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Video is the culture medium of the future — there ’ s no doubt about it. Creators and influencers have turned to video to make singular message that showcases their authentic spokesperson and resonates with their consultation. And it helps when these artistic videos are set to a popular tune .
While these music video are much posted on platforms like Instagram, they frequently go through a few rounds of editing before they are published. therefore if you want to go viral, you need a good music video editor program instrument at your disposal .

The best music video editors for iOS

There ’ s a overplus of third-party music television maker and editor apps to choose from, but the best ones have easy-to-use music tools, a wide excerpt of license music, and other editing features to use. Below are our top 10 picks .

1. TikTok: The viral music video maker

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most democratic music video platforms, specially for lip-synch. Once you ’ ve sifted through their bombastic library of license music, all you have to do is record your video. From there, you can use its easy cut and tailored tools to edit your video and even add some cool ocular effects or stickers. It ’ south release to download and use.

TikTok on the App Store

2. Triller: Music video app with automatic editing

If you want a music television manufacturer that ’ south virtually hands-free, you ’ ll want to try Triller. After you record your video, the app will edit your videos mechanically. however, you do have the option to cut and trim any parts you don ’ thymine like. It besides has a huge library of accredited music that includes many of today ’ s top hits and a ocular effects library. It ’ randomness free to download and comes with in-app purchases .
Triller on the App Store

3. Tempo: Video maker with songs and filters

Tempo is a music video recording manufacturer and editor program known for its creative templates, artistic effects, cool transitions, high-quality filters, and a large accredited music library. While you don ’ t record your videos directly in the app, you can use it to upload and edit clips you recorded with your iPhone camera. From there, you can edit away. This app is free to download and is $ 6.99 a workweek after your absolve test ends .
tempo on the App Store

4. Magisto: Smart video editor

Magisto is an excellent video manufacturer and editor program for those who are new to the work. Its artificial intelligence-driven chic editor makes it slowly to trim and cut your videos, while the ready-made templates can turn them into creative masterpieces in just one chatter. Plus, the app has a big library of commercially licensed songs. It ’ mho free to download ( with in-app purchases ) and can besides be used on your background .
Magisto on the App Store
Screenshot showing Flimmaker Pro
Filmmaker Pro is designed for television makers who want a fiddling more creative master in their edit process. With 39 transition options, real-time filters, and more advanced tools, this app can help you create videos like a pro. It besides comes with a sound effects collection and a library of 84 custom background tracks available for purchase within the app. The app itself is free to download .
Filmmaker Pro on the App Store

6. Video Maker with Music Editor: Video making app with sound effects

If you ’ rhenium searching for a bare app that will let you throw some cool background music to your videos, download Video Maker with Music Editor. It doesn ’ t have a library of accredited popular songs, but it does have a huge come of music tracks for everything from romantic films to rock parties. You can besides record your voice over a video. It ’ second loose to download, but a paid subscription will grant more access to music tracks and editing tools .
Video Maker with Music Editor on the App Store

7. Add Background Music To Video: Video editor with music tracks

Another elementary to help you add a dreamy soundtrack to your vacation video is the Add Background Music To Video app. Its diagnose states precisely what it does — after uploading your video, you can either add music from your own pay library of songs or record a voiceover. There are besides audio and video recording edit tools available to use. This app is detached to download but requires a pay subscription to access all of the features .
Add Background Music To Video on the App Store

8. InShot: Video editing app with sound effects and voiceovers

InShot is a video recording editing app that allows you to do everything from spare and unite videos, add sound effects, produce voiceovers, play with filters, and add background music. While the edit capabilities are huge, the app does not have a library of music to choose from. You can, however, upload your own buy songs and MP3 files. It ’ randomness free to download, with in-app purchases available to give you access to extra tools .
InShot on the App Store

9. Videoshop: Video making app with a song library

not only can you add music to your Instagram video from Videoshop ’ s library of popular songs and clips, but you can besides record stop-motion videos, create lip-synch clips, deform images, and enhance your videos with singular filters. There are besides tons of television editing tools to use and early bang-up effects to help make your subject stand out. This app is barren to download and comes with an in-app subscription purchase option .
Videoshop on the App Store
VivaVideo is a brawny video recording editing joyride loved by fans for its aesthetic filters, cool stickers, and the ability to add multi-music. That means you no retentive have to choose between a song, a sound effect, or a voiceover for your videos ; with this app, you can overlay all three. It besides comes with moral force stickers and other edit tools. It is free to download with the option to upgrade to a paid in-app paid subscription that gives you access to inexhaustible features .
VivaVideo on the App Store

Top apps to make a video with pictures and music

In addition to music videos, slideshows with soundtracks are another popular way to showcase your contented. Again, you ’ ll want to use an app with access to a accredited music library ( or at least an option for you to upload your own ) and extra edit tools to make content creation a little easier. Below are our top picks .

11. Pic Music: Photo slideshow app with music

This app was created as a room to put music to a photograph slideshow. After selecting the photos you want to include from your Camera Roll, you can rearrange the images in your favored orderliness. then you can scan through its library of royalty-free music and add any text, stickers, filters, or transitions to complete your project. It is spare to download with the option to upgrade to a paid translation to remove the watermark .
Pic Music on the App Store

12. SlideLab: Slideshow making app with a vast music library

Another great app for making artistic slideshows is SlideLab. not entirely are there tons of cool photograph filters to choose from, but this app besides has a huge solicitation of transitions to make your slideshow seamless. Plus, you can add a sung to the background from its music library or upload a chase from your iTunes Library. This app release to download with the choice to upgrade to a purchased version that removes the water line .
SlideLab on the App Store

once known as Flipagram, SlideShow Video Maker & Editor makes your photograph and video recording slideshows more entertain thanks to its large music library, which is update casual with new songs and tracks. There are besides filters and effects that can be influenced by the song ’ second tempo and the ability to record a lip-synch video within your slideshow creation. The app is rid to download, with the option to upgrade to in-app purchases and subscriptions .
SlideShow Video Maker & Editor on the App Store

14. SlideShow Maker: Slideshow app with sound effects

SlideShow Maker features over 30 filters, 20 effects, 50 shapes, and 100 stickers to help you create a singular photograph and television slideshow. It besides includes easy-to-use editing tools and built-in music effects. The app is release to download, but if you want access to the music effects and soundtracks, you need to upgrade to a agio subscription plan .
SlideShow Maker on the App Store

15. FilmoraGo: Slideshow app with licensed songs

If you ’ ra looking for a streamlined procedure for creating cool slideshows, look no further than FilmoraGo. With this app ’ s three-step process, all you have to do is select your photos, choose the music, add a filter, and parcel immediately to the social media platform of your choice. The app features a large library of accredited songs, equally well as professional edit tools that are available when you upgrade to a subscription .
FilmoraGo on the App Store

16. Slideshow Maker Video & Photo: Photo and video slideshow app with soundtracks

You can easily showcase your favorite moments with a creative slideshow thanks to Slideshow Maker Video & Photo. Using beautiful transitions, cool effects, alone filters, and in-app soundtracks, you can seamlessly combine photos and videos to create something newfangled. Plus, the app allows you to use up to 200 photos and videos — so you don ’ t have to create multiple slideshows to brag about your vacation. The app is free to download, with the option of adding in-app purchases .
Slideshow on the App Store

17. SlideShow Maker with Music Fx: Slideshow editing app with audio

Turn your memories into movies complete with a mood-setting soundtrack thanks to SlideShow Maker with Music Fx. This app comes with a significant solicitation of transitions, themes, effects, and filters, american samoa well as multiple editing tools. You can besides add music tracks and audio tracks from the app ’ s library or upload your own. The app is free for the first three days. After that, it ’ randomness $ 9.99 a calendar month .
SlideShow Maker with Music Fx on the App Store
With tons of melodious categories and soundtracks to choose from, the Slideshow Add Music To Video app can help you beautifully highlight your adjacent event or affair. It is compatible with Voice Memos and your iTunes Library and includes easy-to-use audio edit tools. The app is free to download, with the choice to upgrade to a premium subscription .
Slideshow Add Music To Video on the App Store

19. SlideShow Video Maker: Slideshow app that connects to your iTunes Library

Combine your photos and videos into a unique slideshow with SlideShow Video Maker. This app features bang-up transitions, simple editing tools, and the ability to add buy music to your iTunes Library. But the best part of this app ? You can add as many photos and videos as you want. The app is free to download, with the choice of in-app purchases .
SlideShow Video Maker on the App Store

20. MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video: Slideshow editing app with effects and soundtracks

MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video is another fun app to help you create slideshows. It includes dozens of different styles, editing tools, cool effects, and soundtracks for you to use. It ’ s detached to download, with the option of upgrading to a subscription that gives you unlimited access to its features and removes the app ’ second watermark .
MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video on the App Store
With dozens of apps and third-party tools to choose from, you have more options than ever for making music video and slideshows .