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Shutterstock 93030295C I recently bought a new car with a double DIN Bluetooth stereo system. I love driving it with my Spotify playlist connected via Bluetooth – it ’ s an amazing have. One thing I love about the stereophonic system is that it allows me to answer my incoming calls using the cable car ’ second speakers and built-in microphone. however, the merely way I could get the information about who ’ mho calling me was through the audio system ’ south display, which can be a bite dangerous and might act as a beguilement. To get things done in a safe way, I am immediately having my android announce the incoming caller ’ s name or their contact number so I can recognize who ’ mho calling. It serves its purpose and keeps me safe on the road since I can avoid distraction. So let ’ s see how I was able to achieve this using a childlike app called Who ’ s Calling .

Who’s Calling for Android

The app is free on the Play Store and can be installed on any Android device. Once it ’ mho installed the handiness settings need to be enabled for the app so that it can read the caller ’ sulfur name. Navigate to Android Settings – > Accessibility and turn on Who ’ s Calling. You can now activate the app to get the caller ’ sulfur name or number announced in all entrance calls. Who Is Calling 1 Who Is Calling 1 Who Is Calling 2 Who Is Calling 2

By default option the app notifies you for every entrance name and message. But you can use the app for any type of incoming alerts like WhatsApp, Hike, or even with the subject line of incoming emails. In the complimentary version merely two apps can be activated simultaneously and one of the two needs to be turned off before activating the third. In the pro adaptation there are no limitations or ads. Who Is Calling 5 Who Is Calling 5

If a caller ’ second information is not saved in your contacts, the app will just say the numeral. One thing I liked about the app is that one can set a specific announcement mention for a contact preferably than the nickname used in your address book. Under the app settings, tap on Edit contacts and select any contact to designate a custom name. Let ’ s say you have your parents ’ number saved as Mom and Dad in your reach book – while getting a call, you can make your Android announce their fully names alternatively. Who Is Calling 4 Who Is Calling 4 Who Is Calling 3 Who Is Calling 3 Note: Who ’ sulfur Calling will vocalize the notifications from any app if you specify then on the list. however, it might not work on all of them a smoothly as it works for calls and messages.


then that was how you can get your Android to speak the name of the person who ’ s calling you aloud. For me the feature is utilitarian while I ’ megabyte drive, but it can be used anytime you want to know who ’ s calling you without looking at the earphone ’ s blind, be it at an office or while your hands are busy in the kitchen. The only feature I think it ’ randomness miss is the ability to repeat the caller ’ mho name every 5 seconds in case you miss it the inaugural time about. If you are mindful of a better alternative to Who ’ s Calling, don ’ thyroxine forget to share it with us. final updated on 8 Feb, 2018
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