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YouTube is undoubtedly one of the world ’ s most democratic television streaming web site. Billions of people across the world watch their favored television programs, shows, movies and music videos on YouTube every day. YouTube has developed itself not merely into a full-fledged video consumption chopine, but has besides positioned itself as one of the top destinations for listening to all the latest and greatest music video. Have you ever loved a music video on YouTube so much that you ’ ve wondered how to save it in audio format on your iPhone ? so, if you are wondering how to download music from YouTube to iPhone directly, then this is the post for you !
Though iPhone users can well subscribe to Apple Music and listen to billions of songs on the travel. But why wage for a subscription when there are ways to convert music videos directly from YouTube to mp3 for iPhone ?
In this post, I will share with you how to download music from YouTube to iPhone and enjoy your favorite music tunes on the go .

Ways to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone :

Cutting uncoiled to the compass point, there are two ways you can download music ( in MP3 format ) from YouTube to your iPhone or iPad. Let ’ s discus each of them in the keep up separate :

1 ) Converting YouTube Video to Music ( MP3 ) format

This is one of the easiest ways to convert music video recording from YouTube to mp3 on iPhone. Follow the steps mentioned below :
Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube television .
Copying YouTube Video URL - Screenshot
Step 2. immediately go to YTMP3 ( a YouTube to MP3 converter ), and paste the URL that you ’ ve just copied. Click on the convert button and that is it. Wait for the conversion process to finish. Once it is over, it will provide you with a link to download your converted file ( normally in MP3 format ). Download it and save it on your computer .
Converting YouTube Video to MP3 music format
Step 3. now you ’ ve to transfer the download music charge from your computer to your iPhone or iPad .
There are three ways to do this :
a) iCloud Drive : It lets you securely store all your data to Apple ’ s web servers and sync it all across your Apple devices. If you are using Mac OS, you can find iCloud via Finder app. however, if you are using a Windows personal computer, you can access your iCloud campaign by logging into the official iCloud web site. Once you ’ ra inside iCloud, create a newfangled booklet ‘ Music ’ and upload that music file. once upload, it will be seamlessly synced all across your Apple devices. iCloud comes with 5 GB of exempt storage. however, if you feel that you ’ re running out of repositing, you can always subscribe to their paid plans, which in my public opinion are not identical expensive. The cheapest repositing plan is priced at $ 0.99 per month for 50 GB while the costliest memory plan is priced at $ 9.99 per calendar month for 2 TB.

b) Google Drive/other cloud-based storage: If you are not comfortable using iCloud for whatever reasons, the best alternative is to upload your downloaded file to Google Drive from your computer and then download it from the app on your iPhone or iPad. Every google bill comes with a nonpayment 15 GB storehouse space which is shared across all the Google apps including Google Drive .
b) AirDrop : If you ’ re using a MacBook, the easiest way to transfer files wirelessly from your MacBook to iPhone or iPad is through AirDrop .
c) Email to yourself: The easiest and fastest way to get the download music charge on your iPhone is to email it to yourself. It takes only a matter of seconds without even having to write any subject or message. I mean, you only have to attach the file and email it to your own electronic mail cover. once sent, you can well download it on your iPhone through the mail app .
YouTube Music - Premium
YouTube Music ( Premium ) is a give choice which lets you stream, listen to and download mp3 music from YouTube to your iPhone effortlessly. No converting and no upload, seriously. All that you ’ ve to do is to download the official YouTube Music app on your iPhone and subscribe to its agio plan. Priced at $ 9.99 per month ( with a 1-month free trial ), I believe YouTube Music Premium is worth the monetary value as it not only offers a seamless ad-free experience, but besides lets you download mp3 songs from YouTube to your iPhone for offline listen .
Please note that music downloaded from YouTube Music Premium will be available for playing offline on your iPhone in the YouTube Music app only. It will not be transferred mechanically to Apple Music or your iTunes music library .

Copyrighted Work - Banner
The beginning method described in this stake converts a video on YouTube to audio ( MP3 ) format. technically, it is perfectly all right to strip a video to MP3 format. But as a responsible internet user, we besides have to gauge the possibilities of breaching any copyrights ( whether designed or unintentional ).

A music video, being a creative nibble of work by an artist is normally copyrighted under external laws. When a music video recording is marketed, everyone involved in this value chain mighty from the artist to the print house has certain commercial reach from the sale of that product. The work is therefore protected under copyrights indeed that no one can copy, reproduce or re-sell without the permission of these stakeholders. consequently, if you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate paid for a song that is copyrighted, then downloading it is a crime. If you are far matter to in knowing more about the repercussions of breaching copyrights, here is an excellent firearm of resource on the Webster University web site .
These copyrights are normally owned by big music publishers and Music Rights Management companies. consequently, if you are downloading a sung from YouTube which is protected under such a government, you have to do this at your own risk and price. however, if the copyrights allow you to use the television in the manner in which you want, please feel free to proceed .

Your Thoughts/ Feedback ?

I hope that by following this detailed guide, you now have understood the concept and technicalities behind downloading music from YouTube to iPhone. If you are still facing some issues, please drop your concerns in the comments below. Enjoyed reading this article ? Please do share it. It will make my day 🙂