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The Top Ten Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2
Tum Hi Ho - Aashiqui 2 Cover Art
The best birdcall that has ever been released in Bollywood is this one. What an admirable and affection tint song is this. It constantly gives us heart touching feeling whenever we listen to it .
This sung is in truth nice. This is the best song of this number. It must be on top
I love the song so much. like goes for the movie. I may sound bum but I respect how the leading male character even gave his life for the sexual love of his biography ‘s dreams.

This is the best I had ever enjoyed so far and till now.
Thank you for the song writer, singer, music composer and the two most lovable actor and actress. love you like I like this birdcall …

Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye
Its just amazing … I barely love it
Beautiful birdcall for couples. I love it .
Nice and nostalgic except for when I found out it ‘s a ditto mark copy of a birdcall by the name of something along the lines of 100 miles..even if India interpretation is good at least render recognition
quite deep. When your in beloved, you can feel that every lyric of this sung you want to convey to your love .

Pehla Nasha – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
Awesome amatory song !
For everyone ‘s beginning love this one should be on top. It should not be left out as it delieveres the claim emotions of a true lover !
It is one of the most most romanticist birdcall. It makes us feel like eden. No more words for sung. just love it .
Umm this song is in truth very identical romantic because it has all the feelings that person has when he or she falls in love. besides while listening to this superb birdcall you feel as if you are in a never-never land and you excessively start feeling the same.
I just love this song !
adenine a lot as a part of me hates this for basically being indian WGWAG, I grew up on this type of thrust, and when this played on road trips I ‘d take when I was younger, I got ecstatic, and the same nostalgia evokes me every time I hear it. It ‘s not great objectively, but it ‘s a nice sound to my ears. 4/5

Mere Haath – Fanaa
Mere Haath - Fanaa Cover Art
Most heart touch song …
The best romantic birdcall ever. every time I listen that song it makes me bathetic .
Please do n’t get Hindi and Urdu mixed up. The language spoken in Bollywood is technically Urdu and not Hindi although branded as Hind which is a dishonor, they know that they ‘d lose a lot of views if boollywood was in Hindi because then those who speak Urdu wo n’t be watching. If you are confused, watch “ Urdu aur Bollywood ” by javed akhtar on YouTube. A bunch of my Urdu cognition came from Bollywood. Agree or not but this is dependable. I have nothing against Hindi or bwood
This is the best romantic song of Bollywood ! Tum hawaii holmium is besides amazing, but does n’t flush come close to mere haath mein. Mere haath mein should be first .

Piya O Re Piya – Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghoshal
A very sweetness and romanticist birdcall … Atif and shreya have an awesm voice..
A very gratifying and romanticist sung … I have an capital spirit for this sung .
Its as so romantic
One of the best songs by Atif. I ‘m seriously in love with this song.

Hai Rama – Hariharan & Swarnalatha

Tum Se Hi – Jab We Met
Best song ever … Brilliance redefined … Cheers to Mohit Chauhan … The video besides is amazing …
This song has an ethereal quality to it, the music caresses you like a lover ‘s touch. It is a insidious blend of lilting tune and love story, elevates your person every time you listen to it – this is love .
Love it ! absolutely no words to describe this birdcall ! I equitable love it ! I dunno what “ stomach hello holmium ” is doing on top of this number ! It does n’t deserve that position. There are better songs ! This sung is one of them !
… ! Such a brainy song … every time I hear it, it equitable touches my heart and makes me cry … Please guys vote for this magnetize song … Three cheers to Mohit and Pritam …

Dheere Dhheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana – Anuradha Paudwal & Kumar Sanu
meaningful lyrics, heart warming tonal feel of the song .
Best song of Kumar Sanu
I love this song

Subhanallah From Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
I just want to tell that I love it it has a grand tune and voice of the singer is barely hypnotize .
I had developed a good like for this song then. It was truly charming !
Awesome sung must be in top ten .
This birdcall is amazing. Cheers from Brazil ! !

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai – Kumar Sanu & Nadeem – Shravan
10 Awesome song spill the beans by kumar sonu.. Touches your heart..
I love this song … so soft song it is
The most tuneful sung ever … Kumar sanu -the king of melodios quixotic songs and nadeem shravan music make this song so beautiful that this song can be termed as a best indian case of music therapy
One of my all time darling & hats off to all behind this …

The Contenders
Rabba Mein Toh Mar Gaya
11 It ‘s a bang-up … song I am in love with this birdcall
I love it excessively much
I like this song

Ab Mujhe Raat Din – Sonu Nigam
12 One of the best song always .
I merely love it

13 Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyar Aya Hai
Tujhey Dekha Toh Yeh – DDLJ

I admire this as it is one the best romantic songs of the Bollywood till now. There is no alternative for hard work so as there is no alternate comparison songs for this …
I think this song is most romantic song of bollywood..sung by none other than my favorite singer Kumar sanu … He has sol many romantic songs that … No matchless can imagine about..
I love you Shah Rukh. Love you Kajol. Looking constantly as ‘Made In Heaven ‘. Can You All please make DDLJ2 with the same Cast. This time, we very miss you Amrish Puri Ji. You are the BEST …
How come this evergreen song in number 5 ? ! I very love this song flush though I ‘m not indian …

Aye Ajnabi – A. R. Rahman
15 Love to hear anytime. My Favorite .
Ar rahman sir extremely

Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par – Lata Mangeshkar
16 great song by mohd rafi. invincible tune. Deserves to be phone number one without a doubt
I ‘m from Sri Lanka and this jewel of a song is undoubtedly the best among the list. The smooth curves and complexity of the melody knocks off all but few songs made in the Bollywood history since 1930. For me it ‘s “ Jane bahar husn tera ” from Pyar kiya to dharna kya which can give actual street fighter competition .
This has been my front-runner song throughout my liveliness. It deserves to be phone number one because of its alone tune and composition .
Are you dangerous. This song deserves to be number one to ten. Every other birdcall comes after. I mean, after all it is sung by mohd rafi who is practically the greatest singer of India …

Tu Hi Re – Bombay
17 All Time Super Hit Song and music given by Mr A. Rahman is brilliant
I think this is the most romanticist song I ever heard … indeed thumbs up …
Most touch song always. If you have always waited for your on-key love to come to you this song will bring tears to tour eyes
No words to describe the deepness of this song, Hariharan sir was outstanding .

Bahara – Shreya Ghoshal
18 My all time favorite song. I fall in love with the song every time. sometimes barely by reading the list .
Love it to the bottom of my heart !
capital song … appeals to your heart instantaneously
identical nice part … sugared melody

Chori Kiya Re Jiya – Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal
19 Should be in top 1o
Th best couple ever

Lag Ja Gale Se – Woh Kaun Thi
20 very very cover girl sung
The refreshment of Lag jaa Gale by amerind Pop band sanam is besides a soul soothing version. I find this song the best in this list.
Soul twisting center melting mind tease song ever created on earth for those who understand urdu .
A must listen sung.
beautiful lyris awesomely composed and greatly sung by none other than Lata Mangeshkar.

Jeena Jeena – Badlapur
21 Love this sung …

Saathiya – Shreya Ghoshal
22 According my information Shreya Ghoshal was has non music background. She is very primitive .
I love voice of Shreya Ghoshal very much. I Love her performances .
Shreya is my front-runner singer and her songs are most likely.. This song I love identical much
lovely song by shreya her voice is antic. I thinks that she she can be the second nightangle after lata

Tere Naina – Shafqat Amanat Ali
23 I lovely this song

Bahon Ke Darmiyan – Khamoshi

24Jeene Laga Hoon – Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghoshal
25 I love the song therefore a lot

superb song always ! I fall in sexual love with this song after hearing it for just one time
The song simply touches the bottom of my center, its good fabulous !
My alone darling sung never feel bored while listening …