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Airtel hello tune service allows you to set up your front-runner birdcall to entertain all your listeners when they call you. many times, you may feel that the song is not so latest or useful, that fourth dimension you wish to know about how to deactivate caller tune in airtel. If you activate the caller tune service, it helps you to get rid of the casual “ Tring Tring ” tune and lets you set the latest music birdcall as per your requirement. Airtel charges around Rs.30 for 30 days on hello tune service.

If you are using an airtel number and want to deactivate the trip caller tune from your airtel mobile phone number, this article is specially for you. Until the end, keep reading the article to know more about the steps to deactivate caller tunes in airtel ! besides, those who wish to re-activate their caller tunes or start activating them in airtel can find helpful data below in the article. besides, if you are a raw drug user of Airtel, then get to know the ways of How to Activate Airtel Sim.

How To Stop Caller Tune In Airtel? 

If you want an answer to how to stop caller tune in airtel, then lodge here and get full moon information about how you can deactivate the caller tune late when you are bored of the current caller tune song. besides, you can check out Airtel Hello Tune  offer which is applicable to all postpaid and postpaid Airtel users.

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How To Deactivate Hello Tune In Airtel?

There are around five methods as to how to deactivate hello tune in airtel. You can well remove the activate caller tune from your airtel phone number by following any one of the listed methods for you. Deactivate Caller Tune In Airtel

1. Deactivate airtel caller tune using USSD Code

It is the first and straightforward method you can follow if you have a question of how to remove caller tune in airtel. You have to apply a pre-formed USSD code from your number to stop the airtel hello tune serve.

  • Click on the dial application on your mobile earphone.
  • Dial the USSD code *121*5 #.
  • A popup message will appear on your screen.
  • If the caller tune services are give on no-1 position, then reply one otherwise answer with the issue of its position.
  • You will receive a confirmation message to remove your caller tune.

2. Deactivate Airtel caller tune by SMS

It is the second method you can follow if you want to know how to stop the airtel caller tune. It is besides a very simple method where you need to type a little message and send it to a toll-free number.

  • exposed message app
  • Write a message “ STOP ” and send it to 543211 ( Toll-free ) which is the airtel caller tune deactivate act.
  • You will receive a confirmation message where you will see the caller tune service gets deactivated on your number.

3. Deactivate the caller tune by dialling a toll-free number

It is the third gear method you can use if you wish to know how to cancel caller tune in airtel. You need to dial a toll-free number from your airtel count. You will hear an IVR voice after which you can select the right choice to deactivate the caller tune.

  • dial 543211808 toll-free number from your Airtel number
  • Listen to the IVR part and a right choose option for deactivating the caller tune.
  • Get the caller tune to disable confirmation messages.

4. Deactivate the caller tune using Wynk Music app

It is the fourth method you can use to stop caller tune services from Airtel. You need to install the Airtel Wynk Music app from your respective store.

  • install and open the Airtel Wynk Music App.
  • Select the language and register with your Airtel act.
  • Click on the three lines on the top leftover of your blind to choose Hellotunes option.
  • Click on the Hello tunes link.
  • You will be able to see the activate caller tune song and its validity. Click on the three dots to deactivate or stop the caller tune.
  • When you click the Stop Hellotune link, you will see two options change Hello Tune and Stop Hellotune. You click on the Stop Hello Tune and get an answer to how to deactivate airtel hello tune.
  • You get a confirmation message for deactivation of your caller tune.

5. Deactivate caller tune with airtel customer care

You can deactivate the caller tune using the Airtel official web site. You need to go to the web site and log in with your airtel number.

  • Open your browser and visit www.airtelhellotunes.com web site.
  • sign in with your airtel number.
  • On the deactivating caller tune choice, chink arrest hello tune.

You have learned how to deactivate your hello tune in the airtel count. But many of you must be tidal bore to activate caller tunes after deactivating them. Or wish to start having new caller tunes to experience how they feel. So you can do so very cursorily and effortlessly.. Read on for the same.

How to activate caller tune in Airtel

meanwhile, you saw above diverse ways to deactivate the caller tune in its airtel number. But, if some want to re-activate or activate a new caller tune in their Airtel number, it can be done with simple steps.

  • Go to Wynk Music App- for spare caller tunes
  • register on this app with your telephone number
  • You will receive an OTP
  • Browse the app
  • Go to airtel hello tunes on the corner of the app
  • choose from the list of songs
  • Select the song you want for hello tune
  • Set the caller or hello tune
  • The tune will be activated

You have set the caller tune for your Airtel number, valid for 30 days. nowadays, you must be aware of how to deactivate caller tune in airtel. Caller tunes are entertaining many times, but a distribute of people may call you due to some professional work that time you can quickly remove the activate caller tune from your Airtel number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I remove caller tunes? A1. You can remove caller tune from your airtel number by using USSD codes, by sending SMS for hello tune deactivation, by calling the toll-free number, etc. Q2. How can I change my Airtel caller tune? A2. Install Wynk Music App on your io or Android device. Open the app and play the birdcall for which you want to set the Hello Tune. Q3. How can I get caller tunes in Airtel? A3. If you have an airtel Wynk app on your phone, then Go to Play Store and Search Wynk Music App. Go to Bottom And Join Beta Tester For Wynk Music App. Q4. How can I deactivate the Airtel caller tune through SMS? A4. To deactivate your airtel caller tune by SMS, type “ STOP ” in the message box and send it to 543211.

Q5.Is WYNK free for Airtel users 2022? A5. For airtel thanks users, Wynk music hello tunes are free and activated for 30 days.