagram .
You may still see the Green-Dot, Active Now status. But, it ’ mho certain, you can ’ t check out other details like the stopping point active voice time period and all .
Instagram hasn ’ triiodothyronine announced the 25-users restrictions of the last active feature. But, the restrictions have been observed a lot of times, frankincense, we are reasonably surely about this .

5. You’ve been Blocked by the user

still finding out why you can ’ metric ton watch last Active on Instagram. Well, we would say you might be in some perturb now .
Till now, we have mentioned every possibility of the return. But, if you are on character 5, we are afraid to say that you have been blocked by the exploiter .
The Restriction feature of Instagram was bare a warning system. If you get a restriction from person on Instagram, you can placid contact the person on DMs .
But, if the person choose war and blocked you. You won ’ t be able to contact the person on Instagram .
The exploiter ’ s new world chat may still appear in your DMs, but you won’t be able to see the Last Active Status. And your text will go in conceited .
Sit back and relax .
The person on the other side might have done that by error .
Umm…No ? 😐
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How to fix can’t see Last Active on Instagram issue –

immediately that you are aware of all the possible reasons why you can ’ metric ton see final Active on Instagram. We have mentioned 5 different reasons for the lapp .
But, what if we tell you, you can fix some of the issues .
well, here, you will learn how to fix Instagram concluding Active not showing issues. You will find a sum of 6 Methods to fix the issue .
We would like to mention that you must proceed here bit-by-bit. If the first method acting to fix doesn ’ thymine help, proceed with the following matchless .

1. Troubleshoot App

The first method acting mentioned here is a very basic fix that you can try .
You need to do basic trouble-shoot. We will good mention the methods to be done, we are expecting you to know about all the basic trouble-shoot methods .

  • 1 – Try to Restart your Instagram app. Clear it from the recent app tray. And open it again.
  • 2 – If Step 1 doesn’t work out. You should proceed with this step. Reboot/ Restart your smartphone and open Instagram again.
  • 3 – If you are still facing the same issue. See if you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your device. To do this, go to the respective app store and check for updates.
  • 4 – If nothing worked. You can try to uninstall your app and reinstall it from Play Store or App Store.

well, that ’ s all about the trouble-shoot of the app. Try all of them once .
And if you have tried all the steps and the topic persists, then you should proceed with the following method acting .

2. Enable your Activity Status

As mentioned in the first separate of the video. The reason why you can ’ metric ton interpret last Active on Instagram is that you haven ’ thyroxine enabled the Last Active setting in your own app .
You precisely need to enable your natural process Status. Well, of course, everyone wants the Activity Status feature to work in a way so that you can see the last active status of others, but no ready to show own ’ south activity to others .
But, unfortunately, Instagram doesn ’ thyroxine work like that .
If you are looking for the steps to enable Activity Status on your device. Consider the quick guide below .
How to enable Activity Status on Instagram –

  • STEP 1 – Open your Instagram app. Make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram. You can use any device to perform the steps mentioned here.
  • STEP 2 – In your Instagram app. Go to the profile page. Here, simply click on the hamburger icon or the three horizontal-line icons at the top right on the profile page.
  • STEP 3 – This will open a new Profile Settings page. Here, you need to find the Settings icon. It is the gear icon at the bottom of the profile settings page.

enable Activity Status on Instagram
STEP 4 –  In the Settings page. You will see a batch of options. here, simply search and select the Privacy choice to continue .
enable Activity Status on Instagram

  • STEP 5 – On the Privacy page, you will find the Activity Status option. Select it to continue.

enable Activity Status on Instagram
STEP 6 –  And last, you will see the Show Activity Status option. hera, plainly tap on the toggle to enable your Activity Status .
enable Activity Status on Instagram
And you are done here. This will enable your last active status on Instagram and you will be able to see last Active on Instagram again .
This should have solved the publish. But, what if you even can ’ t your boyfriend ’ s last active condition .
well, let ’ s proceed with the next method acting .
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3. Add the user to recent chat

If you directly landed here looking for answers then we suggest you go through reason number 4 of why you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see last Active on Instagram .
We have explained the write out in a dim-witted way. But, If you are already aware of the 25-users restrictions, you can proceed with this method acting .
therefore, in your direct Messages number, if person ’ s chat drops to total 26th or below, then you won ’ thyroxine be able to see the last Activity condition of that person .
There a childlike fix to this .
Make a unvoiced guess .
Send a ‘ Hi ’ to the person, ask them about their day. And once their chatbox reached the top 25 number, you will be able to see Last Activity on Instagram easily.
can't see last active on Instagram

4. Ask the user to Unrestrict you

Before we start, if you are not aware of the Restriction feature on Instagram, we will suggest you check out Reason 2 in the first part of this scout .
It ’ s very significant to know what Restrict feature in truth means .
then, if person has Restricted you, they probably did that on purpose. With which, they not only restricted you to get the notifications of post and story updates but besides the Last Active visibility .
You won ’ triiodothyronine be able to see when they were last active voice on Instagram .
If they have done that on purpose, then try not to look desperate the following time you text them .
If the exploiter has restricted you by mistake, the chances of which are very low, you should ask them about that politely .
can't see Last Active on Instagram
Conclusion –
Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally done with this very handy guide .
here, in this guide, we divided two sections. In the identical first one, you learned all the potential reasons why you can ’ thyroxine see end Active on Instagram .
well, in the second separate of this guide, we mentioned the ways to fix Instagram last Active not working issue .
Our suggestion is users must check out both parts of the steer to get clearness on the publish and learn how to fix them on their own .
Hope you got what you were looking for .
If you hush have any issues, do let us in the comments section mentioned below.

Author at UniTopTen Ankit Karmokar is an engineer by profession and a blogger by mania. Over the death respective years, he has written tons of articles, solving queries on Quora. He besides has years of experience in investing in Cryptocurrencies, Funds, and Stocks .