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The first io 14.5 beta brings a number of modern features, but there ’ randomness besides a nice surprise shroud in the release for Spotify users. Follow along for how to make Spotify the iPhone nonpayment when using Siri. We ’ ll besides cover how to install the loose public io 14.5 beta .

Update 3/4: With the io 14.5 beta 3, Apple has made a fine-tune that reveals this newfangled sport international relations and security network ’ thymine about setting a default in the traditional sense. It ’ s actually about using machine learning with Siri to better pick what music service users want to use. That explains why the sport hasn ’ t been reproducible as a “ default option ” for beta testers .
The most noteworthy new have that arrives with the first base developer and public beta of io 14.5 is confirm for Apple Watch to unlock iPhone when wearing a mask. however, another feature of speech went under the radar until some users on Reddit noticed it, is the option to set Spotify as iPhone default when using Siri.

We ’ ve previously seen support arrive for Siri to play music when using commands like “ play Cage the Elephant on Spotify. ” however, this latest functionality means you don ’ t have to specify Spotify ( or another service ) rather of Apple Music .
For a tutorial on getting the release populace io 14.5 beta, check out our walkthrough :
curious enough, there ’ s no option in Settings > Music ( or Settings > Spotify ) to set it as the io default like we ’ ve seen with mail and browser apps. We ’ ll have to see if Apple adds a toggle switch like that for the default music app in future beta or public releases .
The consistency for Siri using a third-party music service as the io default appears to be a moment buggy for now in the beginning io 14.5 beta, so keep in mind YMMV.

How to make Spotify the iPhone default with iOS 14.5 beta

  1. Make sure you’re running the iOS 14.5 beta (public or dev) on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Ask Siri to play an artist/song/album
  3. Look for a new pop-up to choose which service you’d like to use
  4. Tap Yes to allow Siri to access data to Spotify (or another app)
  5. Your music should start playing
  6. When working, future requests to play music via Siri should use Spotify or the service you picked, but it’s still buggy and inconsistent for some so your mileage may vary

How to make Spotify the iPhone default walkthrough – iOS 14.5 beta
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