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Wondering how to add music to iPhone ? No problem ! We analyzed 100 forum threads to bring you the best solutions !
The question ‘ Why ca n’t I add music to iPhone ? is a lot more patronize than you might think. That ‘s precisely why it deserves a separate discussion and a deep honkytonk .
Most probable, you are frustrated because iTunes wo n’t sync music to iPhone or you merely ca n’t transfer music to iPhone without iTunes. The thing is – iTunes is flawed. The problem of iTunes not syncing all songs is being addressed since the very creation of this app .

Table of Contents

    • Option 1. Forget iTunes & try WALTR 2!
    • Discover 6 iTunes fixes if it can’t add music to iPhone
    • #1. Go on iTunes and enable “Manually manage music”
    • #2. Disable iCloud Music Library
    • #3 What audio format do you have?
    • #4 Turn off iTunes Match
    • #5 Create a custom playlist with music
    • #6 Last resort – revert iTunes to the previous version (after an update)
    • Conclusion
    • FAQ

The truth is – iTunes does n’t always work as expected. And there can be many reasons that caused this.

Transfer music to iPhone without hassle!
We compiled the best solutions to answer your margin call. Relax and try these out :

Cheatsheet. What if you can’t transfer music to iPhone?

  • Don’t use iTunes. Use an easy third-party alternative instead.
  • Go on iTunes and enable “Manually manage music”
  • Disable iCloud Music Library.
  • Disable iTunes Match.
  • Check if the music format is correct
  • Create a custom music playlist > click “Autofill”
  • Revert to a previous iTunes version (after the update)

Option 1. Forget iTunes & try WALTR 2!

If you ca n’t transfer music to iPhone from iTunes… Why annoy ? Try something else .
There are enough of great alternatives, which, due to their simplicity, merely do the job better. We recommend using WALTR 2, which is a straightforward file transfer app that is as easy to use as the Finder or File Explorer. It ‘s the most effective solution out there if you ca n’t transfer music to iPhone with iTunes .
if you can't add music to iPhone, WALTR 2 is a perfect iTunes alternative
It does n’t have unnecessary buttons or tabs – it ‘s a simple neglect zone. Just push your charge in it – it will immediately land onto your iPhone. Best of all, it supports all music & movie formats, M4R ringtones, PDF, and ePub files .
Say, you ‘ve got a FLAC file that needs to be transfer – iTunes ca n’t transfer music to an iPhone of that format, because it ‘s not officially supported. alternatively, you can precisely drag and drop your music file into WALTR 2 without any fuss .

Step 1. Launch WALTR 2

WALTR 2 works on both – Mac and Windows. It comes with a free trial so you can fully experience every aspect of it before making a purchase. You can download for exempt under :
Free Download
macbook with waltr pro on it
Install the app and plunge it. If you are uncertain whether this is the fitting app, read WALTR 2 press reviews : MacWorld rated WALTR 2 with 4/5 stars .

Step 2. Connect iPhone to your computer

At first, take your standard USB cable and plainly plug in your computer. WALTR 2 will see it right away and all you have to do is simply tap ‘ Trust ” on your device .
Connect your iPhone & WALTR 2 will see music files right away

Step 3. Finally, drag your music file into the drop zone

WALTR 2 supports all the music formats you can imagine. Besides standard MP3 or AAC, it works with ALAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and many many more .
WALTR 2 is transferring music to iPod touch
That ‘s all there is to it. WALTR 2 automatically recognizes the type of files you are transferring and adds them to your iPhone. It will besides show up in your music folder on your iPhone – with proper artwork and metadata .
WALTR 2 just added music to iPhone
WALTR 2 has a smart file realization engineering built in. If you transfer an ebook, a music file, or a movie – they will all land in their proper Apple folders. That ‘s an easy way to manage music and television !
But wait, there ‘s more .
In accession, WALTR 2 can add music to your iPhone via Wi-Fi. In fact, all you need to do is to click on a Settings release in WALTR 2 and check “ Enable Wi-Fi Connectivity ” .
adjacent meter you do n’t evening need to connect your iPhone to a calculator. WALTR 2 will see the device immediately .
therefore, if iTunes wo n’t transfer music to iPhone, do n’t worry, WALTR 2 will keep you covered .

Discover 6 iTunes fixes if it can’t add music to iPhone

good newsworthiness ! You besides can try to fix the iTunes library error on your own. There are flying guidelines to follow good downstairs. In fact, they helped thousands of Apple users, me ampere well. so plump ahead, try them and let me know how it worked out in the comments below !

#1. Go on iTunes and enable “Manually manage music”

This is a gold govern # 1. Make certain that you can add music to your iPhone – manually. establish iTunes, connect your iPhone. then chatter on the iPhone icon in the iTunes topbar. Navigate to ‘ Options ” and check “ Manually wield music ” .
ultimately, see if it worked by dropping your music right into iPhone ‘s tab !
check manually manage music and videos if you can't add music to iPhone

#2. Disable iCloud Music Library

Like it or not – but you ca n’t manually add music to your iPhone if you have iCloud Music Library on. Make sure you disable it .
Open up Settings on your iPhone, choose Music, and tap on iCloud Music Library to turn it off. serve !
The downside is that you wo n’t be able to listen to music from your iCloud Music Library. That ‘s equitable how Apple made this work. Bittersweet, if you ask me .

#3 What audio format do you have?

Apple supports : AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC, Apple Lossless
however, there is no support for FLAC, OGG, and other wide popular music formats. It ‘s not approach anytime soon.

That ‘s a dead end. You ca n’t add songs to iTunes, if you have FLAC, APE, WMA files – you wo n’t be able to even play them back. The only means out is to actually use third-party software .
This could besides be the reason why you can find some iTunes songs greyed out. That ‘s how iTunes marks unsupported and defile tracks, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as those that have not been by rights synced .
Check if you have an Apple-compatible sound recording format. You will either see it in the file ‘s extension or if you right-click on the file and choose “ Get information ” .
Find out what music format you are using, if you can't add music to iPhone

#4 Turn off iTunes Match

iTunes Match lets you upload up to 100,000 songs from your Mac to iCloud. Later you can access them on any of your Apple devices .
But you ca n’t add music to iPhone manually  if iTunes Match is on. In this case, you need to turn it off. This is something that worked for many users according to the forums on the web .
They complained that after the update, iTunes Match was switched on mechanically. Try to turn it off and let us know if it worked in the comments .
In fact, you can disable iTunes Match directly in iTunes :

  • At first, open up the iTunes app.
  • Select Account from the menu bar. Then click “View My Account“.
  • You’ll need to enter an Apple ID password when prompted.
  • Scroll down to the iTunes in the Cloud section.
  • Finally, click on the button to turn off iTunes Match auto-renewal.

#5 Create a custom playlist with music

Before writing this post, we checked out all the forum threads dedicated to iTunes sync. badly – literally all of them. This technique is something that worked for many frustrated, confused and angry Apple users .
The theme is that you need to create a custom playlist with all the music you want to add and then sync it automatically. so here ‘s how you sync a custom-made playlist to your device if you ca n’t add music to iPhone manually :

  • Create a playlist inside Apple music – add all songs that you want to transfer on your iPod.
  • Connect your iPhone & navigate to the device’s tab in iTunes.
  • Then select Music under the on this device menu.
  • Choose your newly created playlist below Autofill from
  • Finally, click Autofill.

create a custom playlist in iTunes and sync it

#6 Last resort – revert iTunes to the previous version (after an update)

This is a hard, long, and painful work. It has to be your last step. If you have a time machine and can travel back in time to tell yourself NOT to update – do it. Or follow the steps below ( which is therefore much harder ! )
1. launch iTunes. You might want to save your music library on your calculator before you revert to iTunes ‘ previous interpretation. Click File > Library > Export library .
2. Open up the Terminal app on your Mac and type the come, hit ‘ Return ” : cadmium /Applications/
The future tone is to remove iTunes. Make surely to type precisely the follow : sudo rm -rf iTunes.app/
double-check if you wrote everything correctly. It has to point to iTunes.app. only then hit return. You will then need to insert your password to confirm the removal .
3. Afterward, open Finder and locate drug user ~/Music/iTunes/ booklet. There you will find the file named “ iTunes Library.itl ”. Move it to the desktop .
4. Go bet on to ~/Music/iTunes/ folder. Open ‘ Previous iTunes Libraries ” folder and locate the iTunes Library file with the most late date. ( They all are labeled with the demand date when you installed iTunes. ) Make indisputable to copy that file .
5. go that transcript to ~/Music/iTunes/ folder. The following dance step is to rename the file to “ iTunes Library.itl ”
6. In fact, Apple stores installer files of previous iTunes versions. Your call is to find the iTunes version you want to revert to and download it .
7. finally, install the iTunes version that you just downloaded .
That ‘s it ! Congratulations ! You ‘ve been through a fortune of perturb and it ‘s time for the reward. There ‘s a previous iTunes adaptation on your calculator now – thus if you could n’t add music to your iPhone after the update – you credibly can immediately !


sometimes you have to go through tons of fuss barely to add music to your iPhone. iTunes is quite complex because it ‘s trying to be an app for everything .
frequently, you never know what very went wrong. Why iTunes ca n’t find music ? Why the songs are not syncing ? With is the album art missing ? indeed many questions…
besides, iTunes now operates as a media store much more than a music player. Its determination is to sell – chiefly .
We are left with two options – sticking with iTunes and systematically addressing one problem after or another or choosing an alternative to forever forget any struggles that come with file transfer. The choice is all yours .

Did it help or not?

If nothing helped you and you even ca n’t add music to your iPhone – publish in the comments and we ‘ll try to give you a hand. Let ‘s brainstorm this together .


How do I get Music from iTunes to my iPhone?

The ideal manner to go when it comes to downloading music on iPhone is iTunes. To download music with iTunes, you need to follow these steps :

  • Step 1: Launch iTunes on your PC
  • Step 2: Find the Device option on the left side of your iPhone
  • Step 3: Now access your iPhone device and tap on Music
  • Step 4: Choose your Music and click on the Sync button

Why can’t I add Music to my iPhone from iTunes?

One of the biggest problems with iTunes is that it is flawed, and most of the time, it ca n’t sync the Music to the iPhone. This problem of iTunes has been present since the very initiation of this application. That is why we suggest users to go with a more consecrated io transfer joyride like WALTR PRO that can transfer music files without iTunes .

How to add music files to the iPhone?

Adding music files to the iPhone in this modern technical school earned run average could n’t be easier. With apps like WALTR PRO, you can add music files to your iPhone without any fuss. To add music files with WALTR PRO, all you need to do is drag & drop the music files into the flatten zone of the application, and the software will automatically move them to the native music app of the iPhone .
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