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If you use Google Assistant to play music, you should make sure that you ‘ve linked the proper accounts and set your favored as the default. You hopefully know that Google Assistant makes it easier to get all sorts of tasks done on your call. And while it does a lot out of the box, Google Assistant gets even better when you connect it with diverse services .
One of the most significant default services to set up is your music streaming supplier. Let ‘s expression at how to connect and set the default music app for Google Assistant and why this is important .

Why Should You Set the Default Music Player?

Without connecting your music streaming service to Google Assistant, you ca n’t take advantage of all its features .
For exemplar, if you subscribe to Spotify Premium but do n’t connect it, you ca n’t enjoy ad-free music and access to your playlists when you ask assistant to play music. You ‘ll be stuck using a absolve YouTube Music bill, which is n’t great when you have other options .
away from connecting the services you use, setting a default is important excessively. After you ‘ve set a default player, you do n’t have to tell Google Assistant what service to use every clock. For exemplify, if you say “ Play the album Pink Elephant by Stand Atlantic, ” the Assistant will say that it ca n’t find that album in your library .
You ‘ll need to add “ on Spotify ” to the end to specify that, which gets old. Setting your default option servicing keeps you from doing this every fourth dimension .

How to Change the Default Music Player for Google Assistant

To find the music settings for Google Assistant and change your defaults, open the Google app on your call and tap the More check at the bottom. There, choice Settings .
On the resulting screen, tap Google Assistant to open its settings, then scroll down and tap the Music entry .
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Android Google More Page


Android Google Settings Page


Android Google Assistant Settings


here you ‘ll see the available services that Google Assistant can use for music. Under Your music services, you ‘ll see the apps presently on your telephone. If any are n’t linked, tap them and follow the steps to let Google Assistant use your account .
Repeat these steps to link all the services you use, even if you do n’t want to use them as the default. You ‘ll find more choices under More music services at the bottom ; tap those to link your accounts as well. Each ones lets you know whether there ‘s a unblock service available or if you need a bounty subscription to use it .
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Android Google Assistant Default Music


Android-Google Assistant Music Warning


When you ‘re satisfied, select the app you want to use as your default supplier. Google Assistant will use that when you make a music request. Ca n’t decide ? Check out our comparison of Spotify and YouTube Music .
If you want to play using something other than your nonpayment, add that at the end of the command. For case, even with Spotify as your default player, you can say “ Play The Starting Line on YouTube Music. ”

Play the Right Tunes With Google Assistant

While this is a small appliance, you ‘ll appreciate not having to specify your prefer music provider every time. As a bonus, this option besides sets your default music player in Android Auto when using Google Assistant. This is particularly significant for reducing distractions on the road .
Music is only one modest expression of Google Assistant ; it ‘s able of a lot more than you probably think .
If you run into any issues, hera ‘s how to fix problems with Google Assistant .

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