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how_to_use_alarm_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x In addition to ringtones and notification tones, you can besides customize the alarm tones on your Moto E, Moto G ( including Moto X 2nd genesis ) and Moto X ( including Moto X 2nd coevals ). This guidebook shows you how to create and manage alarms on your Moto devices. Customizing alarm tones will besides be covered. For simplicity, Moto E is used in this guide. But this guide works precisely in the identical direction as in Moto G, Moto G 2014 ( 2nd Gen. ), Moto X and Moto X 2014 ( 2nd Gen ) .

How to create an alarm on Moto E, Moto G and Moto X ?

dance step 1 : start Clock app .

To create an alarm, start the Clock app.

pace 2 : setup the time

Tap the alarm clock icon as shown below in the top leave. Tap the “ + ” sign to create an alarm clock on Moto E. To create the new alarm on Moto E, you need set up the hour ( 0-23 ) and minutes using the ring provided. how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_hour how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_mins how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_repeats

step 3 : apparatus alarm repeat .

You can choose how frequently the Moto E alarm repeats each week. By default, the new alarm created on Moto E is not repeated, i.e., Moto E thinks this alarm is erstwhile specify. Tap Repeat as shown above to enable the recur settings. Moto E alarm clock recur is based on weekdays from Sunday to Saturday. You choose on the days you want to enable this alarm clock. The Moto E alarm will repeat on the days with blue underlines. presently, it is impossible to set alarm clock repeat as every specific day each month. how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_repeat_2 how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_alarm_tone_vibrate

step 4 : frame-up alarm tones and shaking on Moto E

When you create an alarm on Moto E, the default alarm tone is being used. You can manually turn on vibrate as shown above. You can change the alarm timbre on Moto E well. Tapping current alarm clock tone as shown above will bring you to the dismay tone setting old age. To choose pre-installed alarm tones, or audio files in the Alarms folder ( discussed late ), choose Media storage, then tap one. now select the coveted dismay tone. once finishing the choice, tap OK to confirm and update the alarm tone for this specific alarm clock. how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_alarm_tone how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_alarm_tone_2

step 5 : setup the label ( mention ) of the alarm .

You can give each alarm a meaning name so that you can easily remember the determination of the dismay after a few weeks. Tap the Label area to call out the keyboard. Type the diagnose, then tap OK to update the tag. how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_label how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_add_alarm_set_label_name

The new Alarm now is created on your Moto E .

How to manage alarms on Moto E, Moto G and Moto X ?

once the alarm clock is created on Moto E, you can turn it on/off at any fourth dimension by dragging the on/off button. You can besides delete any alarms on Moto E if you think you don ’ t need them any more. Tapping the ashcan picture next to the label to delete the specific alarm. There is NO un-do option ! You can change the nonpayment dismay behavior by tapping the menu cardinal ( 3 vertical dots, as shown below ). In the Moto E alarm settings, you may want to change the duration of snooth, alarm volume, and the functions of volume button when dismay is making sound. how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_manage_alarms how_to_use_alarm_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_alarm_settings

How to customize alarm tones on Moto E, Moto G and Moto X ?

In addition to the pre-installed alarm tones, fair like ringtones and notifications tones, you can besides customize alarm tones on Moto E. You can put any audio files to the Alarms booklet as shown below when connecting your Moto E to PC through an USB cable ( read this steer on how to connect Moto E with a personal computer through an USB cable ). how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_alarm_tone_files If the audio file is already on the telephone, you can copy it the Alarms folder with a file director, for exercise, ES File internet explorer. Of course, you can besides immediately use ES File coach to specify any audio files on the call as the alarm shade as shown below. If ES File Explorer is installed, by default, when you set the alarm clock tone, you will be asked to choose ES File explorer or use Media Storage. Media storage is for pre-installed dismay tones and all ausdio files in the Alarms booklet. ES File Explorer is for audio files that are visible to ES File explorer. So, you should use Just Once, not Always. If you use vitamin e File internet explorer to specify an audio file as the alarm clock tone, you need navigate to the booklet, tap the sound recording charge. The alarm spirit will be changed immediately. There is no confirmation button. how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_set_alarm_tone how_to_customize_alarm_tones_on_moto_e_moto_g_moto_x_select_audio_file_directly

Do you have any questions or problems on how to create, how to manage, how to use use alarm how to customize alarm tones on Moto E, Moto G and Moto X?

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