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What to Know

  • First, make sure your iPhone has been synced with iTunes so your iTunes library has all your music.
  • On Windows, copy music directly from iTunes to the music folder on your Android device.
  • On a Mac, use the Android File Transfer application to transfer music to your Android device.

In Windows, the process of transferring music from iPhone to Android is straightforward once your music is synced. Mac computers require a third-party app such as YouTube Music or Android File Transfer to sync music to your Android device .

Sync Music With iTunes in Windows

If you already have all the music from your iPhone synced to your iTunes Library on a Windows personal computer, you ‘re center done.

differently, sync your iPhone to iTunes to ensure that all the songs are in your iTunes Library. There are a copulate of things to keep in thinker if you plan to sync the music in your iPhone to your iTunes Library :

  • Use an authorized computer, which is necessary to transfer all of your purchases from the iTunes Store to the computer.
  • If some of your music was not purchased through the iTunes Store and is not linked to your Apple ID, you can use a third-party program to transfer music from your iPhone to a Windows computer.

Although the Music app replaced iTunes on Macs with the release of macOS Catalina ( 10.15 ) in 2019, Apple calm supports iTunes on Windows computers.

How to Transfer Music From iPhone to Android in Windows

After you have all your songs synced to your iTunes Library, you can add them to your Android device from your Windows calculator .

  1. launch iTunes. In the Library section, select the songs you want to transfer to your Android device .

  2. Copy the files to a new booklet on your Windows computer .
    Screenshot of selection in iTunes
  3. Connect your Android device to your calculator and go to the Music folder of the device .

  4. imitate and glue the songs you want to transfer .

How to Transfer Music From iPhone to Android With a Mac

If you ‘re using a Mac, you have a match of options to transfer your music files to your Android device .

YouTube Music

You can transfer music from an iPhone to an Android device using YouTube Music .

YouTube Music replaced Google Play Music in 2020. You can still transfer playlists and music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music .

  1. Open a browser on your Mac, go to music.youtube.com, and logarithm in using the like Google account that is linked to your Android device .

  2. Select the Profile picture located in the upper-right corner of YouTube Music.

    Profile icon on YouTube Music

  3. Select Upload music .
    Upload music in YouTube Music
  4. Select the songs you want to add .

  5. After the songs have been uploaded, launch the YouTube Music app on your Android device .

You can immediately play your music when you have an active internet connection. You can besides download the songs from YouTube Music to play offline .

Android File Transfer

You can transfer music files directly using a service such as Android File Transfer .

  1. Launch a browser on your Mac and go to Android File Transfer .
    Android File Transfer website
  2. download and install the application .

  3. Connect your Android device to the Mac computer with a USB cable .

  4. Launch the Android File Transfer lotion on your Mac and navigate to your music files on your Mac .

  5. copy and paste the files you want to transfer to your Android device .
    transferring music between android and mac with Android File Transfer
  6. Eject the Android device when the transfer is complete .