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Like most people using an iPhone, I set an dismay using the nonpayment Clock app to wake up every day but the default option ringtones on iPhone are despicable. The post-apocalyptic enchantress of chaos, differently titled “ Beacon ”, is so pierce that it would wake anyone from the cryptic of slumbers. other default options on the iPhone are not capital either, so what ’ s the solution ? It ’ s childlike, actually. We will share a few ways to set any birdcall from Spotify and Apple Music as an alarm clock on iPhone.

How to Set a Song as an Alarm on iPhone

While researching, I found a few different ways to set a song as an alarm on the iPhone and I ’ ve narrowed it down to the best three. In this article, I ’ ll read you how to set a birdcall as an alarm using Apple Music, Spotify, or any local music file. There ’ s besides the bedtime feature that lets you set an alarm and offers better ringtones than what ’ s available in the regular alarms menu.

1. Set a Bedtime

not many people use it but if you use the built-in Bedtime feature on the iPhone, it allows you to set a day by day alarm for the dawn and it has its own fructify of alarm tones that are so much better than the existing monstrosities. The tones are mellow, comfort, and easy in Bedtime.

1. To set the bedtime, open the Clock app on your iPhone and wiretap Alarm at the bottom. Find Sleep | WakeUp and tap the Change push button. You would have to turn on the Sleep schedule . T ap Turn On to proceed. turn on sleep schedule 2. Tap the Change button a moment prison term and proceed to set a schedule by rotating the dial. now, scroll down to find the alarm settings. set a sleep duration 3. Under Alarm Options, tap Sound & Haptics to select the Alarm tone. You can select from the list of 9 different alarm tones. You won ’ thymine find regular alarm tones hera so blue-ribbon one and go spinal column. set alarm tone in bedtime 4. Tap Done and your alarm is set. tap done to save alarm No more jolt alarm sounds. I ’ ve mentioned this method acting because it ’ s a big feature and the alarm tones are pleasing to the ears.

2. Set a Song as alarm on iPhone with Apple Music

I, like most people, merely ask Siri to set my alarms largely and that ’ s why I didn ’ thymine realize that there ’ s an entire segment to set a custom-made alarm clock spirit. now, when you ask Siri, it will always choose the default alarm tone so we need to manually change the alarm note in the Clock app.

You would only be able to set a song as an alarm clock if you have a purchased a birdcall with iTunes or have an active Apple Music subscription .

1. Open the Clock app on the iPhone and tap Alarm on the bottom. Tap the + button on the acme proper corner to create a raw alarm. Adjust the alarm time and then tap Sound to select an alarm tone. create a new alarm and select sound 2. Above ringtones, you ’ five hundred see the Songs list. Tap Pick a Song to open the Music library. pick a song from apple music 3. Search the song you want to set as the alarm clock tone and tap to select it. If you ’ ve purchased the song from iTunes then you won ’ t have any problem. select a song however, if the birdcall you ’ ve selected is from the Apple Music library, you need to download the song in the Music app or your dismay would not play the selected song. 4. Open the Music app on your iPhone and find the birdcall that you ’ ve fix as the alarm tone. Tap the options menu button adjacent to it. find the song in music library 5. Tap Download and you should see a download icon appear future to the sung. download the song once the song is downloaded, it will play when the dismay goes off.

3. Set a Song as an Alarm on iPhone With Spotify

I get it, not everyone likes or uses Apple Music or owns a song anymore. sol, if you ’ re a Spotify user, you can however set a song as an alarm clock using Spotify. however, Spotify songs don ’ thyroxine show up in the Clock app so we need to use a workaround. Enter Music Alarm Clock Pro. It ’ s a simple alarm clock app that lets you set songs from Spotify as an alarm. Go ahead and install the app from the App Store. The app is not free and costs $ 2.99. 1. Once the app is installed, open it and tap the + button on the top right to create a newfangled dismay. open music alarm clock 2. Set the alarm clock meter by rotating the dial. You can besides choose to repeat the alarm on particular days and adjust the nap prison term. now, tap Choose Music to set a Spotify song as the alarm shade. It would prompt you to select one option from “ Playlist or Song ”. You can set any public playlist as your alarm shade but you would need the Spotify bounty subscription for that. choose music however, if you have a complimentary Spotify account, you can still set a song as an alarm tonicity that would play the 30 seconds nip of the song. You can play the stallion song as an alarm tone if you have a Spotify Premium account. 3. Simply search the song using the search bar. Before it shows you the results though, it would ask you to link your Spotify report with the app. For some eldritch reason, the app never asks you to link your account until you look for a song.

search for the song 4. Follow the connect that opens in the web browser and log in to your Spotify bill. login to spotify account 5. After that, allow the app to access the Spotify account and the APIs to fetch the songs using your login credentials. When that is done, you would be redirected bet on to the dismay app. allow access to the app 6. now, the songs would appear in the search result by artist ’ s name, albums, or the title itself. After selecting the birdcall, tap the spinal column release on the top impart. set the song as alarm 7. Toggle the switch ON and you ’ re done. Your dismay would play the sung of your choice when it goes off. turn on the alarm

4. Use an MP3 File To Create an Alarm Tone

even though io is considered a restrictive OS, you can calm do pretty bang-up things with it such as creating a ringtone from any given MP3 file on your iPhone. You equitable need the Garageband app and an MP3 file of your favorite song. however, you would be able to create merely 30-second ringtones with this method acting as iPhone doesn ’ t corroborate ringtones longer than that. 1. Start by installing Garageband on your iPhone if you haven ’ metric ton already. Open the app and tap the + button on the top right to create a modern project. On the next screen, Make surely Tracks is selected on the top and choose Drummer from the list of instruments. Create a new project and select drummer 2. Double-tap the timeline to bring up the menu, and tap Delete. delete existing audio clip 3. now, tap the Timeline view clitoris on the top bar as shown in the trope below. After that, tap the loops button on the crown browning automatic rifle. switch to timeline view and add a loop 4. Tap the Files tab on the top and blue-ribbon Browse items from the Files app to open the Files app. browse MP3 files in the Files app 5. You can now browse the Files app and find the directory where the MP3 is stored. Once you find that, tap the MP3 file to add it to the project. select the MP3 files 6. Drag the MP3 file by tapping and holding and then dropping it on the timeline. drag the MP3 on to timeline 7. Tap the file to select the timeline. You can adjust its length by dragging the endpoints. If you need to split the MP3 file from the in-between, double-tap the timeline and tap Split in the menu. split the timeline 8. Move around the scissor on the timeline and find the position where you wish to split the file. Pull down on the scissor to make a ignore. You can then double-tap the undesirable part and delete it. delete unwanted sections 9. To save the ringtone, tap the Down arrow button on the acme left corner, and select My Songs. It would take you to the projects page. Long-press the project to bring up the context menu. go back to projects 10. Tap on Share button and select Ringtone on the future screen. share as a ringtone 11. Give your ringtone a name and wiretap Export on the lead correctly corner. The ringtone is saved and would show up when you would go to set an alarm. export the ringtone 12. To set an alarm open the Clock app and tap the alarm to open its settings page. Tap on Sound to open the list of alarm clock tones. set an alarm tone 13. Under Ringtones, you ’ d find the final ringtone that we created in Garageband. Tap to select it and you ’ re done. choose the newly created ringtone

Set a Song as Alarm on iPhone

These were three different ways to set a song as an alarm on iPhone. Four, if you count the bedtime alarm. As Apple Music is profoundly integrated with the io ecosystem, setting a song using that is simpler. Spotify doesn ’ t have that many permissions so we need to use a third-party app and last, if you have an MP3 file, you can create a custom-made ringtone and arrange that as an alarm spirit. Which method acting is your favorite ? Let me know on Twitter. Also Read: How to Generate White Noise on iPhone