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Jio Caller Tune
UPDATE: recently Reliance Jio has acquired one of the very popular Music Streaming App Saavn and make itself JioSaavn. So from now on, you would know the Jio Music App to JioSaavn. To me, it was a very beneficial decision. And after the Acquisition, Jio Music has increased its Users to about 4 times than the Previous. Because now all the Saavn users will besides use this App and be counted as Jio ’ s User. Isn ’ t it Great ?
If you want to Download the New Music App by Jio then fair Click on this Link or Visit Playstore and Type “ JioSaavn ” you can Download that app directly from Playstore .
Setting Caller Tune is besides very much easy nowadays. Because you don ’ t need to SMS or anything in Order to Set your Jio caller tune. evening for Deactivation or even Changing the Caller Tune becomes so easy. No necessitate to Remember Numbers and Note the SMS format for Setting up and Callertune or for Changing or Deactivating the Jio Caller Tune.

You just need to Download the JioSaavn App and Whatever Song you want as a Callertune, Just Click on the Song, When the Song is playing, you will get a Button good below the Banner of the Song Showing “ Set this Song as your Caller Tune ” Click on that clitoris and you will get an SMS immediately saying that your Caller Tune has been Activated .
If you are still unaware of the Steps to Set your Jio Callertune, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Download JioSaavn App from Playstore.
  2. Open the app and login or Signup using your Jio Mobile Number.
  3. IMPORTANT: You only need to Signup or Sign in using your Own Jio Number.
  4. Now you will get a lot of Latest Songs, Playlists on the Home screen, choose a song you want to set as your Caller Tune.
  5. Click on that Song.
  6. The SONG will now play on your Mobile Phone.
  7. The Player is just at the Bottom Side of the JioSaavn app.
  8. Click on that Player and you would be the Song Banner is Showing and then all the controls like Play, Pause, Volume Up, and Volume Down Options are there.
  9. Just below the Banner, you would see the “Set as Callertune” Button.
  10. Click on that Button and your Callertune will get activated.
  11. Not every song will have the option to activate. You can Activate all those Songs that Jio is not allowing us to set as caller tune.

Changing Jio Caller Tune is truly not a baffling job if you know the process. In this post, I will be showing you a simple direction to change your Jio caller tune. There is a total of three ways of doing this, First being using Jio Caller tune app or Change Jio caller tune by SMS or By using Jio Caller Tune Code. All three methods are easy and work 100 % Perfectly. indeed, without taking more time, Let ’ s start .
here in this article, I ’ thousand giving you all the Possible ways by following which you can activate Jio Caller Tuner from a Movie, Album, and Singer american samoa well. The Jio Caller Tune Numbers will Work 24×7 and you can use it by Sending a simpleton SMS. Means No Customer Care Calling is required to activate the Jio Caller Tune. This will be identical easy steps to activate the Jio Caller tune within fair 1 Min. The detail SMS Format to Send to activate Jio Caller Tune is besides given. even if you want to Deactivate the Jio Caller tune, you can besides do that using the Number and SMS format I ’ ve provided in the below table :

Jio Caller Tune Number:

SL No. Task Process Example
1 Activate Jio Caller Tune from a Movie SMS MOVIE and send it to 56789 MOVIE HICHKI and Send to 56789
2 Activate Jio Caller Tune from a Album SMS ALBUM and send it to 56789 ALBUM OH HUMSAFAR and Send to 56789
3 Activate Jio Caller Tune from a Artist SMS SINGER and send it to 56789 SINGER TONY KAKKAR and Send to 56789
4 Deactivate a Jio Caller Tune SMS STOP and Send it to 56789 STOP to 56789

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How To Change Jio Caller Tune By Jio Caller Tune App:

  1. First You Need To Download Jio Caller Tune App and install it on your smartphone.
  2. This is the easiest and fastest way to change your Jio Caller Tune.
  3. After Installing the App Open it and search for your favorite song. I am Searching here for Judwaa 2 Song “Aa To Sahi”.
  4. As You can See: Three Dots on the left Side Surrounded By Green Color, Click Here and you will see something Like Below:
  5. immediately Simply Click On The Option “ SET AS JIO TUNE ”. And then a box will appear, Just Click on “ SET AS JIO TUNE ” Option to Change the Caller Tune .
  6. After all the above Steps, Finally, an SMS showing the confirmation that the caller tune has been changed like below :

  7. Done. Enjoy the Caller Tune.

How To Change Jio Caller Tune By SMS:

  1. This method is a little bit longer as compare to all the Three But it also has some extra list of songs to use as a jio caller tune.
  2. You need to send an SMS To 56789 From your JIO Number.
  3. Now, To Search For a song from a movie, You must be following this format: MOVIE To 56789. For Example “MOVIE JUDWAA2” (Don’t include inverted commas).
  4. To search For a Song From An Album, You must be following this format: ALBUM To 56789. For example “ALBUM DESI KALAKAR”.
  5. Now, For Songs From a Singer format: SINGER See Below and clear Your Doubt:
  6. nowadays Reply with The Serial Number of the song and you will get an SMS and then Reply With 1 .
  7. You will receive a confirmation Like Below :
  8. Now Reply With Y and All Done. You will receive the Final confirmation within a few minutes.

How To Change Jio Caller Tune Using Jio Caller Tune Code:

  1. This Process is the Simplest One and You will Love this method.
  2. Now for changing the caller tune, Call a person who is using Jio and He or She must be using the Jio caller tune facility.
  3. After Calling, You will be able to hear the caller Tune And If you Like that caller Tune Just Click On *(Star Button) To make that caller tune yours. See Below:
  4. After Pressing The Star Button, a confirmation will be sent within a few minutes.

  5. do. Enjoy The Caller Tune .

How To Deactivate Caller Tune In Jio:

  1. To Deactivate Caller Tune in Jio, Simply Call 155223.
  2. And there is one more method for Deactivating is Send An SMS STOP To 56789.
  3. Done. You will receive the confirmation within a few minutes.

ultimately, We come to the end of this posting Showing That How to change Jio caller tune By SMS or Jio Caller Tune App or By Using Jio Caller Tune Code. Do Share This Post as sharing is caring And if you have any doubt regarding this, You are constantly welcome to comment .