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Facebook has become the most popular social network web site always. The users of Facebook rate from children to the aged. It is about like the password “ Social ” is created by Facebook. Some socially awkward users like to browse the locate offline. Check out the guidebook below to go offline and not let anyone know you are there .

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On the Facebook website  flush though it holds the password “ Social ” that is close associated while browsing Facebook there are instances that we want to use it offline. For case, you want to promptly check your notifications and the message but seeing you come on-line might attract those friends to who you do not want to reply. It takes you to a situation where it alone creates hurdles for yourself. Why don ’ triiodothyronine you avoid those situational encounters and go incognito ? here are the slowly steps you can follow :

  • first, exposed Facebook.com on your browser
  • Log in with your Username and Password
  • once you open the foliate : go to the messenger ( message )
  • On the mighty side of the riddle : Click the three-dot icon
  • It will take you to chat settings
  • Click on the plow off the active status choice
  • It will make you active voice status page
  • choose from : turn off active status for all contacts, all contacts except, and for alone some contact
  • nowadays click OK

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  • On the Facebook app 

On the Facebook app  Facebook has incredible millions of users. And possibly a hundred or thousand people who are your friends on the platform. Facebook recently introduced the k icon to let the users know who is on-line and who is not. many consider it advantageous and many do not. For those who value privacy by browsing Facebook without the green icon, the popular social network allows you to turn it off in a few elementary steps. Facebook besides allows you to turn it off for those who use the Facebook app. On the app, you need to turn it off on the messenger app with some childlike steps. Turning the green icon and going offline on the app is easy and simple. Please follow the steps below .

  • open Facebook Messenger app
  • sign in with your Facebook username and password
  • Go to Profile : on the top impart corner
  • Scroll gloomy to the active agent condition
  • Toggle the usher when you ’ rhenium active : off
  • Click turn off

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