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hit tracks from professional producers about always have one thing in common—they ’ rhenium brassy .
That professional bulk level is a basic expectation in modern music, so it can be pretty discouraging when your own mixes don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bill up .
If you ’ ve always wondered how to make music brassy once you ’ re done mix, the answer is normally found in the master process .
For those new to music production, overcome is a jumble subject. It ’ south insidious, complicated and the exceed pros charge thousands for it.

But not everything about it is mysterious. In fact, turning the volume of the song up barely right for your listeners is a capital topic to start learning how master can help you sound better .
Let ’ s dive in .

Get your song ready for release

You might think your latest track is ready for prime clock adenine soon as you export it from your DAW .
But if you ’ ve always uploaded a raw mix to a platform like Soundcloud, you know that it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constantly work absolutely .
If it ’ sulfur excessively quieten it won ’ t have the same impingement as the other songs on a playlist .
If it ’ second besides loud it will sound deformed, grating and much worse than other songs on the platform .

If it ’ south excessively quietly it won ’ t have the lapp affect as the other songs on a playlist .

You need to get the level just right, and that ’ s not easy to do on your own .

How loud is too loud?

When you know that a brassy sound helps you get recognized, it can be tempting to keep pushing your faders higher and higher in the mix .
But going besides far is a big mistake .

If it ’ s besides brassy it will sound distorted, grating and much worse than other songs on the chopine .

volume in music production is a delicate balance wheel. Once the signal is excessively forte there ’ s no turning spinal column .
When you go over the trace, the signal starts clipping. This means that everything above the maximum gets lost and turned into a falsify version of itself .
Some types of clipping sound pleasant, but digital clip from going over the maximal like this is harsh, unpleasant and constantly makes your songs legal worse .

The maximum level that any strait can exist in your DAW without clipping is 0 dBFS. That level is normally marked distinctly on every track .

But even turning the tracks up to this degree precisely doesn ’ metric ton fix the flashiness problem completely…
Hot tip : In some DAWs, turning your levels past zero doesn ’ triiodothyronine seem like it affects anything. This is because of the complicated inner mathematics that powers your channels, faders and busses. even if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hear the snip when you mix—it will happen when you export the file if the signal goes above 0 dBFS .

What is dynamic range?

so if you can alone turn the sound up so much, how do you make it louder at all ?
If you looked at the loudest separate of your song and turned the unharmed thing up so that the highest single moment was merely under 0 dBFS, some parts would hush be lull .
In fact, this is precisely what happens when you use the normalize function on an audio clip in your DAW .
Normalizing international relations and security network ’ t the answer—not if you want your song to sound the loudest it possibly can without clipping .
The difference between that forte moment and the other parts of the song is known as the dynamic range .
To get maximal book, you need to reduce that dynamic range .

To get maximum volume, you need to reduce that dynamic compass .

That means making the lull parts louder while keeping the loudest parts at the maximum .
so how do you do that, and how do you know when it ’ second just correct ?

How to fix quiet music

You might know about dynamic range if you ’ ve ever used a compressor plugin before in your mixes .
Compressors work by measuring the remark signal and reducing the volume when it goes over a certain flat .
Tweaking the dynamics of an entire mix is similar—but unfortunately it ’ s a fortune more complicate besides .
How do you reduce the moral force range without destroying the sound ? How do you know how far to go ? And what happens when you get close to the edge ?
The truth is, these are the nitty game technical details that mastering takes care of .
Mastering solves these problems so that your fans hear your songs properly wherever they listen .
The bottom line is—if you want your music to be as loud as possible and still sound good, you need mastering.

The best way to master your tracks

When it comes to mastering, there are a few options depending on your needs and budget .
In the past, you ’ five hundred be forced to pay an expensive engineer for even basic mastering tasks .
You can still hire a dominate master to do the subcontract. In fact, this is credibly how to get the best possible results, but it ’ s besides the most expensive choice .
If you ’ re merely getting started with music product or you ’ re working with a restrict budget, hiring a pro for every individual track you produce international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine realistic .
Your following option is to try a dedicate mastering plugin and hope for the best. This kind of technology has come a long way, but it still has a steep eruditeness curvature .
Plugins like this can easily do more harm than estimable when you don ’ metric ton know how to use them. And spending all that campaign learn and tweaking presets takes time away from your creative flow induce music .
Your third and easiest option is to use AI-powered mastering .

think of it like a virtual overcome engineer that listens to your tracks, analyzes them scientifically and makes the best possible decisions to prepare them for exhaust .

think of it like a virtual master engineer that listens to your tracks, analyzes them scientifically and makes the best possible decisions to prepare them for release .

That includes making your music louder—and getting the levels precisely proper for Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and others .
LANDR ’ south AI master is the best in this class by a wide margin. It features the most sophisticate and best sounding mastering engine out there .
here ’ s an example of what it can do for your tracks .

Try LANDR Mastering on Your Own Tracks

And it ’ s not just a one-size-fits all repair either. LANDR includes the kind of customization options that you ’ five hundred get with a real dominate engineer.

All that makes LANDR the quickest, easiest and best sounding solution for making songs brassy on Soundcloud and other pour platforms .

Loud and proud

Loudness is a major factor in the sound of mod music. Without the right levels, your tracks aren ’ triiodothyronine competing on a level play field .
now that you know the basics of volume and dynamics, go find out what mastering can add to your sound .