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Jamming on a especial song and want to make it your iPhone ringtone ? But is it possible to set any song as a ringtone on iPhone without iTunes or your calculator ? Yes, it can be done ! Whether a custom-made strait like your child ’ second spokesperson, a music man, or external ringtones, iPhone allows you to be the decision-maker. In this article, I will take you through the process footstep by step, so stick along .

What you’ll need before you set any song as ringtone on iPhone?

Before we move on to the steps, there are some prerequisites :

  • Locally Saved – The track you want as a ringtone should be stored in your iPhone Music Library or the files app. Notably, protected songs (like from Apple Music) and songs not stored locally on your iPhone can not be used.
  • The App – You’ll need to download and install the free GarageBand app from the App Store.

now, let ’ s move on to the future step .

How to create a custom-made ringtone on iPhone ( without a computer )

For this tutorial purposes, I have downloaded a ringtone from Zedge. You can use a web site or source of your choice.

  1. Launch the GarageBand app on your iPhone.Launch GarageBand app on your iPhone
  2. Swipe and find Audio Recorder from the options, tap Voice (mic icon). (You can also use Keyboard or Drummer for the purpose)In Audio Recorder option tap on Voice
  3. Here, tap View (brick wall like icon) to enter the editing section.Tap View to enter the editing section on iPhone
  4. Tap the Loop icon; you’ll see three subheadings here – Apple Loops, Files, and Music. Since my ringtone is saved in files, I will be using that tab.Tap Loop icon in GarageBand app on iPhone
  5. Look for the song you want; hold it for a few seconds to import. If you can’t see the song, tap Browse items from the Files app to find it.Hold a song for a few seconds to import on iPhone
  6. To edit the song, drag the long vertical bar to your custom ringtone’s desired starting point.
    You may use the play button to achieve the perfect starting point of your tone.
  7. Once done, double-tap the song and select Split.Double tap on song and select Split on iPhone
  8. Drag the Scissor icon down to cut/divide the song at your chosen point.
  9. Delete the unusable part of the song by tapping it twice and then choosing Delete.Delete unusable part of the song on iPhone
  10. Now, select the down arrow icon from the top-left corner and tap My Songs.Select down arrow icon and tap My Songs on iPhone
  11. Tap and hold the project and select Share from the list.
  12. Here, select Ringtone, then continue, name the song as per your choice, and tap Export.Select Ringtone and tap Export on iPhone
  13. Once the process completes, tap Use sound as… to set it as ringtone directly or OK to do it manually.Tap Use sound as to set it as ringtone directlyCreate custom ringtone on iPhone without computer

Note: While exporting, iPhone mechanically trims the ringtone at 30 seconds. If you want to set an end point somewhere earlier 30 seconds, repeat steps 6 to 9 .

Set custom ringtone on iPhone ( without iTunes )

If you selected OK previously or you want to use the custom ringtone again, follow these steps :

  1. Go to Settings Sounds & HapticsRingtone
  2. The recently created tone will be displayed on top of the list under RINGTONES.
  3. Tap it to set it as your ringtone.Set Ringtone on iPhone without iTunes

Successfully set a song as a ringtone on iPhone without iTunes or PC!

I hope this handy trick to set a ringtone of your choice without iTunes or a calculator was utilitarian. If you have any queries or face any issues during the process, please partake them in the comment section below.

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