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If you want to write songs but you can ’ thymine play piano or guitar, don ’ t let that stop you. There are plenty of on-line resources and useful tools for creating tracks to write to or accompany your existing melody and lyrics. flush if you ’ re a musician, it ’ mho fun to use some of these songwriting tools to break out of erstwhile habits and get inspired .


here are some on-line music universe web sites you can use to create accompaniment for your tune and lyrics or provide a music track to write to. I like to write to a guitar or drum groove to get a feel for the energy of the song I ’ molarity writing. It puts me in the mood. Or you can create a traverse to fit what you ’ ve already written .
JamStudio.com – This is a fun site and fairly easy to use. Find a guitar or drum groove you like, choose a few chords and write a song. If you sign up for the low monthly fee adaptation, you can export your tracks as mp3 files, then write lyrics/melody and record a vocal over the track using a free music editor program like Audacity .
Splice.com – If you ’ ve got a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a music app you can create current-sounding music tracks with Splice. For a broken monthly fee you can download loops, beats, and samples and play with them in any music app, or use their on-line Beatmaker to create loops to sing to. Just record your voice while the Beatmaker plays.


You can buy pre-recorded song tracks from DrumsOnDemand.com. These are laid out in Verse/Chorus shape and are available in a range of music styles. Most are fully produced with drums, freshwater bass, guitar, etc. There are some limitations on uses then read the FAQ sections .

Learn more about birdcall structure and why the Verse / Chorus form is thus popular .


Buy or stream a Karaoke read and write your own melody and lyrics to the shoot song track – barely be certain you don ’ triiodothyronine use any of the lyrics or melody of the reach birdcall. Karaoke tracks are available at iTunes or Amazon.com. One of my favorite sources is www.Karaoke-Version.com. You can buy the instrumental track without backing vocals .
The karaoke track is copyrighted so you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to use it to pitch your song but it will give you a fun way to write songs for personal practice or you can replace the karaoke path with one from a demonstration production studio or manufacturer or tick maker .


music apps like Garageband ( for Mac ) or ACID Xpress ( personal computer and FREE ! ) have libraries of pre-recorded drum, guitar, and keyboard loops you can string in concert to create a music track. Again, there are limitations but if you can creatively work around them – and a lot of people do – you can end up with a good song .


collaborate with a friend who can play a few chords on guitar or keyboard. You can feel comfortable working with person you know and you could end up with a effective song !

Go ahead – Collaborate ! Find out where to find co-writers and how to get started .

6. BAND IN A BOX (PC or Mac)

fair pick a song dash ask BIAB to create a chord progress for you or enter a few chords yourself. It will play drums, bass, piano, guitar, strings, etc. You can mute the parts you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want. Just for playfulness, have BIAB write a few bars of tune occupation, then get creative with it yourself. This is the most expensive option here but one of my favorite resources. You don ’ t have to buy the big Megapak version. I suggest getting started with a basic translation then look through the respective styles that are available to buy individually .
here ’ south Band in a Box for personal computer at Amazon.com.
Get Band in a Box for Mac at Amazon.com .
For an alternative to Band in a Box, try EZkeys by Toontrack has a fortune of creative power and good sound quality. It ’ s available for both Mac and PC and is very low-cost. There ’ mho plenty of creative potential here but you ’ ll have to go through a sting of a learning curve to unlock it. Check out the videos on their web site that demonstrate how it works .


flush if you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate taken piano or guitar lessons for years, you can learn to play an instrument well adequate to write songs. You ’ ll motivation to learn the basic six “ songwriter chords ” on piano or guitar – C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am. You can play most songs on guitar or electronic keyboard with those six simple chords. You do not need to be able to read notes. hera ’ s a web site that will show you how to play these chords on piano. here ’ s one that will show you how to play guitar chords .
now that you have some ideas for creating music tracks, how about writing a pop birdcall ! here are 10 ideas for starting, developing and finishing a sung in the Pop genre. ( And it works for Country and Rock, besides. )

good luck and may your songs menstruate !
by Robin Frederick

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