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My attitude depnds on how you treat me.

Ma Kisi ka ! ! Karz Nahi rakhta ! ! 1 sunta hu to 2 Suna bismuth deta hu.. !
Ma Kisi ka!! Karz Nahi rakhta!! 1 sunta hu to 2 Suna bi deta hu..!

Don ’ thyroxine be confused B/w my Personality & attitude .

Dusman samny any meet darty thy Hum ! ! ! Aur wo pagli dill see hara k chili gai.. !

My personality is who I am and my attitude depends on you .

Dushmani ka maza tabh hy jb ! ! ! Dushman be betaab holmium milne ko.. ! !

You are a player, Nice to meet you. Well, I am coach .
You are a player, Nice to meet  you. Well, I am  coach.

many barn apni adat badli hour angle ! ! Warna shouk to many ! ! ajj bismuth teri aukat ke upar ke paal rakhy hen ! !

My circle is belittled, I beleive into choice not quantity .

Hum unki baat nhi karty.. ! ! Jinme koi baat nhi hoti.. !
Hum unki baat nhi karty..!! Jinme koi baat nhi hoti..!

I am not Perfect, I am ” limited Addition ” .

Bete aukat utni dikhaa.. ! ! Jitni teri aukaat ha.. !

Your Attitude hurt Me but, My Attitude can Kill you .

You are saying my dream is Too Big, I Say Your think is to Small .

I Am amazing I know, I Don ’ metric ton care about any Opinion .

deference for Deserve it, not for demand it .

Excuse Me, I found a thing under My Shoes shit, Its your Attitud .

Don ’ thymine Be So Quick, After All You lone See What I want to Show You .

I am single, Doesn ’ t Mean I ’ megabyte Alone, I Have Food & Internet .

I smile When people show Attitude Because It means That, people need an Attitude to dazzle Me .

Coins make noise but, The Currency Notes Don ’ metric ton ! That ’ S Why I ’ M like Currency Notes Calm & Silent .

I am the best translation of myself .

My doorway is constantly open, feel free to leave .

Don ’ t feel bad If people Rejects You. People alone Reject those things that they can ’ metric ton Afford .

You are single, Don ’ t panic it doesn ’ metric ton average you ’ rhenium not good. It means that you ’ rhenium Bold adequate to wait for the Right you deserve .

You are like a part of Cake for me .

I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come with rolling a dice. so don ’ t play me .

You dosen ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suits my personality, I tried being like you .

You think I am Bad ? faulty, I am the worst .

I haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate an attitude. I have a personality that you can ’ thyroxine handle .

Me myself and I are Best Buddy .
Me myself and I are Best Buddy.

Do you Love me ? fantastic.Hate me ? Try even better.Don ’ thyroxine know me ? Try to not judge me .

I may look impeccant, but badly I put you in Big trouble .
I may look innocent, but seriously I  put you in Big trouble.

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read Me Attitude, If I show you, You can ’ metric ton be able to take that .

People think I am selfish, but I think it is Self care .

unrealistic Goals, That ’ s My Attitude .

That ’ s My Attitude to keep smile on my face, tied while I going through Hell .

rather of copying Me, Creat your own original Attitude .
Instead of copying Me, Creat your own Original Attitude.

Though I am not be big, But I treating people in The good room .

I am not available every meter, I am busy in building my White House .

I Like Parties but my air pocket wants More and More Money .

I want Girl But not money eater .
I want Girl But not money eater.

attitude is My darling outfits that I like to wear frequently.

It is unmanageable to choose from same, But it is potential to choose unlike from same .

Don ’ metric ton judge my good for granted, I change it within Seconds .

My attitude is Like love, easy to start, Difficult to finish and impossible to forget .

I Like to know the hide lie when I know the truth .

You lost me but I lost nothing .
You lost me but I lost nothing.

I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hate you But I have no argue to love you .

Bad for Bad, Good for Good, It ’ mho my position .

I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hate people, I precisely leave them .
I don't hate people ,I just leave them.

Don ’ t play with me Because I am your master .

If you Bark, then quick for my Roar .
If you Bark, Then ready for my Roar.

Ok, You want to play game ? Tehn fix I change the game .

Remember that, there is entirely one King with or without queen .

Are you loose tomorrow ? No, I am expensive tomorrow .

I have unplayful Trust issue, Becuse people have lying write out .

Hey, Life is Stressful, That ’ randomness why everyone says ” REST IN PEACE ” .

I am not hardhearted, I learned how to use my heart less .

I am not the like which you meet, Different from Myself .

impossible to stop Me, Chase me if you can .

now you see me, but you have to do it like a giraffe .

not always available, try another prison term .

” Awesome ” is a give voice which made for me .

Born to rule, not to serve .

Some people pretend that they are your supporter because they are just scared to be your enemy .

I maintain quality level that ’ randomness why my friendship is with Myself .

Excuse me, besides hot to handle me .

You have two choices, first one Hate me and the second base hate me .

you are talking about my Attitude ? Since my Birth, 2 years I didn ’ metric ton speak with anybody .

You Believe on Guns, But Remember one thing I Thought Myself a Missile .

When I Was Born The Devil said, ” Oh no Competitor ” .

never try to think Me, I have already Burn out Thousand of people .

My Attitude is like a Sword and I am Legend .

It ’ s not my Attitude, Infact It is the Mirror of your Character .

never think I sign up I still have sign in choice .

When people Asked me what ’ s your Attitude ? I merely replied “ I am legendry King ” .

I don ’ t have Attitude, I have a Beast Mode you can ’ thymine Handle .

position is my direction to Show Others who I am without Speaking .

Don ’ thymine stare me, I will Kill you with my Cute Smile .

Your game is over Because I am here .

My personality is the effect of two main things, Mental Attitude and the way you treat me .

This is my pot of care. Oh shit, it is empty for you .

It is fine that you do not like me. But I must say that everybody not has beneficial taste .

When life gives me Lemons, I spray it on the haters .

wholly not accessible Please, not disturb me .

This is why I am crowned queen, and I am not looking for some promenade king .

I am a foreign jazz band of Really Sweet and sour and Do not fool around with me .

Before you make a diagnosis about your attitude with diffidence or low, beginning you make an analysis with me.

I am not useless, you can utilized me as a bad Example .

Before judging me, Please take alook you ’ re a Mr. Perfect .

Always remember one thing You are bigger than your problems .