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We all know that the democratic music streaming service Saavn is now JioSaavn. The confluence of Saavan with Jio has been completed past few months before only, and the application now rebranded as JioSaavn in the Google Play Store and App Store .

Since the music streaming serve is being managed by Jio. All the Jio users can set their Jio Tunes completely free using JioSaavn application. This feature is an accession to the traditional SMS and Copy the song from another exploiter method .
Unlike the common method acting that has been used by all other telecommunication providers, the Song choice and setting it as their Jio Tunes is so easy with the JioSaavn mobile lotion. Before going to the details, we need to clarify that the Jio Tunes is the same as the Caller Tunes or Hello Tunes that are used by other operators.

Each operator calls the feature with a different name such as Caller Tunes, Hello Tunes, Ring Back Tone, Jio Tunes etc. It is nothing other than, setting a personally selected birdcall or music as the Ringing tone. once a person calls on your number, he/she will hear a song or music early than the traditional ring timbre .
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Jio Tune Charge

Jio Tunes is wholly free for all the Jio users, there is no charge for the song choice and no monthly charge to use. Jio drug user can set any of the available songs as their JioTune at any prison term and it is possible to change the birdcall at any time. Everything is free and never get charged at this clock .
If you need to cancel the overhaul, besides you can do it any time immediately. Unlike other providers, Jio Tunes will get deactivated mechanically after 30 days. If you need the same song or a different song after that 30 days, you can activate it again .

How to Set Jio Tune using JioSaavn Mobile App

This is the easiest means to set the song as your Jio Tunes. One matter to be noted hera is that, while doing this, either you should be connected using Jio Data or using wireless local area network with an active agent Jio SIM on your mobile. otherwise, the option will not be visible on your application .

Simply open the JioSaavn application on your mobile and search for your favored birdcall as like normal sung search. once you get your excerpt, just click on it to start playing.

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now, chink on the song name to see the detail play window. If the sung you selected has the option to set it as Jio Tunes, then you can see a button saying ‘ Set JioTune ’ as like the screen below .

There are some cases in which the sung can not be set as Jio Tunes, then you can see the message saying ‘ JioTune not Available ’ as like the blind below .
If the selected song has the choice, merely click on the ‘ Set JioTune ’ button, you will be asked for the confirmation. then snap again on the ‘ Set JioTune ’ release. Done, the song has been successfully set as you tune and you will get an SMS regarding the confirmation of JioTune apparatus .

The SMS besides contains the charge details saying that the charge will be Rs. 0.0 along with the direction to deactivate the service. As mentioned above, it will get deactivated after 30 days and if you wish to deactivate it before that date, you can do it by sending an SMS ‘ STOP ’ to 56789 or can be done by calling the number 155223 .
You can do the same steps again anytime to change the birdcall and it is all wholly exempt .