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It ‘s official : YouTube Music will fully replace Google Play Music this month. This wo n’t come as a surprise — YouTube announced the change rear in August, and over the concluding few months, Google Play Music users lost the ability to purchase, preorder, upload or download music on the platform, or stream music from the app. But do n’t worry — you silent have time to transfer your library to YouTube Music before Google Play Music shuts down completely. And YouTube Music has a instrument that will help you move your entire library, profile and playlists from Google ‘s streaming service into YouTube ‘s revamped one with equitable one tap. YouTube Music besides recently got some new features that may make it a bigger rival to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music .
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You ‘ll calm find your playlists, uploads, purchases and likes in Google Play Music until the end of the calendar month, so you can make your transfer to YouTube Music. But your Google Play Music library will no long be available after December. YouTube Music released a joyride back in May to help you move your music, playlists and preferences over to the platform, which we ‘ll explain how to use below. Or you can use Google Takeout to export a copy of your library while you decide what to do with it. If you have n’t done either so far, nowadays is the time. If you do n’t transfer your bill, Google will cancel your subscription at the end of the last bill cycle ( you ‘ll be notified ahead of time ). As of last year, YouTube Music and Premium had 20 million pay subscribers, compared to about 130 million on Spotify. Where YouTube Music stands out from its competitors is in its deep integration with your YouTube and Google profiles, which translates into better recommendations for you, the companies say. Since many people use YouTube for music discovery, the Music app tracks your television searches and determines what you might want to hear future .

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Move your Google Play Music data to YouTube Music

How to move your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

1. Download the YouTube music app, for io or Android. ( Or, to do it from a desktop, go to music.youtube.com/transfer, and click transfer. ) 2. You ‘ll see a transfer release at the circus tent of the screen door in both Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Tap it from either app, and your uploads, purchases, added songs and albums, personal and pledge playlists, likes and dislikes, curated stations and personal taste preferences will all start moving from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

3. Depending on how much music is in your library, the go could take up to a few hours. You can close the app and use your phone in the meanwhile, and open it back up to track the build up if you want to. You ‘ll get a telling and an electronic mail when your music library transportation is complete. 4. outdoors YouTube Music and find your music in the Library pill, along with update recommendations. If you listen to podcasts on Google Play Music, you can besides transfer your subscriptions and episode advance to Google Podcasts by going to podcasts.google.com/transfer .wlbzut9g YouTube Music

What’s the deal with YouTube Music?

YouTube Music works through an app and world wide web actor, offering more than 50 million official tracks, albums, cryptic cuts, B-sides, live performances and remixes .g6rbilaw YouTube Music YouTube recently added several new features, based on drug user feedback :

  • Playlist creation: Playlists can now have up to 5,000 songs (instead of the previous 1,000). You can also do a quick search from within a playlist to add a new song, and add music videos to playlists along with songs. Stations from Google Play Music are now found in YouTube Music as playlists, and you can search through their tracks. 
  • Uploads: Listen to your uploaded and purchased music from Google Play Music, after you transfer, or add up to 100,000 personal tracks to your library in YouTube Music (Google Play Music only allowed 50,000).
  • Offline listening: Paying members can download any song, playlist or music video, or let a smart downloads feature (available on Android only for now) do it for you.
  • Explore tab: A new Explore tab offers music discovery, including new music and playlists by mood or genre. 

Another cool sport : toggle over to the lyrics of a song while you ‘re listening to get karaoke-ready, or over to its music video, which plays in real-time with the sung .

How much does moving to YouTube Music cost?

right now, price is the lapp between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. You can listen to an ad-supported interpretation of YouTube Music for rid, or pay for YouTube Music Premium for $ 9.99 ( £9.99, AU $ 11.99 ) a calendar month, which includes background listening, downloads and an ad-free know. You can besides subscribe to YouTube Premium to get those benefits across all of YouTube, for $ 11.99 ( £11.99, AU $ 14.99 ) a month.

Google Play Music Unlimited members will mechanically be moved to the equivalent tier of YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium based on their stream subscription, at the same price. For more, check out five tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube Music .