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This blog post is all about indie Instagram captions.
The Indie aesthetic has been growing in popularity over the last year or so. There are respective variations of this root. But Indie simply stands for independent. It started with music and has been recreated into Indie kid, which is a vintage and sometimes child like composition inspired by the 90s and early on 2000s .
In early on 2020 the Indie kid aesthetic actually took off on Instagram with images and videos with high line. We go over how to accomplish that filter in our post about Kidcore aesthetic .
now you need a cool caption to complete this vibration. We have a list of aesthetic Indie Instagram caption ideas for social media. One park characteristic we found on aesthetic captions are that they are broadly short phrases. We will provide the best indie kid caption ideas.

They are broken down into four categories : fun, beach, relationship and indie instagram quotes. then we will have a number of indie emojis for you to copy and paste to your caption. By the end of this you will be ready share your own adaptation of the indie kid aesthetic .
We did not cover indie song quotes because that is covered extensively on Twitter .
Fun Indie Kid Aesthetic
hera are some Indie subtitle ideas for when you are having playfulness .
indie captions Create your own vibration
bloom subsequently
Pretty girl
Cheers babe
Berry Ice tea
Let ’ s go
Too odoriferous
It ’ sulfur better in color .
Hot not topic
Flower exponent
hapless and aesthetic
You ’ ra never alone .
You ’ re true colors are starting to get forte .
Where we all spin lies into fairydust .
All panic no disco .
No watermelon sugar, just high .
cool Beans
Dreamin ’
Main character .
Beach Indie Aesthetic Captions :
Indie inspirational quotes for the beach. Use these for when you are feeling hot or like a beach baby .
indie captions Golden hour .
Girls good pale sodium have sun

We all go a little harebrained sometimes .
You don ’ t have to be perfect to be amazing
Shell yeah
Son of a Beach
I thought I was dreaming when you said you loved me .
You say injury, I say personality .
play for keeps .
Grow from what makes you suffer .
Kinda cuttee
But my ma says I ’ molarity cool .
Relationship Indie Aesthetic Captions :
here are some quixotic captions and other heart quotes .
Our fairytale bae
2 AM think : You are sol love
P.S. I love you .
Eyes so aristocratic I could drown .
That 90s situation comedy typa love .
Hey ! I like you .
Indie Mood Quotes :
They broke the faulty parts of me. They broke my wings but forgot I had claws
“ Better to fail at originality than succeed at imitation. ” ―Herman Melville
“ If I were the moon, I want you to be the flip. ” Alexandra Vasiliu
I ’ megabyte sensitive not soft. I will fight you while I ’ megabyte crying .
“ Freedom began on the day the first sheep wandered off from the herd. ” ― Marty Rubin
Emojis For Indie Captions 🍄🔮🌞🌈🌻🍃🌳
here are the best Indie emojis to place following to your captions and your Instagram bio .

We want to hear from you ! Are you a classical indie lover or a new long time Indie Kid ? How do you feel about this adaptation of the Indie revolution ? Do you think it ’ s a phase that will pass or will it stick around for a while ? What is your favorite element of the Indie Kid aesthetic ? Please tell up in the comments .