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by Robin Frederick
Bright idea Most of us know how to rework a birdcall lyric to make it stronger – add images, action words, tighten the concentrate, etc. – but melodies are often left out of the rewriting summons. many times, the first melody that pops out is the one we keep precisely because we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how to make it better .
But what happens when your melodies all start to sound the lapp, or a music publisher tells you your melody sounds generic or dated ? How do you fix those problems ? here are a few tips that will help you reshape and update your melodies. experiment with these ideas ; play around with them. If you don ’ thymine like the newly melody you come up with, you can always go back to what you had .
1. Break up a series of similar lines into different lengths. If you have a melody with a distribute of lines that are the lapp distance, your sung might might sound humdrum or amorphous to listeners. Rewrite your chorus or verse melody to increase the contrast between sections. Try breaking up a long line into two short phrases or run two phrases together by adding supernumerary notes and words.

2. Change the note pitches. If your whole sung is in the same note compass, again, listeners might feel the song is wandering and flat. Try these ideas :

  • Move the chorus melody to a higher or lower note range.
  • Give your chorus the highest or lowest note in the song.
  • Add a jump up or down at the beginning of your chorus to grab attention. Repeat it in the second line of the chorus, then go somewhere else in your third line.

3. Change the pattern of long and short notes. If you have a series of short notes, try stretching out one or two to create an unexpected deepen in the rhythm. If you have long, held-out notes in every line, try breaking up one of the lines into short notes. Doing the unexpected catches the hearer ’ s attention and keeps them concerned .
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4. Use your lyric to suggest a stronger melody. Emphasize the authoritative words in your lyric by putting them on the highest note of a phrase, or holding out the note. Try speaking your lyric with emotion to hear the natural melody. here ’ s a tap that will show you how : Uncover the Melody in Your Lyric .
5. Study hit song melodies. The best peak of all… Get inspired and find new ideas by singing along with a pair of recent hits you like. Notice where the melody phrases get down and end. Notice the patterns of long and short phrases in the verse and chorus. Rewrite one of your melodies using some of these ideas.

BONUS TIP: Change the chords. You can add interest to a insistent melody by changing the chords underneath the reprise lines. If you use the same tune phrase two, three, or even four times in a course, try using a different chord under each one. The new chord will make every repetition sound a little different. And change the lyric on each agate line, besides. You ’ ll prevent listeners involved and matter to .
Remember, you can constantly hit the “ UNDO ” button. 🙂 If you don ’ t like a variety you made, then go back to what you primitively had .

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