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trouble of getting up in the dawn ? Don ’ t concern. Whether you ’ re looking to hit the nap button or need a jerk of energy, Spotify will now offer the perfective soundtrack to start your sidereal day. You can now easily wake up to a playlist of your front-runner songs served up by Spotify alternatively of the standard alarm clock tones .
There are a lot of different apps in the App store and services on the web that title to help you to set Spotify alarm strait but very few live up to those claims. To avoid this phenomenon happens, here we will share feasible methods to make you use Spotify as an dismay on iPhone, Android, or fresh speakers and wake up with Spotify .
set spotify music as alarm

Part 1. How to Set Spotify Song as Alarm on iPhone

iPhone users can get themselves but out of layer with the Clock app on the iPhone, but there are some classical ringtones for them to select as an alarm clock. To wake up with your front-runner songs from Spotify, you may need to use some other alarm apps like Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+ or Kello Alarm Clock to set Spotify as an iPhone dismay .

#1. Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+

music Alarm Clock for Spotify+ is an alarm clock for you to wake up with your favorite songs on Spotify. This is not an official app made by Spotify but a compatible app that enables you to set Spotify song as dismay on the iPhone or iPad. You can use this app to search Spotify playlists or look for songs and albums from Spotify that can wake you up .
Before setting Spotify songs as an alarm, you need to set up Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+ on your iPhone or iPad in progress and then you can choose songs you prefer from Spotify .
1) Launch the Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+ app on your iPhone or iPad .
2) Sign in with your Spotify account and tap anywhere on the screen door to open the settings .
3) Select Alarms and then tap the Add button to create a newfangled alarm .
4) Set a specific time for your alarm and continue to select the alarm voice .
5) Go to Playlist and tap Add to select Spotify songs you wish to set as an dismay audio .
6) After the place, tap the Done button to finish the plant of the alarm good .

#2. Kello Alarm Clock

The Kello Alarm Clock app is a smart clock app that wakes up with your playlists, rather of default ringtones in your iPhone. It helps you start your dawn with great music tracks. With its help, you can wake up with your favorite playlists on Spotify, Deezer, or Tidal .
Before creating an alarm, you need to set up the Kello Alarm app on your device and make it connect to the Wi-Fi network. here ’ s how to turn Spotify music into an dismay via the Kello Alarm app .
how to use kello alarm clock app 1) Launch the Kello Alarm app on your iPhone and go to the Alarm pill .
2) Click on the Plus button and choose your recurrence and volume settings .
3) Tap on the Sound release and urge Spotify to enter your Spotify credentials .
4) Choose a Spotify playlist and preview it by pressing Play in the Create Alarm sieve .
5) Select a song you want to set as an alarm and save the settings on your iPhone or iPad .

Part 2. How to Use Spotify as Alarm Clock on Android

Using songs from Spotify as your alarm clock is not available for the preinstalled clock app on all Android phones. To set Spotify song as an alarm on Android devices, you ’ ll need the help of other programs like the Google Clock app
Using songs from Spotify as your clock strait is not available for the preinstalled clock app on all Android phones. To set Spotify songs as the clock phone on Android devices, you ’ ll need the help oneself of other programs like the Google Clock app or the SpotOn app. hera ’ s how to use these programs to get Spotify alarms on Android phones .

#1. Clock App from Google

The Google Clock app is an alarm app that can function as an dismay, timer, and stopwatch of a world clock. Along with functioning as an alarm, you can set alarms for a series of days. Besides, it is integrated with Spotify so you can wake up with your darling cut, album, or playlist from Spotify of the moment .
Before you get started, make sure that you have Clock and Spotify installed on your call and updated to the latest available adaptation. hera ’ s how to set up Spotify alarms in the Google Clock app on your Android phone .
how to use google clock app 1) Open the Google Clock app and go to the Alarm page .
2) Tap the Plus button and you can create a fresh alarm .
3) Tap the Sound icon and swipe over to the Spotify check .
4) Press the Connect icon to access your Spotify bill on the app .
5) Select a playlist or album from Spotify or search for a specific chase to set as the clock healthy .

#2. Samsung Clock App

Samsung Clock is an alarm clock that Samsung devices come installed by default. It ’ s the main instrument to check the date and time on your smartphone. besides, you can set your clock zone so you can see the hour in respective places around the worldly concern .
With this joyride not only can you find out what clock time it is but besides create your own custom alarms to wake you up or notify you of something at any time of the day or night. It ’ mho easy to set your favored songs of Spotify as alarm sound since Spotify is compatible with this creature .
1) Launch the Clock app then press the Alarm tab at the bottom of the riddle .
2) Touch the Add icon or an existing alarm to add or edit an alarm clock .
3) Tap Alarm sound and touch Spotify to view your favorite songs .
4) Choose the Spotify playlist that you want to set as the alarm good .
5) Press the back arrow twice and then tap Save to confirm the settings .

#3. SpotOn

The SpotOn app is an alarm clock clock app for Android that uses songs from Spotify as an alarm. It can let you set a timekeeper for fall asleep and wake up to your front-runner Spotify tracks, albums, and playlists. You can set any track, playlist, and album from Spotify as your clock voice .
You can use the SpotOn app to get an alarm for Spotify, but you need an active agio report for Spotify alarm. here ’ s how to use Spotify music as an Android dismay fathom with the SpotOn app .
how to use spoton alarm app 1) Download and install the SpotOn app on your Android call .
2) Sign in to your Spotify bounty account and tap the WAKE pill to create a modern alarm .
3) Set a specific fourth dimension for your alarm clock clock so that you can wake up at a certain time .
4) Tap the Select Music button to select Spotify songs or playlists or search your front-runner tracks as the clock heavy.

Part 3. How to Set Spotify Alarm on Smart Speakers

If you have a Google Home, Sonos, or Amazon Echo loudspeaker, it ’ randomness slowly to make it play a birdcall or artist that ’ ll actually get you out of bed. Since Spotify has integrated with those smart speakers, you can play Spotify music on your fresh loudspeaker. here we ’ ll show you how to set up Spotify music alarms on Google Home, Sonos, or Amazon Echo .

Set Spotify Alarm on Google Home

1) Open the Google Home app and enter the home screen .
2) At the top leave, tap Add + > Music to choose your default service .
3) Select Spotify and tap Link account > Sign in to connect your Spotify account .
4) Go back to the home screen and touch the Setting randomness gear .
5) Tap Audio > Alarm & Timers to set your alarm and start waking up with Spotify music .

Set Spotify Alarm on Sonos

1) Open the Sonos app and tap Services & Voice from the Settings pill .
2) Under Music & Content, pat Add a Service and choice Spotify .
3) Tap Add to Sonos and add your Spotify account by following the on-screen instructions .
4) Go back to the Settings check then tap System > Alarms to set a Sonos alarm clock .
5) Tap New Alarm and touch Music to go to set Spotify song as alarm audio .
6) Tap Save to save the settings and then tap Done .

Set Spotify Alarm on Echo

1) Launch the Amazon Alexa app and then open the menu .
2) Go to Settings > Music and tap Link New service then select Spotify .
3) Link your Spotify report to your Alexa report then tap Default Services .
4) Select Spotify as the Default Music Library or your Default Podcast service .
5) Go back to the menu and blue-ribbon Alarms & Timers from the More tab key .
6) Select Add Alarm and go to set Spotify music as dismay sound then blue-ribbon Save .

Part 4. Best Method to Use Spotify Song as Alarm on Any Device

Compared with the solutions for Spotify alarm Android, iPhone, or fresh speakers, it is easier to use Spotify as an alarm clock by using a third-party creature like Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter. With its help, you can download and convert Spotify music to plain audio formats so you can directly select Spotify music as an alarm clock ringtone .
Spotify is a digital music service that can give you access to millions of songs. You can download offline Spotify music for listening with a Premium history when you are without an internet connection. however, all music from Spotify is streaming capacity only available on Spotify. But Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter can let you save Spotify music to MP3 thus as to use Spotify as an alarm on any device .

Key Features of Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

  • Download Spotify playlists, songs, albums with free accounts easily
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and other audio formats
  • Keep Spotify music tracks with the lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Remove ads and DRM protection from Spotify music at 5× faster speed

Free DownloadFree Download

4.1 Download alarm sound from Spotify via Tunelf software

Step 1 Add Spotify music to the conversion list of Tunelf

spotify music converter interface After opening Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter on your calculator, it will load the Spotify app automatically. then go to your library on Spotify for selecting your favored Spotify playlist and drag Spotify songs you want to Tunelf interface. Or you can merely paste the link of Spotify songs to the search box of Tunelf main filmdom .

Step 2 Set the output audio parameters for Spotify music

select output format When your selected Spotify songs are loaded into Tunelf software, you can simply click the menu browning automatic rifle and select the Preferences option. then you can go to set the output audio format for Spotify music. Besides, you could besides adjust the moment rate, audio channel, and sample rate .

Step 3 Begin to download Spotify playlist using Tunelf software

convert spotify music once all the settings are customized according to your needs, you can click the Convert button to begin to download Spotify music to MP3 or other audio formats. When the conversion finishes, you could go to browse the convert Spotify music files in the born-again list by clicking the Converted picture .

4.2 Set Spotify music as alarm sound on iPhone or Android device

now you can set Spotify alarm sound. But before setting it, you should transfer those Spotify music files to your telephone foremost. You can sync those Spotify songs to iPhone via iTunes or transfer them to Android using a USB cable. then you precisely need to open the Alarm app on your phone and adjust songs as alarm reasoned .
1) Find the Clock app on your Android call or tablet, then tap the icon to open it .
2) At the buttocks, tap Alarm, then tap + to add an alarm .
3) On the alarm, tap the Down arrow then touch the current sound ’ mho appoint .
4) now tap Add new > Your Sound file to choose your Spotify music song. then you can wake up with your Spotify song .

1)  Open the Clock app from the Home screen door or Control Center on your iPhone .
2)  Tap the Alarm check at the bottom menu then tap + to set up a modern alarm clock .
3)  Select Sound then tap Pick a song to choose your Amazon Music song that plays when the alarm clock sounds .
4)  nowadays tap Back then tap Save to save your changes. You will wake up with your favorite Spotify songs every good morning.


Setting Spotify songs as the clock phone is not a handy way to wake up with your darling songs every dawn. While it may be a complicate work to set up, it ’ ll pay off in the end. With the above methods, you can choose a Spotify song as the clock sound on your iPhone or Android phone. If you want to have Spotify music for the alarm sound freely, Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter could be a dependable option. That should help you get a better listen have .