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Listening to favorite music is a fantastic thing, If having a find to set that favorite song as BSNL caller tune for mobile on play, is an amazing, and besides to connect BSNL mobile user with the relatively tempered clear chase, the operator introduces My BSNL Tunes App for all prepay and postpaid mobile users .
With this newfangled BSNL Personalized Ring Back Tone services, a fluid subscriber greet their callers with their front-runner sung as dependable option, and this new My BSNL Tunes App service is an innovative service help the subscribers to express themselves, access information, entertainment and connect the other by greeting.

Most popular albums are vying for honor, but to find the best with codes or by names it is difficult, but now with this new launch of My BSNL Tunes App, each mobile exploiter now have a gamble to listen and activate their front-runner songs of any terminology to set as BSNL caller tune on their mobiles .
BSNL Caller Tune here in this My BSNL Tunes App, a company collection of new songs and albums is ready for your reference, you can set your language as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, English, Telugu, where it means you can configure your BSNL hello tunes in your favored languages .
BSNL Caller Tune Activation & Deactivation
here you can find the most burn questions with the available solutions about BSNL caller tune, Have an eye on all of them and get the complete information about how to activate BSNL caller tune and how to unsubscribe BSNL hello tunes through mobile app immediately and what are the all other things involved ?

  1. Can All India customers access these BSNL Caller tunes with App? No, At award, the activation and deactivation of BSNL hello tunes through mobile Application is available merely for two zones, i.e., East and South zone.
    East Zone is Andaman Nicobar, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, NE1 ( Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya ), NE2 ( Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur ), Orissa and West Bengal includes Sikkim.
    South Zone is Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu ( including Chennai ) .
  2. What are the charges for BSNL caller tune activated through App? The amount of charges as on date for SMS energizing, Online energizing is same when activated through Mobile App besides.
    The rates for BSNL Caller tune are Rs.30 for service per month and Rs.12 per song per calendar month, and these are the standard charges for all BSNL prepaid mobile design customers and postpaid users .
  3. Can we avail any discount on BSNL caller tune subscriptions at any stage? At the time of announcing the offers only, discounts are applicable, hint will send through SMS from the operator or notifications through BSNL Tunes Application and an on-line web portal .
  4. Any BSNL caller tune code list available separately for each state? The caller tunes do not give for each traffic circle. It should obtain as per terminology and movie.
  5. A user enables BSNL tunes by mistake, is there any chance to get a refund? once the energizing request sends from your mobile SMS or Online or My BSNL Tunes App, there is no chance of getting a refund for mistakes besides, and before the due date of refilling, you have to unsubscribe from BSNL caller tune .
  6. What are the ways to activate BSNL caller tunes? There are four different best ways for activation Ringback tunes BSNL, and the services are
    1. Sending SMS
    2. Online portal
    3. Through My BSNL Tunes App
  7. What are charges for BSNL Name tune? The regular charges applicable to BSNL caller tunes are applicable for mention tunes services besides, and the fixate costs are Rs.12 for Caller Tune and Rs. 30 for service .
  8. Who can contact when a problem arises for BSNL caller tunes? There are no separate BSNL tunes toll unblock number, For anything, you may contact at BSNL customer care at 18001801503 .
  9. Any facility to deactivate BSNL tunes subscription? 1. majority of the users can have a trace of doubt about how to deactivate BSNL caller tune ? nowadays this My BSNL Tunes Application makes it very easy for deactivation besides with following modes.
    2. With My BSNL Tunes.
    3. SMS
    4. Dialling to VAS call center 155223
    5. Online portal site .
  10. Can we activate BSNL default tunes also from the application? Yes, you can set the party tunes besides as your BSNL caller tune, but it is not release for activation .
  11. Is there any BSNL free caller tunes? Yes, At present operator introduces combo particular duty vouchers with complimentary caller tunes. If you subscribe to that STV ’ randomness, you have a chance to Subscribe BSNL release margin call tunes.
    For criterion subscribers who do not subscribe to that BSNL Combo STVs didn ’ metric ton have a prospect to get exempt caller tunes.
    BSNL tunes can download at free of cost are applicable only for their employee service numbers activated by the operator .

BSNL Tunes App Activation

For activation of tunes through SMS requires a code, and nowadays by installing BSNL tunes application, you will activate your darling BSNL caller tune within seconds by listening before activation, So, without belated, barely see hera about, how to fix My BSNL tunes app on your mobile .

  • Open Google Play Store and click on search.
  • Type My BSNL Tunes and enter
  • Click on Install for My BSNL Tunes
  • Press Open after successful installation.
  • Select OK to access My BSNL Tunes for Messaging, Contacts, and Phone.
  • Allow each item on every screen.
  • Enter your mobile number to signup for MY BSNL Tunes. Click Ok.
  • The mobile number verification starts and shows you the progress.
  • An SMS verification code sent to your mobile number.
  • Click on Enter the code manually.
  • Enter the SMS code sent to your mobile number
  • Make a Confirm.
  • You will get a welcomes message for BSNL Tunes immediately after completion of Signup.

indeed, try to download My BSNL Tunes App from play storehouse immediately, and No more Tring Tring .
Play greatest hits from Bollywood, Hollywood, Instrumental and Regional songs, etc and you can set one tune for all or customize for individual callers, just listen the sound recording to your favored tune and activate that as your BSNL caller tune in want lyric as per this modern template to greet all your callers with your favorite Hello Tune .