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Have a trouble to silence your Moto G ?

There are 2 unlike methods to silence Moto G notifications and ringtones .

sometimes, for exemplar, in the library, you may want to promptly silence Moto G notifications and ringtones. If you want to know how to silence Moto G ringtones and notifications, this guidebook is for you .

method acting 1 : put your Moto G into thrill mode

You can put Moto G in thrill mode by holding down the volume button on the justly side of Moto G until your Moto G vibrates .
This is the quickest way to silence Moto G. But you know the limitation : Moto G actually enters vibrate mode. It will not ring, but it will vibrate.

If you do not want Moto G to vibrate, use method acting 2 to completely silence your Moto G .
Of run, you should hold down the volume down clitoris while Moto G is not playing music or video. If the music player or video recording player is running when you press and hold the bulk release, it will simply silence your music or television. It will NOT silence Moto G notifications and ringtones .
so, normally, you should exit music player or video player before holding the volume down button. After your Moto G enters vibrate mode, you can play music or television as usual. Vibrate mode is for ringtones and notifications only ; it will not silence your music or television .

method acting 2 : secrecy Moto G ringtones and notifications wholly .

If you do not want Moto G to vibrate vitamin a well, in other words, silence your Moto G wholly, you can put Moto G in dumb manner .
Press and hold the power button until you feel a shaking. The following box will show up in the center of the screen :
touch Silent mode to silence all sounds ( including call and telling ringtones ) except media and alarm ( you must silence media and alarms in their own applications ) .
Of course, you can besides put your Moto G in thrill mode here by tapping the Vibrate button.

How to stop silencing Moto G ?

You can stop silencing Moto G ringtones and notifications by tapping the bulk up button on your Moto G .

again, you should do this when you are not playing music or video recording. otherwise, it will only change the volume of your music or television .
Of class, you can besides use the Ring button as shown in the double above .

Why I can not find the silent mode or Vibrate mode ?

If you updated your Moto G to Android Lollipop, you will NOT be able to find the silent mode or Vibrate manner. In Android Lollipop, a new notification and break system was introduced with three modes : All, Priority and None modes. Please follow this guide to silence Moto G notifications and ringtones if your Moto G is running Lollipop .

More bit-by-bit guides, tips and tricks for your Moto G phone are available at our most democratic Moto G how-to guide page .

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