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Spotify settings James Martin
If you got newfangled earbuds, headphones or speakers for the holidays ( or you ‘re distillery using your honest-to-god ones ), your music can sound tied better with a few settings changes in Spotify. The music stream overhaul is ranked among the best stream apps. It lets you listen to music wherever you are, recommends newly songs based on your activity, and provides playfulness, personalized streaming data at the end of every year in the shape of Spotify Wrapped. ( here ‘s how to access your Spotify Wrapped 2021. ) Read more:  Apple Music vs. Spotify : Comparing the top music streaming services And if you ‘re one of Spotify ‘s 158 million pay subscribers, you can make and contribution playlists with your friends on social media, or with the unharmed worldly concern through the app. If you ‘ve recently decided to create a Spotify history, or if you ‘ve been gifted a subscription for the holidays, here are some ways to make sure your music sounds great on your iPhone and Mac.

How to adjust base volume in Spotify

volume is pretty easy to figure out, but did you know Spotify lets you adjust the establish volume of the app depending on your environment ? here ‘s how to adjust the base volume on your iPhone : 1. Open the Spotify app.
2. Tap the gearing icon in the clear right corner of your blind.
3. Tap the Playback option near the top of the menu.
4. Scroll down until you see Volume level.
Beneath Volume level there are three options : Loud, Normal and Quiet. If you ‘re in the library running on an test, Quiet might be best, and if you ‘re getting a good sweat in at the gymnasium, you might want Loud. Tap whichever volume flush you think is best, but Spotify warns that the audio quality might diminish if you pick Loud. If you ‘re using the Spotify app on a Mac, the process has a few extra steps. here ‘s how to adjust the establish bulk on your macintosh : 1. Open Spotify.
2. Click Spotify in the menu legal profession across the top of your screen.
3. Select Preferences.
4. Scroll devour until you see Audio Quality.
5. Under Audio Quality, you should see Volume level.
6. Click the drop-down bar to the right of Volume level.
7. From here, you see the lapp Loud, Normal and Quiet options. Pick whichever one works for you .spotify-decade-review-2931 Angela Lang/CNET

How to adjust your Spotify Equalizer

If you prefer being more hands-on with how your freshwater bass and double come across in each song, you can adjust the in-app equalizer, or choose one of a handful of premade genre-based options. here ‘s how to adjust the equalizer on your iPhone : 1. Open Spotify.
2. Tap the gearing in the lead right corner to access the Settings menu.
3. Tap the Playback option.
4. Scroll down the menu and tap Equalizer.

This opens the equalizer page where you can find the manual equalizer slider and the genre-based equalizers. Across the top of the screen is the manual equalizer slider. It looks like a line graph with six dots near the top of your iPhone screen. When you inaugural get here the equalizer should be flat. Each dot on the graph can be adjusted for more or less sound. The far exit bar represents your bass, the far right measure controls your ternary and the center bars control — you guessed it — your midrange. You can tweak the bars as you see meet. Below the manual equalizer are the genre-based equalizers. You can pick which writing style you ‘re listening to and the app mechanically adjusts the sliders to optimize for that stylus of music. After picking one, you can further adjust the sliders for the perfect heed feel. If you want to reset the counterweight, there ‘s a genre-based counterweight called Flat. This will reset the equalizer to its default. unfortunately, the Mac translation of Spotify does n’t have an in-application counterweight. But you can search for an counterweight application to help you in your journey to find the best sound .

How to adjust streaming quality in Spotify

You can besides adjust the audio quality of your music. This is handy if you ‘re using mobile data and do n’t want to bump up your telephone bill. Reducing the sound recording quality will use less data. hera ‘s how to change the audio quality on your iPhone : 1. Open the Spotify app.
2. Tap the gear to open Settings.
3. Scroll down and tap Audio Quality.
4. Under WiFi streaming and Cellular streaming, you can select Low, Normal, High or Automatic. The Automatic choice adjusts the audio quality to whatever your bespeak strength is. There is besides a fifth choice for yield subscribers called Very high. How to change the audio quality on your macintosh :

1. Open Spotify.
2. Click Spotify in the toolbar across the exceed of your blind.
3. Select Preferences.
4. Scroll gloomy to Audio Quality.
5. Beneath Audio Quality you should see Streaming quality. Click the drop-down menu to the right.
6. Choose between Low, Normal, High or Automatic options, and the Very high option for paid subscribers. For more information on Spotify, see which Spotify plan is best for you and how Spotify stacks up against Apple Music .