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JioTunes is offering a solicitation of more than 4 hundred thousand songs from different genres to set a jio caller tune without extra charges. so nowadays, say adieu to those bore caller tunes and express your climate by selecting your favorite sung as a caller tune in jio.

Reliance Jio has been providing brassy data with absolve video calls and exempt SMS. This company has changed the method of using smartphones in our lives. You can besides select caller tune in jio without paying any supernumerary charges or premiums. You can even change these caller tunes free of cost, therefore now let everyone hear your most favorite music or song through your caller tune .
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Different ways of setting caller tune in Jio

You can set the Jio caller tune in 4 different ways .

  1. Jio Saavn App
  2. MyJio App
  3. Message (SMS)
  4. Copy the caller tune through Asterisk of your phone (*)

1. Jio Saavn App

You will have to sign in through Jio Saavn App. This app can be downloaded for spare fromApple App Store and Google Play Store. You will need the latest android Lollipop or iOS 10.0 for this app .
Set jio caller tune
After log in, you have to find your favored music or song you want to select as a caller tune on jio. A preview of each song is available so you can listen to the song before selecting it. After the choice, Jio will send you the activation message on your Jio issue .

Follow these steps to set caller tune in Jio through Jio Saavn App .

  • Find your loved song in the search bar.
  • Select that song by tapping on the bottom bar, and it will appear in front of your screen.Set jio caller tune 3
  • A button of “Set JioTune” will appear right below the song title.
  • Tap on that button to get the pop-up screen.
  • Listen to the Preview available on that pup-up screen.
  • Tap on the “Set JioTune” button.
  • You will get the notification through SMS about the activation of the selected JioTune.

2. MyJio App

You can besides set the caller tune on Jio through the MyJio app that can be downloaded fromApple App Storeand Google Play Store. The android version of this app is alone 28 MB, but the io version is up to 225 MB .
Set jio caller tune 4
The latest android lollipop and iOS 10.0 versions are required for this app. After downloading it, you have to follow these steps for energizing of the caller tune on Jio .

  • Open MyJio App on your smartphone and tap on the hamburger icon on the top left corner.
  • Select the Songs Tab on that list.
  • Now you will have to find your favorite song by searching it in the search bar.
  • A list of selected songs will also appear on the screen so you can select from that list.
  • Different genres, including Regional, Bollywood, International, Devotional, and others, are available.
  • Listen to the preview of each song by selecting the “Play” button.
  • After selecting your favorite song, tap on the button of “Set as Jio Tine.”
  • A notification will be received on the MyJio app about the confirmation of the caller tune.
  • You will also get an SMS message about the activation of a caller tune.

Set jio caller tune 5

3. Message (SMS)

A lineal method of setting Jio caller tune through SMS is available for users who do not want to use any App .

  • You will have to send “JT” to 56789 for checking the available list of Jio caller tunes.
  • You can reply to the prepared message and include the movie name for checking your favorite movie.
  • There is an option of checking your favorite album by replying with the name of the album.
  • You can also reply with the name of your favorite singer to check his songs.
  • After finding your favorite song, music, or singer, you can also set the caller tune for special numbers.
  • A notification will be received on your Jio number for confirmation.
  • You have to reply with “Y” (Yes) for the activation with 30 minutes.
  • You will get the message of activation after replying to that message.

4. Copy the Caller Tune

There is a hypothesis that you want to copy the caller tune of your supporter or family member. therefore, another method of setting the Jio caller tune is besides available that is merely copying the caller tune of other users .

  • Press the Asterisk (*) on your phone while dialing the number of your friend.
  • You will receive an activation message about the activation of the Jio caller tune.
  • Simply reply with “Y” for the confirmation and you will receive another message about the activation of your caller tune.

Selecting your favored hoop tune and caller tune can help you express your climate and feelings in a better manner. There are more than 4 hundred thousand caller tunes available, and you can change or deactivate your caller tune at any time for loose. The cogency menstruation of the Jio caller tune is only 30 days. But this cogency can be extended when you complete the beginning 30 days .