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In this steer, I will show you three methods of customizing Moto E ringtones : 1 ). choice from the pre-installed ringtones ; 2 ). use music files in your Moto E ; and 3 ). consumption music files in your personal computer. so, you can use ringtones that you like and you can customize Moto E ringtones as you want .

Customize Moto E ringtones method 1 : choose from pre-installed Moto E ringtones

There are about 40 pre-installed ringtones in your Moto E. You can well select any one of them that you prefer.

To set your ringtones, go to Settings-Sound. Tap telephone ringtone as shown below. customize_moto_e_ringtone_csettings_sound customize_moto_e_ringtone_phone_ringtone If you followed this scout ( and you should ) and install ES File Explorer, you may have two options as shown below. In this case, exploit Media Storage, then tap “ Just Once “. You then can select any of the pre-installed Moto E ringtones ( about 40 ). Scroll up and down to select the desire one, then tap OK to change the ringtone for your Moto E. After you tapping OK, the new ringtone applies immediately. now, you get a slightly different ringtone ! If you are not felicitous with the pre0-installed ringtones, or you want to use your own strait charge, please read on. customize_moto_e_ringtone_es_file_explorer customize_moto_e_ringtone_select_pre-installed_ringtones

Customize Moto E ringtones method 2 : Use your own music file on your Moto E as Moto E ringtones

If you want to use the music/sound files that are already saved ( for example, downloaded or recorded ) in your Moto E, you can easily use them as your Moto E ringtones. But before you can proceed to use these files as your ringtones, you need install a dislodge app called ES File Explorer File Manger. If you haven ’ triiodothyronine install it yet, please follow our guide to install this app to your Moto e from Play Store. once the app is installed, when you tap the Settings–Sound–Phone ringtone, you can tap ES File Explorer–Just once as shown below. then navigate to the sound/music file ( for example, mp3, m4a.. ) Tap the music file and the the file will be used as your newly Moto E ringtone. The interface will close automatically and you will return to Settings-Sound page. customize_moto_e_ringtone_mp3_on_moto_e customize_moto_e_ringtone_select_music_file

Customize Moto E ringtones method 3 : Use your own music charge on your personal computer as Moto E ringtones

You can besides use the music file in your personal computer to customize Moto E ringtone. To use this method acting, you need a USB cable to connect your Moto E to the personal computer. once you connect your Moto E to the personal computer using an USB cable, the telephone should be recognized mechanically and is identified vitamin a XT102X as shown below.

customize_moto_e_ringtone_connect_moto_e_to_pc Click the Ringtones folder, you should find the 3 pre-installed music files ( ogg format ) as shown below. customize_moto_e_ringtone_ringtones_folder immediately, you can copy any music files to this Ringtones folder. You may get a warn message as shown below when you copy some formats of the music file, for example, mp3 file. Most of the time, it is safe to ignore this message. so, you check “ Do this for all files ”, then click Yes to copy. once the files are copied to Ringtones booklet, they should mechanically appear in the ringtone list ! customize_moto_e_ringtone_copy_music_files_from_pc now, in your Moto E, go to Settings–Sound–Phone ringtone, you can select the replicate file as your new Moto E ringtone as method 1 ! If you have ES File Explorer installed, you need tap Media Storage–Just one. then select the music. Tap OK to change your Moto E ringtone immediately. customize_moto_e_ringtone_choose_copied_music_file customize_moto_e_ringtone_music_file_used_as_ringtone

Do you have any questions on customizing Moto E ringtone?

If you have problems or questions on how to customize Moto E ringtone, please leave your questions in the comment corner below. More how-to guides, tips and tricks for using Moto E are available at Moto E how-to guides page.

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