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If you are listening to music that is on your iPhone, then you liked that music enough at some point to purchase it. But listening to all of that music sorted alphabetically or by artist might not provide for a diverse enough sample distribution of your music library, so you will want to be able to shuffle randomly through your songs. fortunately this is an choice that is easily enabled on the iPhone 5, and you can do it from a couple of different places. We will outline both of the ways that you can shuffle your music on the iPhone 5 in the tutorial below .
Amazon MP3s can besides be played on your iPhone, and they are frequently less expensive than songs from iTunes. Check out their choice of songs hera .

Shuffling iPhone Music

We have previously written about how to disable music in the cloud on your iPhone, but if you are shuffling through your music library and don ’ t have a batch of songs on your device, then having the extra music in the cloud enabled can be a dim-witted way to increase the diverseness of the shuffle music. note, however, that this option will only work when you are connected to a Wi-Fi net. You won ’ t see your overcast music if you are only connected to your cellular network. If you want to hear a particular song when you ’ re on a Wi-Fi network, then you will need to individually download that song to your device. But you can follow the steps below to shuffle the music that is playing on your iPhone 5.

Enabling Shuffle from the Songs Menu

step 1 : Open the Music app .
open the music app

step 2 : Touch the Songs choice at the bed of the screen .
select the songs option

footprint 3 : scroll to the top of the list, then touch the Shuffle choice. Your music will start playing with a random birdcall .
touch the shuffle option at the top of the song list

Shuffling iPhone Music from the Now Playing Screen

This option is for when you are already listening to a song, and the music app is displaying the data for that song .

step 1 : Open the Music app.

touch the music icon

step 2 : Touch the Shuffle option at the bottom-right corner of the screen. It should switch to say Shuffle All .
select the shuffle option

A Bluetooth loudspeaker is a great way to wirelessly stream music from your iPhone to a more powerful speaker in your home. Check out a good Bluetooth speaker here .
You can delete a song from your iPhone 5 if you need extra outer space on the device, or if you just don ’ metric ton want to hear the birdcall anymore .
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