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Experimenting with ringtones beyond the preset options used to come at a price and required complex software to save and install to devices. now, your favored audio from YouTube can be converted to a ringtone for free. With this tutorial, transforming these attention-getting sounds into short-circuit sound recording for your telephone only requires a browser and a few minutes to spare. Follow the steps below to learn how to trim, rent, and cut a YouTube video into a ringtone for Androids and iPhones .

How to Make a YouTube Video your Ringtone on Android

This section covers how to convert YouTube videos to ringtones for Androids with a aboveboard serve. With your YouTube video and device in hand, continue reading to make your front-runner song, cover, and remix into a ringtone or alarm .

drumhead over to YouTube on your Android and shop videos until you find the perfect song or reasoned to make into a ringtone. Copy the associate in the search stripe to save it to your clipboard.

To begin converting the YouTube television into an MP3, chew the fat Kapwing in your browser, snap tools, and select the convert video tool from the menu. adjacent, long-press the screen to paste the YouTube link from your clipboard .

Step Three: Trim the Video

Let ‘s trim the television so it ‘s the right duration for an Android. Drag the ends of track until your video is approximately 30 seconds. You can make it shorter and the audio will loop. To make fine adjustments, tap edit video then timing and you can set a specific start and end clock. Use the split tool located above the timeline to cut out a section from the middle and delete any extra clips .

Step Four: Export and Download

When you ‘ve got the perfect ringtone, click the arrow next to Export Video and click Export as MP3. After your ringtone has been processed, chink Download to save it to your call. After you save the ringtone, find the file, select it, and tap set as ringtone.

How to Make a YouTube Video your Ringtone on iPhone

When io 14 dropped, users raved over the ability to customize the home screen. I spent closely two hours setting up the perfective layout and color schema. A custom-made ringtone is another way to add a personal touch to your earphone. Making a YouTube video a ringtone takes extra feat for iPhone users, but it ‘s worth it .

mind over to YouTube and copy the link to a video for your ringtone. The link will mechanically save to your clipboard.

Visit Kapwing on your iPhone, chink tools, and tap the convert video tool. Paste the yoke and your video will appear in Kapwing Studio .

Step Three: Trim the Video

From here, drag the ends of the path to trim the duration or use the split tool to cut parts of the song from the middle. Tap edit video and timing to make fine adjustments to the duration of your video .

Step Four: Export and Download

Click the dropdown arrow next to export video and select export as MP3. After your MP3 has been processed you can download it to your device .

Step Five: Upload to your Music Library and Convert the MP3

We ‘ll need to convert the MP3 to an AAC in order to make the birdcall compatible with an iPhone. Drag and drop your MP3 into the Music App library, then click file, convert, and create AAC version.

Step Six: Convert File to an M4R

Right-click the new translation and click show in finder. then, change the file extension from m4a to m4r. Delete the early versions from the library, but do not send them to the pan.

Step Seven: Add the Ringtone to your iPhone

Connect your iPhone to your personal computer, then drag and drop the m4r from the finder to your device in the sidebar of the Apple Music application. Open your iPhone, tap settings then sounds & haptics and choose ringtone. You ‘ll see your brand raw ringtone at the top of your the tilt ! experiment with more audio to create singular ringtones for your device. Check out the articles below for like tutorials and sign to our YouTube channel for trendy TikTok capacity ! Related Articles: