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While you can always download Ringtones from iTunes and early sources, why not explore the possibility of using your front-runner songs as Custom Ringtones on iPhone ? You will find below the steps to Set Any Song as Ringtone on iPhone .
Set Any Song as Ringtone on iPhone

Set Song as Ringtone On iPhone

The procedure to convert Any Song as Ringtone or Text Tone on iPhone basically involves the following major steps .

  1. Download Song to Files App on iPhone.
  2. Download and Install GarageBand App on iPhone.
  3. Import Song from Files App to GarageBand.
  4. Select 30 Second Clip from the Song.
  5. Export the Song Clip to Ringtones

While the process to Set Song as Ringtone on iPhone may appear a bit arduous or unmanageable, it actually becomes easy, once you get used to the steps as provided below.

Step 1. Download Song to Files App

The first gear step is to download the sung that you want to use as Ringtone to the Files App on iPhone. You can download the song from Apple Music or any other source where your darling song is available .

Step 2. Download & Install GarageBand

The GarageBand App should already be available on your iPhone. If it is not, you can download this free music creation software from the App Store .
Open the App Store on your iPhone > Search for and download GarageBand on your iPhone. Once the download is dispatch, tap on Open to Install GarageBand on your iPhone .
Open GarageBand App on iPhone

Step 3. Import Song from Files App to GarageBand

The one-third step is to import your front-runner or desired Song to GarageBand for editing .
1. Open GarageBand > interchange to Tracks yellow journalism and select Any Instrument that you like ( say Smart Piano ) .
Select Instrument in GarageBand App
Note: It does not truly matter which musical instrument you select, the remaining steps will be the lapp for all instruments .
2. On the adjacent screen, select the Project Icon located in top-left corner icon groups .
Project Icon in GarageBand App
3. Next, select the Loop Icon that appears in top-right corner .
Loop Icon in GarageBand App

4. On the adjacent screen, switch to Files tab key and choose Browse Items from the Files App link .
Browse Items from Files App Option in GarageBand
5. In Files App, select the Browse option and voyage to the Imported Song that you want to use as Ringtone .
Folders in iCloud Drive
once you locate the birdcall, tap on the Song and it will be imported to GarageBand .
Song in iCloud Downloads Folder
6. On the future screen, drag the Imported File ( Down & Left ) and shed it after the beginning path .
Imported File in GarageBand App
As you can see in picture below, the imported Song clip has been dropped below the first cut .
Imported Song Dragged Below First Track in GarageBand
Note: The First Track is constantly reserved for the instrument in Audio Editing interface .

Step 4. Select 30 Second Clip from the Imported Song

Custom Ringtones on iPhone can alone be 30 seconds long. Hence, the next step is to extract a 30 second base snip from the downloaded song using GarageBand.

1. Press and Hold on the Imported Track and drag the cover to your desire starting point in the song .
Select Starting Point of Song
2. Double-tap on the path and select the Split option. This will place a bantam scissor icon at your selected starting item of the song .
Split Option in GarageBand
3. Drag the bantam Scissor icon downwards to split the song at pre-selected starting item .
Song Split At Start Point in GarageBand
4. similarly, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 to select an end-point of the sung and split the sung at the end-point .
Song Split At End Point in GarageBand
5. Select the Starting Unwanted Part of the song and tap on the Delete choice in the menu that appears .
Delete Option in GarageBand
6. similarly, select the Ending Unwanted Part of the song and exploit on the Delete option .
This leaves only the remaining 30 irregular clip of the song that you can use as Ringtone. You can listen to this clip by tapping on the play clitoris located in the top-menu bar .

Step 5. Export Song Clip to Ringtones

The last step is to export the 30 second Song Clip from GarageBand to the Ringtones Folder on your iPhone .
1. Tap on the Down Arrow picture located at top-left corner and select My Songs in the drop-down .
Go to My Songs in GarageBand
2. On the next screen, Long-press on the Clip and select the Share option in contextual menu .
Share File Option in GarageBand
Note: You may have to scroll down in the contextual menu to see the Share choice .
3. On the Share Song screen, select the Ringtone pill .
Share Song As Ringtone Option in GarageBand
4. On the adjacent screen, type a name for the Ringtone and tap on the Export option located at top-right corner .
Export Ringtone Option in GarageBand
5. Once the export work is successfully completed, tap on Use Sound As… choice .
Use Sound As Option in GarageBand
6. On the next sieve, select the Standard Ringtone option and this will set the Song Clip as Custom Ringtone on iPhone .
Set As Standard Ringtone Option in GarageBand

As you can see in above trope, you can besides use the Song as Custom Text Tone, Assign the Song to Contact or tap on Done to Add the Custom Ringtone to the tilt of other Ringtones on your iPhone .