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Reliance Jio allows its users to copy Jio tune from other numbers. here is a bit-by-bit guide you can follow to copy the Jio caller tune from another Jio count. Reliance Jio offers its customers a caller tune overhaul through which users can set their darling songs as their caller tune. By setting a caller tune to a number, users will listen to a song or music alternatively of the tring-tring sound whenever they make a call. Jio users can set inexhaustible caller tune using JioSaavn app which is available on both Android and io. JioSaavn has more than 4 hundred thousand songs in genres like Bollywood, regional, international, implemental, devotional. You can change your caller tune anytime for barren. There are multiple ways to set a caller tune on Jio :

  • Via JioSaavn app: You can use the MyJio or JioSaavn app to search for your songs and set them as Jio Tune.
  • Via SMS: You can set a Jio tune via SMS, just send 3 words of your favorite song/movie/album name to 56789.
  • Via Call: Users can set caller tune on their Jio number by calling 56789.

How to copy Jio tune If you have heard person ’ s caller tune and love it indeed much that you want to set it as your caller tune ampere well, you don ’ t have to manually search and set that sung. If you are already on a call, you can copy them immediately. Advertisements To copy a caller tune from another Jio user, just press “ * ” ( asterisk ) while dialing their total. You will get a ratification SMS on your Jio numeral. here is a complete bit-by-bit guide on how to copy Jio Tune from others. ♦ Also Read: » How to set caller tune in Airtel 2021 

How to copy Jio Tune from others

Follow the below-given steps to copy the caller tune from other Jio users. Step 1: First, call the contact from whom you want to copy the Jio caller tune.

Step 2: Next, press the star(*) clitoris. Step 3: now, you ’ ll receive a confirmation message. Step 4: Once you receive the SMS, answer with “ Y ” within 30 minutes to confirm .How to copy Jio tune from others This will soon copy and activate the caller tune on your Jio number. But keep in thinker that caller tunes will lone be valid for 30 days, so you will have to repeat this serve again to extend the robustness. ♦ Also See: » How to increase Jio speed 2021 Advertisements

alike, if you want to activate caller tune on Airtel, you can use the Wynk Music app on their Android or io device, just open the Wynk Music app, find the song, and tap on Set as Caller Tune .