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When your smartphone is your music player, the internet is your music library. however, you may not always have access to an internet connection when you want to listen to music. Before that happens, download songs to your phone for offline listen. here ‘s how to download music from YouTube Music, your calculator, and other music sources to your telephone .

How to Upload Songs to YouTube Music

YouTube Music lets you upload your music collection and access it from any device ( including your phone, tablet, and computer ). When you store songs on YouTube Music, you ‘re not downloading the tracks to your earphone. alternatively, you ‘re uploading songs to the cloud.

arsenic farseeing as you have an internet connection, you can play those songs on your telephone .

hera ‘s how to upload music to YouTube Music .

  1. Open a web browser and go to the YouTube Music locate .

  2. Select your profile photo in the upper-right corner .
    The YouTube Music website with a user's profile image highlighted
  3. Select Upload music .
    The YouTube Music website with menu options displayed.
  4. Locate and select the songs on your difficult drive that you want to upload, then blue-ribbon Open. YouTube Music mechanically begins transferring the songs to the cloud .
    A YouTube Music user chooses songs to upload from their hard drive.

How to Download Songs From YouTube Music

YouTube Music lets you download songs, playlists, and albums for offline play. hera ‘s how :

You need a bounty subscription to use this feature. It costs $ 9.99/month .

  1. Open the YouTube Music app .

  2. Select the song or album you want to download .

  3. Tap the Download button .
    A YouTube Music user downloads a song by Billie Eilish.
  4. The download button changes from a down-arrow to a assay mark when the download completes, making the song available for offline listen .

How to Download Music From Your Computer to Your earphone

You can copy any music you own from your calculator to your earphone with a USB cable. here ‘s how :

  1. Connect your call to your calculator using a USB connection cable .
    A smartphone connected via USB
  2. If you see a dialogue box asking permission to entree the phone data, tap Allow.

  3. On a personal computer, open a booklet and locate the music files you want to download to the phone. Open a second gear booklet and navigate to the music booklet on your earphone .
    On a Mac, download and install Android File Transfer. After installing it, open Android File Transfer and open the music folder on your call .

  4. Drag the albums or individual tracks you want to download from the calculator folder to the telephone ‘s music folder .
    Phil Collins folder drag and drop to Galaxy music folder

How to See Your Downloaded Music in YouTube Music

After you download songs to your earphone, either from YouTube Music or by copying with a USB cable, set YouTube Music to show only the download tracks. When you do this, songs are easier to find for offline listen .

  1. Open the YouTube Music app .

  2. Tap the Library picture at the bottom of the filmdom .

  3. Tap Downloads .

  4. The songs downloaded to your device expose, along with the sum of quad available .
    A YouTube Music user accesses their downloaded songs.
    Turning on Smart Downloads causes YouTube Music to download your favored music every night ( angstrom long as your device is connected to Wi-Fi ). then, you ‘ll always have something to listen to .

How to Download Songs From other Apps

There are many apps in the Google Play shop that offer free downloads. To find these apps, research for terms like free music or download music. Some apps you might find admit YMusic, AudioMack, and SoundCloud .

The method for downloading music varies. In general, if an app allows you to download tracks for offline listen, tap the download release next to the track, playlist, or album. It normally looks like a downward arrow .

Download button in third-party music app on Android