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Part 1: How to add music to the iPhone, including iPhone 13 with iTunes?

You must know iTunes well if you have been using an io device for a long time. It was developed by Apple and is known as the official solution to manage an iPhone. Though, you might find the process of learning how to add music to the iPhone using iTunes a bite complicate. You can sync your music to the iTunes library if got some music on your iPhone. If not, hera you can learn how to manually add music to the iTunes library and total songs to iPhone via iTunes :
1. Plug your iPhone into your laptop or background, which has installed updated iTunes .
2. Add some music to the iTunes library if you do not have any. Go to its “ File ” menu, and you can choose to add selected files or add an entire folder.

add music to itunes library
3. A browser window would be launched. From here, you can add the music files of your choice to the iTunes library .
4. bang-up ! now, you can add music to your iPhone from iTunes. Go to the device picture and choose your iPhone. After that, choose the “ Music ” yellow journalism on the left .
5. Enable the “ Sync Music ” choice, which will help you sync selected music files, albums, genres, or playlists, and chink on the “ Apply ” clitoris .
sync music to iphone with itunes
This will sync your iTunes music with your io device and automatically add songs to your iPhone .

Part 2: How to add music to iPhone, including iPhone 13 without iTunes using Dr.Fone?

It might take a set of effort to sync your iTunes music to the iPhone. To have added music to iPhone debauched, we recommend Dr.Fone – telephone Manager ( io ) for help. The joyride follows an intuitive summons and will let you learn how to add music to the iPhone by following a childlike click-through process. You won ’ t need any anterior technical feel to add music to the iPhone using Dr.Fone – phone Manager ( io ). It is compatible with every io version and runs on all leading devices like iPhone 13 .
You can add songs to iPhones, iPads, and iPods of unlike generations using Dr.Fone. It is a complete iPhone coach with dedicate tabs to manage apps or explore the device ’ randomness file arrangement. additionally, you can transfer your photos, contacts, messages, videos, and all kinds of data files. You can learn how to add songs to the iPhone using Dr.Fone – telephone Manager ( io ) by following these simpleton instructions .
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Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Add Music to iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes

  • Manage, transfer, delete your data on your iOS devices on the computer.
  • Support all kinds of data: music, photos, SMS, videos, contacts, apps, etc.
  • Back up your iPhone data to the application and then restore it to another device.
  • Directly immigrate media files between iOS devices and iTunes.
  • Fully compatible with almost the newest iOS and earlier versions.

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google play buttonapp store button 1. Open the Dr.Fone toolkit and install the “ Phone Manager ” feature of speech to add music to the iPhone or manage your io device .
transfer music to iphone with Dr.Fone
2. now, connect your iPhone with your Mac or Windows personal computer and let the application identify your device. Once it is detected, you can view its snapshot on the screen .
connect iphone to computer
3. Click on the “ Music ” tab from the seafaring prevention. then, you can view all the audio files on your iPhone. furthermore, you can view them under different categories from the entrust panel.

manage iphone music
4. To add songs to the iPhone, chatter on the Import picture located on the toolbar. This will let you add selected files or an entire folder .
import music to iphone
5. As you would pick to add files or folders, a browser window will pop up. In this way, you can visit the location of your choice and add music to your iPhone directly .
browse music on computer
additionally, if you want to transfer iTunes music to your io device, you can click on the “ Transfer iTunes Media to Device ” option on its home screen. This will display a pop fly form to pick the type of media files ( music ) you want to transfer from iTunes to the iPhone. Simply wait for a while, then Dr.Fone – telephone Manager ( io ) will directly transfer the selected files from your calculator to the iPhone .
transfer music to iphone from itunes library
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Part 3: How to add music to iPhone, including iPhone 13, using Apple Music?

With Dr.Fone – telephone Manager ( io ), you can learn to add music to the iPhone immediately from iTunes or a calculator. Before you start, you must know that Apple Music is a cyclosis service. however, if you already have an Apple Music score, you can stream your favorite songs and make them available offline. The offline songs are DRM protected and will only work if you have an active Apple Music subscription. therefore, you would have to purchase an Apple Music subscription to make this technique exploit. After buying an Apple Music subscription, you can add songs to the iPhone .
1. Launch the Apple Music app on your iPhone and expect for the sung ( or album ) you wish to download .
2. After opening it, go to its more settings by tapping on the three dots icon beside the album art .
3. This will display a number of numerous options. Tap on “ Make available Offline ” .
4. After saving a song offline, you can go to the “ My Music ” check and find it in your library .
add music to iphone from apple music

In this way, you can listen to your front-runner songs, tied when you don ’ triiodothyronine have an internet connection .

After going through this tutorial, we hope that you have occupied 3 ways to add music to the iPhone in 3 different ways. You can either try iTunes, Dr.Fone – telephone Manager ( io ), or get an Apple Music subscription. The easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient option is Dr.Fone – telephone Manager ( io ). It is an all-around solution to your phone and will let you manage your data between your computer and iPhone, iTunes and iPhone, or one io device and another. You will enjoy its numerous advance features if you try it and make it your must-have io device coach.