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From that dateless classic “ Let ‘s Go To The Mall ” to Bloc Party ‘s “ This Modern Love, ” here are some of the best songs HIMYM ever used. frequently, songs are featured more prominently in single-camera sitcoms, where the aesthetic choice is to make the viewer feel like they ’ ra part of the display. How I Met Your Mother was an exception to this, however. hera was a laugh-track situation comedy that heavily relied on music to tell its story .
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It worked like a charm excessively, as the show had so many songs in its soundtrack that we ’ ve lost count of just how many there were. What we do know is that these songs were cautiously cherry-picked, and always seemed to bolster the view they were accompanying. How I Met Your Mother never failed to use music to great effect, as these examples will make clear.

Updated on December 20th, 2020 by Saim Cheeda:  With the rise in streaming services, television receiver shows like How I Met Your mother are getting new fans each day. This situation comedy has charmed its way into viewers ’ hearts through its comedy and the music it brings. Since fans tend to have varying tastes, this list has been updated to deliver more songs that will wind up being a favorite to indulge in .

15 “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” – Fort Atlantic

robin barney Cropped (1)
Those who are still diffident whether it ‘s Ted or Barney who is best for Robin need to check out this song, as it illustrates how Barney was always the one for Robin while Ted pined for something that wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate there. This birdcall played when Barney proposed to Robin, bringing to a close their “ will they ? /won ’ metric ton they ? ” for a time .
It manages to simultaneously be a heartwarming and heartbreaking objet d’art of music, as the slow-moving pace washes over the felicitous sentiments of Robin and Barney while highlighting Ted ’ s hurt feelings to realize the woman he loves is marrying person else .

14 “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers

partially why How I Met Your Mother fans feel that Ted, Barney, and Marshall are a better trio than Ross, Joey, and Chandler from Friends is because the erstwhile have more buddy moments. nothing stresses upon Ted and Marshall ’ s bromance more than this song .
Played repeatedly due to the record being stuck in Marshall ’ south car stereophonic, the birdcall can make anyone disgusted of it only to grow on the hearer therefore much that they start belting out the lyrics as well. It ’ s a cockamamie song that has earned its place in every How I Met Your Mother fan ’ randomness heart .

13 “Best Night Ever!” – Marshall/Jason Segel

Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, and Cobie Smulders in How I Met Your Mother
There ’ s no doubt that Marshall is an absolute sweetheart, with the fact that he took the clock time to sing this song confirming this impression. Marshall made a collage of the double go steady he and Lily had with Barney and Robin, with this song accompanying the pictures .
surely, it made his despair to be liked obvious, but that did work since the sung brings Marshall ’ s lovable nature to the vanguard. not to mention how the “ Lily made some creme brulee ! ” line is so hilarious it ’ south bound to get stuck in one ’ second steer .

12 “La Vie En Rose” – Edith Piaf/Cristin Milioti

This song has constantly been a dateless classic, and listening to it played on a uke is something else. It hinges entirely on the actress ’ s performance, as her heart is laid bare with the feelings she has of being alone and diffident of what she wants .
It can be interpreted as a grievous ballad or a song that evokes some measure of hope The Mother had for better days to come. Whatever it might be, the mean wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lost on Ted as he heard the song and was instantaneously enraptured by it, much like the fans .

11 “Murder Train” – The Foreskins

How I Met Your Mother
This path constantly springs up whenever an extraordinary crusade takes locate in an episode. It ’ randomness besides a very attention-getting tune, bringing to life sentence the sense of tension that was boiling to the surface up to that steer. More than anything, it ’ s a funny claim on what should have been an acute rock ‘n’ roll beat .
due to the recurring nature of the birdcall, How I Met Your Mother fans grew to expect it whenever a competitiveness was about to begin between the characters. They were normally right, as this wellbeing track explodes whenever things are about to go down .

10 “Hey Beautiful” – The Solids

We can ’ triiodothyronine go without mentioning the iconic composition song, nowadays, can we ? A simpleton 13-second intro was all that was needed to have How I Met Your Mother fluttering about in everyone ’ s minds for about a ten, and even nowadays we can ’ metric ton go without smiling whenever we happen to hear it .
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The childlike yet cheerful tune perfectly captured the show ’ s period set ( if one considers 2030 to be contemporary ) and the gang ’ s close-knit brain. Like the show or hate it, you can ’ thyroxine claim to dislike “ Hey Beautiful, ” that ’ randomness for certain .

9 “Let’s Go To The Mall” – Robin/Cobie Smulders

The show ’ s balmy nature was firm in place when it was revealed that Robin used to be a adolescent popstar back in Canada in her younger days. They even gave us a solid feature-length birdcall to demonstrate !
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even though Robin found “ Let ’ s Go To The Mall ” to be embarrassing, that ’ s truly not the case, seeing as the song is precisely so catchy and cheerful that it makes us blink of an eye fans. The sung besides became a recurring aspect of the show and was even played by Robin in the finale episode for her marry .

8 “Prophets” – A.C Newman

Season 4 ’ south stopping point will constantly have a particular place in our hearts for delivering a authentically uplifting message. When Ted learns to let go of what he thinks he ’ s supposed to do and embrace what the earth is telling him he should do, it ‘s merely beautiful .
The concluding moments of the episode had the gang all head to the ceiling to take the jump over to the other build, and the birdcall was perfect for building up our excitement to see these people letting go of understanding and just leaving things to fate .

7 “Better” – Regina Spektor

Speaking of leaving things behind, this episode had Ted letting proceed of his anger toward Stella for ditching him before their wedding. Before the reason minutes, Ted envisioned himself tearing into Stella for betraying him, only to see her with her kin and realizing they were constantly meant to be in concert .
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“ Better ” was the adjust word here since Ted could tell he was the irritant in the family ’ south side preferably than the other way around and chose to walk off to a better future. It wasn ’ thyroxine american samoa sad as it sounds, either, because we then witnessed Ted feeling exempt to go wherever he wanted in New York, no longer feeling humiliated about what happened to him .

6 “Let It Roll” – George Harrison

How I Met Your Mother Jennifer Morrison
If you want to sum up Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother with a simple feel, then you can point toward the doggerel that struck up curiosity in us in “ Let it Roll ”. The sung was featured correct from the very open seconds of the season into the very concluding moments .
It was used to stir up the wonder in fans over whose wedding it was supposed to be in the flash-forward, where we saw a aflutter Ted. That wasn ’ t its only use, though, as the song was besides heard when Ted pushed the push button to destroy the Arcadian, cementing the sentiment that people need to move onto bigger and better things, no matter how much people like Zoey wanted to cling onto it .

5 “This Modern Love” – Bloc Party

How I Met Your Mother was the pelvis, cool fresh express on the scene in 2005 after Friends ended, and the newer coevals responded very well to songs being utilized to play up the history. Season 1 ’ second “ This Modern Love ” made the final moments a must-see, and it still ranks as a lead moment in the testify ’ s history .
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It was very appropriate as well, as the advanced charwoman, Lily, couldn ’ t comprehend good settling for the traditionalist that was Marshall, and the poor guy was left lamenting his fortunes in the rain. On the other conclusion, we had Ted, who was basking in happiness after finally getting together with Robin – two identical modern styles of romance wrapped up in one .

4 “Shake It Out” – Florence and the Machine

Before Taylor Swift told us to “ Shake it Off, ” we were told to shake out our problems by Florence and the Machine and How I Met Your Mother. hera, the episode needed a very potent song to see off the consultation after a identical churning episode, where we saw Ted realize his mistake as Robin didn ’ t love him after all .
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The acquire shot, though, was the sight of the street where Ted walked being wide of women holding yellow umbrellas, a reminder to the fans that Robin was fair one of the pit stops Ted had to go through earlier ultimately meeting The Mother .

3 “The Funeral” – Band of Horses

As it turned out, this song foreshadowed The Mother ’ s death all along, what with it being named “ The Funeral. ” At the time, though, it did a great job of telling us to hold fast, as Ted ’ s narrative was coming to an end in a pair of years .
The thunderous refrain and its accompanying lyrics complemented the picture that unfolded, as we saw Future Ted waiting on a discipline platform, all while The Mother stepped out of a taxi and stood entirely a light distance aside from him. While we didn ’ metric ton get to see them meet at the prison term, the song had us hyped for when the moment would arrive .

2 “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” – Barney/Neil Patrick Harris

cipher could have envisioned an stallion dancing number being featured on the show, particularly not one that was so complicate. here, Barney imagined a unharmed musical-styled song to go with his love for suits, and we were brought along for the drive .
Being the enormously talented man that he is, Neil Patrick Harris had us wowed with his dancing skills, and the usher ’ s property and costume department deserve applause themselves for making the song come alert. Anybody who heard this song would have been inclined to dump their girlfriend and go off in pursuit of suits alternatively .

1 “Downtown Train” – Everything But The Girl

We ’ re all pretty bummed with the widely-hated series stopping point as well, but you can ’ metric ton deny that the touch between Ted and The Mother deserves full points for being dulcet and justified in bringing the unharmed story together .
What made this here and now so beautiful was the birdcall that seamlessly went with all the times the copulate had during their marriage and completed the effect by accompanying us when we saw Ted and The Mother meet for the first clock time in 2013. Had the show ended right then and there, How I Met Your Mother could have pleased the fans with its finale ; unfortunately, fans had the black ending to follow. This takes nothing away from “ Downtown Train, ” though, the song that made us believe in glad endings for those few minutes .
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