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Want to make a ringtone out of your favorite song ? Cut your song on-line. Want to edit in some effects ? You can edit music on-line. Want to mix songs for a custom-made mashup or lay a unlike pulse on it ? You can do that all on-line and for complimentary .
We ’ ra going to look at some sites to help us do that .
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    We ’ ll break the sites into two categories :

    • Light-weight sound editing – allows us to do basic edits like cuts, light mixing, fade in, fade out.
    • Fuller-featured sound editing – are capable of complex edits like multi-track, adding effects or instruments, accepting MIDI input, recording. Everything you’d expect from a sound editing app like Audacity. If you haven’t tried the free full-featured sound editing app Audacity, you need to check it out.

    We besides created a short video recording on our YouTube impart going over some of the best options, so check that out besides .

    Light-Weight Sound Editors Online

    BearAudio is a free on-line MP3 cutter but offers a copulate of editing tools. The interface is easily to use and figure out. It ’ s a fast load site and processes files reasonably promptly in our examination .
    Across the peak of the ad-supported locate, there are links to some early bearAudio tools like their voice registrar and audio converter . Features:

    • Record.
    • Sound library – a small library of sound effects.
    • Stereo capable.
    • Cut.
    • Fade in and fade out.
    • Alter the volume of a section.
    • Convert WAV to MP3.

    It does what it says it does. It trims audio. Use AudioTrimmer for those very flying snips and cuts we might need on the go. If you can click and drag, you can edit with this .
    It ’ s an ad-supported site and the maximum charge size that can be uploaded is 100MB. Like BearAudio, there are links across the top of the site to their other single-purpose tools like MP3 converter, tempo record changer, bulk booster, sound recording inverse, and a small royalty-free, free-to-download music department .

    • Very easy to use.
    • Fade in and fade out.
    • Output in MP3 or M4R for iPhone.
    • Select by dragging handles or entering time marks.

    Single officiate audio edit must be popular. MP3Cut is another on-line tool for simply cutting and trimming audio. It does support barely about any audio format you can think of though – MP3 3G2, AIFF, AVI… around 300 formats in all. That includes obscure formats like those used by Bethesda games or even the Commodore 64 .
    once again, across the top of the web site are links to their other single-use tools like an audio joiner, converter, voice recorder, and even a couple of television tools .

    • Supports over 300 file formats.
    • Drag and drop loading.
    • Choose a file from your local computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
    • Fade in and fade out.
    • Create iPhone ringtones.

    Apowersoft has the same features of the tools we ’ ve talked about but works just a moment differently when you want to edit music on-line. There is a launcher that needs to be installed the first time you use it .
    It ’ s good because then the audio editor opens in its own window without the clutter of the browsers ’ toolbars and tabs. You could besides download the desktop version .

    • Segment selection to the millisecond.
    • Append audio.
    • Mix sound files.
    • Cut and trim.
    • Fade in and fade out.
    • Export to MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, or FLAC.
    • Export in High, Standard, or Low quality to control file size.

    Clideo is another solid choice for a free on-line sound recording cutter that ’ south easy to use. Where it differs from the others is that once we ’ ve uploaded the audio to work with, it opens to a full-window edit studio. Click and drag the check to select the audio. If you know the demand time points for startle and eat up, type those in for preciseness .
    Choose one of the 15 most popular sound recording file formats and download your ringtone or cartridge holder. If you need to do anything else, choose one of the early Clideo tools at the top of the site .

    • Clean and simple user interface.
    • Save files to one of the 15 most popular audio file formats.
    • Fade in and fade out.
    • Precise time entry to the millisecond for start and end of the cut.

    now for something completely different ! The WubMachine gives you one-click office to “ turn any music into dubstep, barrel and bass, and more ”. upload or drag and drop a song. You can evening search SoundCloud and bring the birdcall in from there .
    Choose one of the five styles, two sounds, two speeds, or tied the Jingle Bell creature for some gay gladden. WubMachine automatically applies it to the song. Once it ’ south done, download the MP3 or parcel it directly to SoundCloud. Or click the Again button to go back and layer in another style, sound, or speed to the song. WubMachine seems like a more playfulness creature than a dangerous on-line music editor program .

    • SoundCloud integration.
    • 5 styles – trap, dubstep, swing, electro house, drum & bass.
    • 2 sounds – kick drum and cowbell.
    • 2 speeds – double time and half time.

    Fuller-Featured Sound Editing 

    possibly you ’ ra creating your first podcast or working on some music with friends. These fuller-featured sound editors will give you the tools to make something polished. Who knew you could edit music on-line with your friends ?
    If you ’ re putting together a demonstration tape for your isthmus or going professional podcaster, look at these release professional music output tools .
    The free adaptation of Soundation eclipses any of the tools mentioned above. Yet, it ’ randomness amazingly easy to use. The layout is clean and about self-explanatory. There are extensive help resources and even starter kits to get you up to speed .
    If you like it and want to upgrade to the full studio, it ’ second angstrom low as $ 1.99/month to $ 6.99/month for the full premium .

    • Multi-channel.
    • Sound library.
    • Starter kits with pre-built sounds and rhythms.
    • Templates.
    • MIDI support.
    • .sng file support.
    • Virtual keyboard.

    For the collaborate music makers, Soundtrap may be a great choice. With it, you can edit music on-line, in real-time, with your musician friends around the world .
    There are paid versions of it starting at $ 9.99/month correct up to the Soundtrap Complete plan for $ 17/month. The free version is very well appointed and could be enough for a lot of people ’ south needs. There ’ second besides a mobile app .

    • Unlimited projects.
    • 900 loops.
    • 210 instruments and sounds.
    • Over 150,000 sound effects from freesounds.org.
    • Multitrack recording and editing.
    • Virtual synthesizer.
    • Full video tutorials.
    • Soundtrap community to learn and interact with other artists like yourself.

    Another collaborative music production studio, Audiotool actually plays to the Electronica or EDM artist. It has a unique and visually appealing method acting. Using virtual electronica devices like cram machines, synthesizers, and effects boxes, you connect them in concert as though you were wiring them together in real life. Let your inner Brian Eno out to play .

    • Drum machines.
    • Synthesizers.
    • Mixing tools.
    • Mastering tools.
    • Effects boxes.
    • Tens of samples.
    • Tens of presets.
    • MIDI integration.
    • In-studio text, audio and video chat for instant collaboration.
    • Publish to the Audiotool community with different licenses.

    still a tool to edit music on-line, TwistedWave functions as a Chrome plugin. There ’ mho a Chrome plugin for everything. The TwistedWave interface is cleanse and easy to learn. The detached adaptation is limited to mono, but that may be beneficial enough for a small project or a ringtone. It ’ second on the lower english of the fuller-functioned tools, but hush more brawny than the lightweights .
    If you like it, you can upgrade for anywhere from $ 5/month for the basic package to $ 20/month for the Pro software with outright channels, work with 240 minute long files, and shop 40 hours worth of audio .

    • Built-in effects.
    • Amplify and Normalize.
    • Fade in and fade out.
    • Reverse.
    • Change pitch and speed.
    • Convert sampling rate.
    • Recording.
    • Send to SoundCloud or Google Drive.

    Play That Funky Music!

    The earth of music is at your fingertips. And it ’ s release. Use one of these tools to express yourself. If it doesn ’ thymine meet all your needs, fine. meaning it into another tool to finish it off. Whether you ’ re a ace or can ’ t even play music on an iPhone, you can learn to edit music on-line with any of the tools above .
    Know of any other capital on-line music edit tools ? Creating your own music with these tools ? What do you think of them ? Got any tips or shortcuts ? We ’ five hundred love to hear about it in the comments .