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When the first Moto G was announced in 2013 the smartphone immediately gained popularity for offering great features and a beneficial design all for a wallet-friendly price. It was an blink of an eye hit, and has since grown to be Motorola ’ s most popular smartphone ever. As a leave, millions of first-time smartphone buyers own the Moto G and have lots of questions. here we explain the easy undertaking of changing the ringtone on your Moto G .
For the depleted price of only $ 179 with no contracts required, the Moto G offers a set to consumers, as does the new 2014 Moto G with the same price and a bigger 5-inch display. Its design and price made it democratic, and now that millions of users own one we ’ ra getting asked lots of questions. It has a mighty quad-core processor, double front man facing speakers, runs the latest version of Android and has tons to offer .
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Android smartphones come with an array of pre-installed ringtones users can easily change with barely a few taps in settings, and below well explain just how easy it is to change them. We ’ ll besides detail making your own custom ringtones, and adding them to custom contacts so you can know who ’ randomness calling plainly based on the ringtone. Something that was hard to do on older regular phones that ’ s a breeze on Android powered devices like the Moto G.

If you ’ ve ever owned or used an Android device in the past few years you ’ ll be correct at home and credibly won ’ t even need to search how to do this. however, if you ’ re newfangled to smartphones like the Moto G, or an Android convert leaving the iPhone below is how to set custom ringtones, or simply change the ringtone on your Moto G .
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With the Moto G you can create custom-made ringtones from your own music using the guide above, or download one of the millions of options from democratic apps like Zedge. once you ’ ve done this ( or barely want to use the pre-installed tones ) here ’ sulfur how. This is a beginners guide to changing ringtones


On your Moto G you ’ ll want to navigate to the settings menu, which can be accessed two ways. Slide down from the top notification measure with two fingers and tap the gear-shaped settings icon. That or principal into the application tray and find the settings app. From hera scroll devour to, and choose “ Sound & notification “ .
From here you ’ ll see an choice listed as “ Phone Ringtone ” and fair tap this to see, browse, preview, and ultimately blue-ribbon one of the over 30 different ringtones for your Moto G .
once you ’ ve found one you like, or see some you ’ ve added from apps or made yourself merely tap the ringtone you ’ d like and hit OK. You ’ re all done. It ’ mho that easy. The settings menu is very childlike, comfortable to understand, and has all the necessary settings one would need to change anything and everything on their device. From screen luminosity, notifications, sounds, keyboard tap noises and more.

In this lapp Sounds & notifications settings menu you ’ ll besides see a “ Default telling ringtone ” option below the regular ringtone choice. This is where you set a presentment sound for all other incoming notifications. Things like text messages, emails and more. You can do the same steps above and select from one of the many choices made available out of the box from Motorola .
then the “ early sounds ” option is where you can control dial pad tones, screen door lock noises, screen touch sounds ( which I disable ), and the oscillate on touch set. There ’ sulfur tons to see and find, and if you ’ re fresh to smartphones or the Moto G we ’ five hundred recommend you to nosy around in settings and get familiar with everything. Just don ’ thyroxine deepen any settings you aren ’ thyroxine conversant with, unless you ’ ve done some research and know what you ’ ra change .
immediately make some custom ringtones, and even set certain songs for individual contacts to make your device evening more personal and custom-make. These steps are the same for virtually all Android devices. love !