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What to Know

  • Open iTunes and go to File > New > Playlist. Name the playlist.
  • Then, go to the Library and find songs you want to add to the new playlist. Drag the songs from the library to the playlist.
  • To listen to the playlist: Double-click the first song, or select a song and click the Play button.

This article explains how to create an iTunes playlist, which you can use to create custom mixes, burn CDs, play music on your iPhone, and more. Instructions cover iTunes 12 and later .

How to Create an iTunes playlist

To create a playlist in iTunes :

  1. open iTunes .

  2. Go to the File menu, choice New, and choose Playlist.
    Or, crush Command + N on a Mac or Ctrl + N on a Windows computer .
    New Playlist option in iTunes 12
  3. The new playlist appears in the Music Playlists section and the default option name of Playlist is highlighted. Enter a descriptive name for the playlist and compress Enter .
    Renaming a playlist in iTunes
  4. In the Library section, select a subject to return to the music library .
    Library subheadings in iTunes
  5. To add a song to the new playlist, drag it from the library to the playlist you good created. Repeat this process to add more songs to your playlist .
    To add a group of songs, click the inaugural sung in the group, hold Shift ( Mac and PC ) and select the final song in the stove. To add person tracks, hold Command ( Mac ) or Ctrl ( personal computer ) and choice each song you want to add .
    Moving a song to a playlist in iTunes
  6. When the songs are added, select the playlist to see all the tracks. The crown of the screen shows how many songs are in the playlist and the length .
    Playlist length in iTunes
    You can besides add television receiver shows and podcasts to playlists .
  7. To reorder songs, drag the songs to a different location in the list .
    Dragging to reorder songs in a playlist in iTunes
  8. To listen to the playlist, double-click the first gear song, or select a song and click the Play clitoris. To shuffle songs in a playlist, click ​the Shuffle clitoris .
    Shuffle All button in iTunes

If you want to take the playlist with you, you have a couple of options. To take it with you on your phone, sync the device with iTunes. You can besides burn a four hundred if you want a physical copy .

How to Delete an iTunes playlist

If you want to delete songs or an integral playlist in iTunes, have two options :

  • Select the playlist to highlight it, then press the Delete key.
  • Right-click the playlist and choose Delete from Library.

Deleting an iTunes playlist
following, you ‘ll confirm that you want to delete the playlist. Click the Delete button in the pop fly window and the playlist is removed .

The songs that were depart of the playlist are still in your iTunes library. only the playlist is deleted, not the songs.

Considerations for iTunes Playlists

Because of the DRM used in some iTunes Store music, you can merely burn seven copies of a single playlist with iTunes Store music in it to a cadmium. After you burn the seventh cadmium of that iTunes playlist, an error message appears with a presentment that you reached the limit and can ’ triiodothyronine make more copies .

The terminus ad quem does n’t apply to playlists composed entirely of music that originated from outside the iTunes Store. To get around the limits on burn, add or remove songs. A change equally modest as one birdcall resets the burn limit to zero, but you ca n’t use the same playlist, even if the songs are in a unlike order or if you deleted the original and re-create it from scratch .