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There ’ s no deny that :
For a bunch of people, music is their life. It ’ s what moves them, and gets them out of bed in the morning, literally .
In this case, we ’ rhenium relatively heavy sleepers, so we normally need an alarm to match. Although the default alarm clock tunes from your app can wake you up, they are reasonably dull and repetitive.

So what can you do about it ?
You can set some music as your dismay on Android. so if you want to wake up to your favored hit song, or even a custom-made tune, it ’ s more than possible ! Before :
To set a song as an alarm on Android, it needs to be on your call first. not only that, it needs to be in one of the few chastise spots in your memory .
Whether you download it through your device or move it from another one, either option will only take a hour .
now :
With the help of third-party apps, you can set your darling music from Spotify as your alarm .
Isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that amazing ?

Whatever method you choose to set a song as an alarm on Android, we are here to guide you. Both methods won ’ t take long, so preceptor ’ metric ton worry .
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How To Get an MP3 on Your Android Device

Let ’ s beginning with how to transfer an MP3 from one device to another. rather of using the internet, how about a datum cable ?
If you have a USB datum cable that works with your device, you can turn any MP3 on your personal computer into an alarm in fair a few immediate steps .

Step 1: Connect Your Android to Your PC

foremost, office on your device and connect it to your personal computer via a USB datum cable television. If USB debug is enabled, your device will open a folder on your personal computer mechanically .
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Directory Alarms
If it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get in touch, you can find your Android device ’ s inner storage where you find your personal computer ’ s home storage. In the mental picture above, you can see that there is an SD card a well, but for now, open up your inner storage rather .

Step 2: Upload Your Song

There are a few folders you could put an MP3 into, so your neckcloth alarm, or alarm clock app of option, can find your music, but let ’ s go with the Alarms folder since it ’ s the easiest one .
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Path Alarms
There is only one MP3 here right immediately, but that ’ s all you need since it ’ s the song you want. You can drag and drop any MP3 you want into this folder, and then it ’ sulfur ready to use .
nowadays that your choose MP3 is in place, you can safely disconnect your telephone after you close out of all the folders you opened. You can select any MP3 you ’ ve frame in the Alarms folder to be your raw alarm spirit .

How to Download an MP3 for Your Android Device

Being able to move the MP3s around is all well and dear, but what if you don ’ t have a datum cable, or want to download a song correct to your storage ? You can do that besides, and it ’ randomness even easier than moving an MP3 from your personal computer to your device .

Download a Third-Party App

If you download an app like Audiomack, you can download about any song you can find .
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Audiomack AppAudiomack even Google Play Music works for this, and after you download a song, you can use it for an dismay tone with most apps .
The way each song downloading app works is different, but after spending a few minutes with any of the three above, or even another app, you can download songs in seconds to wake you up whenever you feel like it .

How To Setup Your Favorite Music As Your Alarm on Android

1. Using an MP3 with Your Standard Android Clock

Believe it or not, the stock clock on your Android device has a becoming amount of functionality packed into it. When setting the alarm, you can change the song it plays with merely a few taps, and no need to dive into your settings .
Follow the below steps to setup your favored music as your alarm on Android .
1. Open your default clock app .
If you don ’ t have your clock on your home filmdom, you can easily find it in your app drawer, under C.

Default AlarmsStock Clock App 2. Add a new alarm.
Make certain you ’ ve tapped the alarm clock symbol, so you ’ re on the alarm screen, and not fair the stream prison term. once you have, you can click the red plus at the bottom ( depending on your adaptation of Android ) to add a new alarm .
New AlarmsAdd a new alarm once you ’ ve picked the clock time you want, confirm the clock, and then take a good look at the newly dismay you ’ ve arrange. In the details below, you can see the ringtone section .
alarm ringtoneDefault Ringtone here is the nonpayment alarm tone, but that ’ s not what we want, indeed give it a tap, and you can change it .
3. Select Your Ringtone
There should be more than a few default songs to pick from here, but select the MP3 you added earlier .
Choice Alarms After a tap, hit OK to confirm your choice to have that birdcall play when your alarm goes off .

2. Use Third-Party Apps

If you don ’ thyroxine find like using the stock Android alarm clock, there are plenty of other apps on the Google Play Store that lashkar-e-taiba you use your music. If we had to pick precisely one, we ’ five hundred go with Clock from Google .
This excellent app allows users to use music from YouTube and Spotify as an alarm for their Android devices. If you don ’ t have the Spotify app, you can download it by clicking the Google Play button below .
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Spotify AppSpotify here are a few quick and easily steps to set your darling music from Spotify as an alarm .
1. Download the Clock App.
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Clock App 2. Add a new alarm.
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Add new Alarm 3. Customize your alarm
Tap the Add Alarm clitoris, and beneath the Repeat option is a bell symbol and the tune that you ’ rhenium using. If you select this, you can change what song plays when the alarm sounds .
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Customize Alarm 4. Under the Spotify tab, you can choose music and playlists to set as an alarm. If you have a bounty Spotify account, you can search for specific songs to use .

3. Setup a Radio Alarm

now that you know how to set your favored sung as an alarm clock, what if you want that song to rotate automatically ? You can listen to the same song for days on end, but finally, you might want to listen to something different .
To scratch that urge, there are radio alarm clock apps that choice music streams to play rather of just one song or tone. You might even find your new favored song if you use one of these .
1. Download a Third-Party App
radio alarm logoRadio Alarm Logo 2. Add a New Alarm
Tap the dismay clock symbol at the penetrate of the filmdom to go to the dismay screen door. There ’ sulfur an alarm clock already here for testing purposes, but you can make your own at any clock time .
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Radio TestTest Alarm After you tap on the alarm clock or tap on your new one, scroll down to select a music stream .
3. Select Ringtones
How to Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm on Android - Radio Streams AlarmsSelect Streams You can even select an MP3 to play alternatively of a stream, but if you decide to pick a pour, you can choose over 500 different streams to use .
You can choose up to two ( one for your initial stream, and another for a backing when the first pour international relations and security network ’ thyroxine mathematical process ), and then confirm them to have them play as your alarm clock.
We recommend streaming music over Wi-Fi, but ampere long as you do so meagerly, streaming over your data connection will be all right .
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set my alarm tone to my favorite song?

Of course ! You can use Spotify, YouTube, and your mp3 files as an alarm clock .

Can I set an online song as an alarm tone?

If your front-runner song is available from Spotify and YouTube, it is not a problem. You ’ ll motivation to download the Clock App from Google, set a new dismay, and connect your Spotify or YouTube bounty score to the app .

Can I use music from Spotify as an alarm?

If you ’ re using the Clock app from Google, yes, you can. however, if you ’ ra not using a bounty Spotify explanation, you can only set random songs from a playlist as an alarm.

Setup Your Alarm Tunes – Wake Up to Your Favorite Song

It ’ s slowly adequate to set about any song you want as an alarm, but what if your darling birdcall or a radio station international relations and security network ’ t enough to get you up in the dawn ? If you ’ re a reasonably heavy sleeper, you should give Alarmy a try on and see if you can sleep through it .
What kind of music do you like to listen to when waking up? Let us know in the comments below, and while you’re there, leave any other questions you might have!
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