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Hello reader ! In this article, we will discuss how to set caller tune in airtel. If you are the user of airtel and want to set caller tune in your telephone, then read this article and set your darling caller tune .
Airtel provides caller tune facilities to its customer. Active your airtel caller tune and entertain your callers with Airtel Hellotunes .
It ’ s possible to play different Hello Songs for assorted callers, set person hello tunes for friends, family, partner and business associates .

Steps to activate Airtel Caller Tune Number

  1. Now call 543215 and state that the title of your song or movie to look for your favourite Hello Song. 
  2. After choosing the language, state the title of the song you want to search for.
  3. The machine will play all of the songs. Just pick the song you would like to place as your Hello Tune.

How to Set Caller Tune in Airtel

Activate Airtel Hello Tunes Codes

dial *678Number to activate airtel caller song with ussd method. You can pick caller birdcall or use the search option to get the tune of your desire .

Set caller song on Airtel amount

choice from the most extensive assortment on-line across classes like Bollywood, Regional, International, Whacky Sounds, Pure Instrumental and a hale fortune more .

  1. Go to the Airtel Hello Tunes and Discover the song you want to place as a caller tune on airtel number.
  2. Select the song from the listing, which you need to place as a caller tune on your number
  3. Now choose the marked icon.
  4. Input & verify your cellular number.
  5. Now select your subscription depending on your wish.


  1. The Hello tune Service can be obtained for both Postpaid and Prepaid Airtel clients
  2. This is valid every time a contributor is out of this county or is on airtel roaming service
  3. Hello song Service is not accurate for diverted calls, secondary lines for subscribers with dual SIM cards
  4. Hello song Service cannot be used together with the typical standard ring rear song

How to Request for the Hello song Service

  1. Read through the catalogue and choose the songs you would like to register. Enter your contact number and follow the steps to accept the tune
  2. A similar process exists for Album


  • For every subscribe of a hello song these charges shall apply:
  • A content fee of Rs. 15.00 per theme for 90 days employs
  • Hello song Subscription charges of Rs. 30 for 30 days use
  • A record content fee of Rs. 30 per record for 90 days uses
  • If you do not have enough balance in your accounts to pay the hi tune fee, then the following fallback cost will applicable

Gifting and Copy of Hello song:

Gift: You can gift a hello tune you have subscribed to a different Airtel subscriber as a present. You will billed Rs. 15 prices of this song if he is a hello song subscriber else you will be billed Rs. 45 identical first consequence. On reclamation, the recipient of this endowment would charge

Copy: You can replicate the hello tune of the individual by using a photograph. You bill the Rs. 15 cost of a hello song once you successfully copy the sung of the individual. If you aren ’ triiodothyronine subscribed to the serf tune military service you would be charged Rs. 30 monthly. Validity Period and Auto-Renew

Unsubscription of the Hello tune Service

  1. All hello tune content subscription valid from the length of the subscription period, in the event the clients subscribe to a different hello song content inside the subscription period of the earlier material, the same shall be terminated and new subscription period will be initiated from the date of registration of the brand new hi tune
  2. All hello song shall be valid for a period 90 days from date of subscription, which applies for songs obtained through gifting or replicate.
  3. The hello tune subscription is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription
  4. All hello song renew automatically on the 30th day. Airtel will send a reminder SMS on the 28th day and auto-renewal will done on the 30th day. In case you don’t have enough credit fall back, charging will applicable, in the event of fallback subscription, the renewal would perform earlier than 30 days.
  5. In case you have multiple tunes once the past subscrib tune expires and isn’t auto-renew, you may no longer have the ability to use the hello song service until you subscribe to another song. Unsubscription of the Hello song Service

Airtel Customer Care Number

For more information, give a call to :
1800-103-4444 or 18001034444

Call this number from your register mobile number and get your information. This is a toll-free act available for 24/7 .
You can besides get data from the official site. Here