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hungama music Hungama Music app is a free music streaming platform, which provides outright Hungama songs from many different languages, like Bollywood, Hindi and English, etc .
If you ever used the Hungama Music app, you will find it not only a actor but a downloader .
But, only limited downloads are available unless you get Hungama Pro ($ 3.99 per month).

More than that, if you reject Hungama Pro, it will be impossible for you to get rid of ads and enjoy high-quality music .
thus, in this post, I will show you the top 5 alternatives to Hungama Music and teach you how to download Hungama MP3 songs with an ideal one .
Hope you can benefit a fortune from this article !

Part 1. Top 5 Alternatives to Hungama Music App


Gaana is a one-stop music streaming app which provides outright music from over 10 different languages, like English, Hindi, Tamil and others .
Gaana It is available on Android, io and Web .
With Ganna, you are accessible to over 30 million Bollywood and English MP3 songs. You get the exemption to enjoy its latest songs, which are updated on a daily basis .
But you are not allowed to download any of them unless you pay $ 3.99/1 month for Gaana Plus .
Pay for Gaana Plus What ’ mho worse, if you are loath to buy Gaana Plus, you easily get annoyed by ads on the app .

Stingray Music

Stingray Music is another highly-rated alternate to Hungama Music. It is a multi-platform audio service provider based in Canada .
Stingray Music It contains more than 100 radio receiver stations from across Canada. With Stingray Music, you can well enjoy any soundtrack at any meter, without having to prepare yourself in advance for any important moment .
It is unblock, but ads are removable entirely when you are will to upgrade your Stingray Music to a premium by paying $ 3.99 per month .
Stingray Music premium


Audiomack is a completely free music streaming app where you have entree to the versatile trending music and albums without any limitation .
Compared with Stingray Music mentioned above, Audiomack provides more target download services to its users .
once opening the Audiomack, you can find a download icon ( the depressed arrow ) prominently displayed beside each song or album .
Audiomack just click the download icon, songs will be downloaded and then go to “ My Library ” for offline listening .
But you must sign up or log in with your e-mail first if you want to download or remove music from Audiomack .
Log in before download

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is previously called “ Amazon MP3 ” .
Amazon Music As the name implies, it is an audio stream app powered by Amazon. Amazon Music app is available on Android and iPhone. But is it worth using Amazon Music ?
Amazon Music is herculean to some extent. It enables you to search for songs, create a playlist for yourself, download tracks onto your device and enjoy them offline. If you listen to music not very often, Amazon music suits you without a doubt .
however, if you are a music lover, you will find there are only restrict songs available on it. To get 50 million more songs, you ’ d better go to “ Amazon Music Unlimited ” and pay for it.\
Amazon Music Unlimited


SongFlip is a high-quality music player .
After installing SongFlip on your phone, you can in full enjoy trending music and hip-hop & pat, etc. You can besides create a playlist for yourself to save and organize your darling songs.

Compared with other applications listed above, SongFlip has limited functions and services to users. If you equitable want a music musician rather of the downloader, SongFlip will be a good choice for you !
SongFlip You have got a top 5 list of Hungama Music alternatives. Each lotion has its pros and cons .
Some are better used as a player only ; some perform well as a downloader, with specify downloading functions .
so, adjacent, I will offer you a versatile application, with which you can download Hungama MP3 songs for spare. It is called AnyMusic .

Part 2. How to Download Hungama Music?

The ideal way to get Hungama songs is to use AnyMusic .
Get unlimited music downloads in 320kbps

release download

for Windows 10/8/7

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

AnyMusic is a versatile music downloader app. It can be used as a player and a downloader, with no ads .
AnyMusic You are allowed to search for any music by a radio link or a birdcall name. Before downloading it to your telephone, different music qualities are available to you, vitamin a well .
Then, is it easy to download music with AnyMusic?
Of naturally ! I will show you steps below .

  • Copy the music link or name and paste it in the search bar of AnyMusic. Click the “Download” icon.Search for music
  • After search results show up, click “MP3” to download this song directly. If you want to get higher music quality, please click “More” to see more options. Choose the most desirable one to download.Download music

Do you find how easy it is to use AnyMusic ? only 2 steps, everything can be done .
If you want to find an ideal way to download Hungama music, AnyMusic suits you best .
Get inexhaustible music downloads in 320kbps

free download

for Windows 10/8/7

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

It is an all-in-one music app, working well on mobile, Windows and Mac. If you want to download music with higher quality, try AnyMusic ! It is clean and free, excessively .
Why still waiting ?
Have it a try !