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Vivo, one of the fastest growing mobile sword in India, has launched the Vivo V5 Plus in India. Vivo has a very strong retail presence and they have managed to setup a very strong infrastructure within a light straddle of 2 years. The newly launched V5 Plus is a aimed at the selfie push. It has double front facing television camera apparatus with 20mp and 8mp lens and a single LED flash. The individual LED flash is what Vivo calls “ Moonlight flare ”. The V5 Plus is a mobile that is centered around photography and music. It has a dedicated DAC chip for music. But we are not going to talk about how good the phone is. For that, you can read our review. In this guide, we are going to give you a list of guides that make it easier for you to setup or use FunTouch OS that runs on Vivo V5 Plus. besides, do not miss our “ Recommended Smartphones ” list that contains best smartphones for every budget .
vivo v5 plus

At night we rarely use our smartphone. At home plate, we normally stick to television receiver or spend time with class or use tablet personal computer. evening when we use, it is better to use with reduce bluing light emission. In this guidebook, we explain how to improve battery life and reduce blue faint emission of smartphones at night. Vivo V5 Plus comes with set of options to customize battery biography and setting up Bluelight filter is besides very easy.

Vivo V5 Plus : Settings that benefit at night
Themes is one of the most democratic applications that come bundled on Android phones. Unlike io where you only get to use rows and rows of icons and folders, Android lets you customize every contribution of the OS. Thanks to iThemes, the Vivo V5 Plus lets you use themes. In this post, we show you how to use Themes on Vivo V5 Plus .
Vivo V5 Plus : How To Change Themes
One of the very utilitarian features of FunTouch OS is Smart Motion. I can draw a letter when the display is off and the match app assigned to launch will open up. This way, I do not have to unlock the call, tap on app to open. early gestures include ache wake, air operation, smart on/off, smart call etc .
Vivo V5 Plus : how to use gestures to speed up usage
The built in manual and guides are so huge that you do not have to run around geeks and experts to get avail to find settings or setup something on the Vivo V5 Plus. In this military post, we guide you to find manual section and how to access manual etc .
Vivo V5 Plus : How to entree built in guidebook and manual of arms
Its a concern to find the list of service centers. sometimes, internet would be slowly, sometimes, its hard to find the right web site to find the list of service centers. What if you are not connected to internet and you need to find service center ? Vivo V5 Plus comes with built in list of service centers that can be used to find service center in your region. besides, Vivo V5 Plus comes with e-Warranty menu so that you do not have to carry a guarantee proofread ( unless the telephone does not turn on ) .
Vivo V5 Plus : How to find service center localization from your telephone without connecting to internet
Every smartphone these days come with option to contribution internet connection. This means that you can setup your call as a wireless router. This helps a lot for those who are always on the become and necessitate to connect their laptop or tablet to internet. With Jio, Airtel etc offering super abject price data packs, internet partake can save money .
Vivo V5 Plus : How to partake internet from your telephone
Time and again, we end up with an lotion using up besides much of cellular data or we may have set of apps that we never use while connected to cellular network. It is a good commit to block these apps from using cellular data as even 10MB saved is data saved.

Vivo V5 Plus : How to block application from using cellular data
Most of the phones coming out of China come without application drawer. like to iOS, all the applications are stored on home screens. This creates bunch of clutter as you do not want apps like ‘ SwiftKey ’ ‘ truecaller ’ visible all the type as these apps are like ‘ setup and forget ’ .
Vivo V5 Plus : How to hide undesirable icons on home screen
This is one of the best features of Funtouch OS where you can create a demonstration by recording screen along with your voice so that if you want to help person frame-up application or dress, you can record a show. other options include long screenshot, model screenshot etc. If you only want to take a simpleton screenshot of whats there on the screen, press Vol-Down and home plate key at lapp time and the screenshot is stored .
Learn how to make bang-up screenshots and screen recording with Vivo V5 Plus
While the default apps that do with the telephone are okay to use, there are much better applications out there that provide more functionality. For exemplar, True Caller fans would want True caller ’ s dialer app to be default option Phone app. Some prefer opera or Firefox to be the default browser application .
Vivo V5 Plus : How to change default application
One of the irritate things with these OSes is that by default most tint legal and noifications sounds are enabled. These include phone for unlock/lock call, sound when a photograph is taken, sound when you click on screen, sound when you are typing. It is very slowly to disable/enable these sounds .
Vivo V5 Plus : How to enable or disable touch sounds and other presentment sounds

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