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FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for fair about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song .What's a birthday without a playlist of birthday songs?  We've got a long list of pop, rock, and country songs to help you celebrate another year of awesomeness. What ‘s a birthday without a playlist of birthday songs ? We ‘ve got a long list of pop, rock, and nation songs to help you celebrate another year of awesomeness. Nicole Hanusek via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

Happy Birthday! Let’s Celebrate YOU

When it comes to birthdays, there are two types of people : those who celebrate the occasion with gusto and those who are so low-key they barely recognize the special consequence. I hope you ‘re more of the beginning type. After all, birthdays are the day that YOU entered the universe. Your parturition instantaneously transformed this worldly concern ( or at least a minor corner of it ). Parents worried more and slept less because of you. They credibly even do. If you have a special friend or loved one with an approaching birthday, why not mark the occasion with a limited endow, a custom playlist that celebrates their universe ? here is a long list of songs to get you started .

1. “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart

A birthday is the perfect occasion to provide encouragement and express subscribe for person you love. This 1988 song does just that, as the protagonist offers best wishes for a life that is filled with

  • sunshine and happiness
  • good fortune
  • wisdom
  • unconditional love and
  • a true and dignified presence.

What better wishes could there be ?

2. “Birthday” by Katy Perry

In this uptempo, R-rated reach from 2014, Katy Perry promises to dance and party all night with the birthday male child :

We ‘re living the liveliness
We ‘re doing it correct
You ‘re never gon sodium be unsated
If you wan sodium dance
If you want it all
You know I ‘m the daughter that you should call .

"The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age." - Lucille Ball, American actress “ The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your long time. ” – Lucille Ball, American actress Will Clayton via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

3. “Happy, Happy Birthday Baby” by The Tune Weavers

flush if you were born decades after this song ‘s 1957 exhaust, you ‘ve probably heard the tune. A brokenhearted youthful woman phones her ex-boyfriend on his birthday. She tells him that even though he ‘s moved on to a new sweetheart, she recalls the good old days, today and every day. Sounds like person ‘s stick in the past !

4. “Your Song” by Elton John

Although not considered a traditional birthday song, this sensitive ballad from 1970 is a dear room to say to celebrate the bare being of person especial : “ How fantastic life is while you ‘re in the universe. ”"Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new." - Sammy Haggar, American rocker “ Every class on your birthday, you get a gamble to start newly. ” – Sammy Haggar, American rocker Amanda Tipton via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

Fun & Creative Ideas for Commemorating Your Birthday

go skydiving or hot air ballooning enjoy go karting, bowl, playing paint ball or laser tagging with friends ledger a segway tour of your darling city
pluck something off your bucket list road trip ! lionize with a “ birthday week ” rather of one day
have a watering place day with friends : massage, manicures, pedicures, relaxation go to a karaoke barroom buy lottery scratchoff tickets — a $ 1 tag for each year you ‘re celebrating
get your luck told give to your darling charity and tell them why you ‘re donating process yourself to an annual physical because it ‘s well for you
lease a sports car or limousine go kayak or horseback riding with friends volunteer at the animal shelter
get a formal portrayal taken, alone or with friends or family be a kid again : go to a planetarium, menagerie, or entertainment park paint some pottery
have a themed costume party go to the inject range for some lessons or exercise go to a museum or tourist blot in your area that you ‘ve never been to
thank your parents try one food you ‘ve never eaten but constantly wondered about make a list of this past year ‘s achievements, plus your goals for the following year

5. “16 Candles” by The Crests

This 1958 song features a love afflicted young man who wishes his 16-year-old girlfriend, his “ adolescent fagot, ” a happy birthday. He compliments her bright eyes and her smasher .

6. “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift

If only we could freeze clock time at the best moments. An ode to artlessness and the carefree bliss of childhood, this 2010 birdcall captures the bittersweet struggle between wanting to be independent and maintaining the cocoon of childhood. As the protagonist offers advice to a child she loves, reality hits her : “ I precisely realized everything I have is someday gon na be gone. ” “ nowadays you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. ” -Dr. Seuss, American children ‘s writer Tela Chhe via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

7. “Here’s To Never Growing Up” by Avril Lavigne

At some indicate, we ‘ve all believed we were invincible and ageless. We celebrated the hazardous vacate of youth. This 2013 sung captures the rebellion of late adolescence and the impression that “ we do n’t ever stop, and we ‘re never gon na variety. ”

8. “Happy Birthday To You” by New Kids On the Block

spill about a song that will make the birthday person feel valued ! This birdcall from 1990 gives the assurance that age is equitable a number, so you might american samoa well live it up :

This day merely comes once every year
Because you ‘re then fantastic
With each and every thing you do .

"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act." - Truman Capote, American writer.  Go write your own third act, and make it grand! “ Life is a reasonably good play with a badly written third base act. ” – Truman Capote, American writer. Go write your own third base act, and make it deluxe ! Debbie R via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

9. “Happy Birthday” by Carly Simon

There comes a time in adulthood when you have to give up vices or at least cut rear. After all, you ‘re not getting any younger. In this 1990 song, the supporter rattles off all of the things that growing older have cost her : caffeine, desserts, sunbathing …. She laments, “ We ‘re excessively estimable to be happy, excessively straight to be deplorable, so merely blow out the candles, glad Birthday. ”

10. “Happy Birthday” by The Click Five

Have you always been a day or more late in wishing person special a felicitous birthday ? This 2007 sung is about belated birthday wishes that arrive from a friend who is traveling. He phones belated birthday wishes and an apology, all wrapped up in one .

11. “Raise Your Glass” by Pink

Offer up a toast to the limited birthday person with this 2010 R-rated song by Pink. She celebrates the loud herd, the underdogs and urges everyone to “ raise your methamphetamine ” and dance into the dawn .

12. “As Good As I Once Was” by Toby Keith

Celebrate a milestone birthday or good have a good joke with a the birthday person using this fun 2005 area song. It recounts that while

I ai n’t a good as I once was,
( That ‘s just the cold, hard accuracy … huh )
I still throw a few rear,
Talk a little relish,
When I ‘m feeling fastball proof … .

It ‘s a tribute to those who grow previous but refuse to grow up .When the candles cost more than the cake, it is time to realize you are getting old. When the candles cost more than the cake, it is time to realize you are getting honest-to-god. Carmen Zuniga via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

Reader Perspective

13. “It’s Your Birthday!” by R. Kelly

In this song from 2004, R. Kelly promises his birthday girl a limited nox out on the town dancing. He promises that “ your endow will be something you will remember for the perch of your days ” and says there will be “ nothing but VIP. ”Don't just count your years, make your years count. Do n’t just count your years, make your years count. ” – George Meredith, English poet ( C ) Emma Baker, used with permission, modified by FlourishAnyway

14.”Trip Around the Sun” by Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride

For those who slept through science classify, one stumble around the sunlight is an entire year, and it ‘ll earn you one more candle on that birthday patty. This 2004 sung acknowledges that although some years can be challenging, it ‘s important to just appreciate your ride around the sun .

15. “Birthday Morning” by The Association

This song from 1968 is aeriform. It celebrates dawn and everything that is right about the anniversary of your parturition .

Got the feel of sunrise in her hair
God unwinds her ring
To the stairway
To the moon
Just for this dawn
A birthday dawn
God bless the morning .

Celebrate Another Year Of Life

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." - Oprah Winfrey, American television host “ The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ” – Oprah Winfrey, American television receiver host Tim Hamilton via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

16. “Birthday” by Destiny’s Child

Setting up a extra night for her birthday boyfriend, the supporter in this 1998 song is putting all the moves on her lover. Forget sending out the invitations, because she ‘s planning a party for two, filled with birthday hanky-panky .

17. “Birthday” by The Beatles

Songs do n’t get excessively much simpler than this often-played classic from 1968. It ‘s a recognition of a supporter ‘s birthday and an invitation to dance and party .

18. “Birthday” by Selena Gomez

In this basic 2013 song, Selena Gomez is looking for a good excuse for letting it all hang out while partying. Sounds like person had besides much party punch :

Tell ’em that it ‘s my birthday
When I party like that
Every night ‘s my birthday
They do n’t know, so it ‘s o .

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." - William Shakespeare “ With hilarity and laughter let old wrinkles come. ” – William Shakespeare Merlijn Hoek via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

19. “Happy Birthday, Darlin'” by Conway Twitty

Featured in this 1979 country song is a man who wants to give his wife a endowment by taking away the confidence issues between them. He wants to replace intuition, lonely moments and doubt with faith and proclamations of sleep together. In the end, he wants her to be able to tell others that, “ He didn ’ triiodothyronine give me anything but he surely took a distribute of things away. ”

20. “Having A Party” by Rod Stewart

In 1993, Rod Stewart remade this classic 1962 collision. Although not specifically a birthday birdcall, it in truth fits the occasion, as it celebrates estimable clean fun : dance, popcorn, cokes, and togetherness .

21. “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

“ nowadays is the oldest you ‘ve always been, and the youngest you ‘ll always be again. ” This 1977 shoot is a aspirant, advanced song that urges the audience to forget the past and concentrate on all the promise of the future :

Do n’t stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Do n’t stop, it ‘ll soon be here,
It ‘ll be, better than ahead,
yesterday ‘s gone, yesterday ‘s gone .

22. “My Wish For You” by Rascal Flatts

If you want to wish the extra birthday person all the well things that liveliness has to offer, this 2006 country crossover voter hit is perfect. It expresses hope that they ‘ll have :

  • big dreams
  • few worries or regrets
  • clear choices
  • a strong character and
  • strength to make it through life’s difficult times.

"May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live." - Irish Blessing “ May you live a long as you want and never want american samoa farseeing as you live. ” – irish consecrate Kimberly Vardeman via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

23. “Birthday Song” by Don McLean

This mellow song from 1972 is a birthday sleep together song from person who is n’t used to expressing what he feels. He makes an exception, however, on his sweetheart ‘s birthday :

You see I love the way you love me
Love the way you smile at me,
I love the way we live this biography we ‘re in .

24. “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)” by Andy Grammer

After going through tough times, the guy in this 2014 reach has ultimately caught a break. All his dreams are coming dependable and he ‘s feeling on peak of the world. Remind the birthday person that no matter how old he or she is, it ‘s good to be alive. And it sure beats the alternate .Tim Hamilton via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway Tim Hamilton via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway May your birthday be vitamin a amazing as you are .

Even More Songs to Celebrate Birthdays

Song Artist Year Released
25. Happy Pharrell Williams 2014
26. Celebration Kool & the gang 1980
27. Happy Birthday Loretta Lynn 1965
28. It’s My Life Bon Jovi 2000
29. It’s Your Birthday luke 1994
30. My Next 30 Years Tim McGraw 1999
31. Happy Birthday N Sync 2000
32. Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby Ronnie Milsap 1986
33. Birthday Song Carole King 2000
34. Happy Birthday Lenny Kravitz 2014
35. Happy Birthday to Me cracker 1992
36. Like It’s Her Birthday full Charlotte 2010
37. Birthday Sex Jeremih 2009
38. Birthday All Time Low 2018
39. Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder 1981
40. Happy Birthday Altered Images 1981
41. Happy Birthday Blues B.B. King 1979
42. Happy Birthday Blues Kathy Young and The Innocents 1961
43. Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovic 1991
44. Good Feeling Flo Rida 2011
45. In Da Club 50 cent 2003
46. Older They Might Be Giants

47. What’s My Age Again Blink-182 1999
48. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen Neil Sedaka 1961
49. Birthday Pixie Lott 2011
50. Happy Birthday Altered Images 1981
51. Birthday Twista 2009
52. I Don’t Want to Grow Up The Ramones 1995
53. Birthday Anne-Marie 2020

This contentedness is accurate and true to the best of the generator ’ mho cognition and is not meant to substitute for formal and personalize advice from a qualify professional .

Questions & Answers

Question: Does Fleetwood Mac sing any birthday songs ? Answer: Aside from the noteworthy number of “ happy birthday ” tributes on YouTube from one or more Fleetwood Mac band member to another, the lone song that I ‘m conversant with that would possibly fit that class would be “ Landslide ” ( 1975 ). It surely is a brooding song that reflects one ‘s thoughts about aging and facing all that life throws at you : Can I sail through the changing ocean tides ? Can I handle the seasons of my life ? well, I ‘ve been afraid of changing ‘Cause I ‘ve built my life around you But time makes you bolder even children get older And I ‘m getting older besides. … It seems to be more about aging and growing older. If songs about aging are what you ‘re looking for, you can find some allow songs for a birthday on the Songs About Aging and Growing Older playlist : hypertext transfer protocol : //hub.me/akHV1. Some are funny, some poignant, others upbeat. You ‘ll have to select them from the list based on your determination, but there are many to choose from, including “ Landslide ”. I hope this help. © 2016 FlourishAnyway Yves on November 02, 2018 : Thanks ! I ‘m looking forward to tomorrow ‘s festivities ! ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on November 02, 2018 : Yves – November seems to be the month for birthdays ! happy birthday ! Enjoy your extra day ! May the year ahead be the best year ever for you. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on November 02, 2018 : Tim, well, I surely wish you an early happy birthday ! May everything you ‘re hoping for come true when you blow out those birthday candles. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind support. Yves on November 02, 2018 : Hi Flourish ! I came across this article/playlist in my tip. How seasonably ! tomorrow is my birthday ! Woohoo ! ! I like the theme of celebrating for a week or a calendar month, but in my encase, I ‘m pretty dear with a weekend, at this juncture. sol, tonight, I ‘m eating all my favorite snacks and drinking my favorite toast. late I ‘ll watch Netflix … .which I just got. LOL. Anyhoo, tomorrow I ‘ll be ready for my big day ! But let me say that my pick on your playlist is “ My wish ” by Rascall Flatts. That ‘s how I see my life, more or less. I ‘ll keep living it that means, but hopefully, even better ! Thanks for the inspiration, Flourish. Your playlists have something for everyone, and I just love that. : ) Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on November 02, 2018 : Hi, Flourish, I stumbled upon your great playlist since I am a Nov. child. I was wondering what songs I could have at my party. ( Well, not a big one unless Meghan comes up with a surprise. ) anyhow. ) I love the Cool and the Gang song : celebrate. I skated my feet off to that sung in my youth. This is a great playlist, and many of the songs I did n’t know. So thanks for broadening my cognition of birthday songs. I have a sung for you. This song was in the first place written for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but it ‘s a great birthday song from Stevy Wonder called glad birthday : “ You know it does n’t make much sense There ought to be a law against Anyone who takes umbrage At a day in your celebration Cause we all know in our minds That there ought to be a time That we can set apart To show just how much we love you And I ‘m certain you would agree It could n’t fit more perfectly Than to have a global party on the day you came to be. ” It ‘s a great dance number, besides. Love your tilt, Flourish. Never stop. You are the HP song dame. much respect and admiration, Tim Bhagiratsinh on April 27, 2018 : Happy birthday FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on March 12, 2016 : Larry – Always glad to have you stop by ! Have a big weekend ! Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on March 12, 2016 : Always enjoy your lists. Great read ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on March 08, 2016 : Peggy – Thanks for stopping by. I never quite realized it either until I started researching ! Have a capital week ! Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 08, 2016 : I never realized that there were therefore many songs related to birthdays. Great number you have compiled. My favorite photograph was the polar bear with crimson ball. : ) FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on March 04, 2016 : ezzly – beaming I could help you celebrate your buddy ‘s birthday ! Thanks for the compliment ! ezzly on March 03, 2016 : Great ideas, you have such amazing smack in music, specially love Pink. Might have to pinch this playlist for my brothers 40 th ; ) FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 27, 2016 : Sha – happy birthday ! I ‘m behind in my HP read, excessively, but will decidedly catch up. I hope you are doing well and have special plans for celebrating your birthday in style. Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on February 25, 2016 : boom, I ‘m about three weeks behind in my HP recitation, but the time for this one is perfect, as my birthday is a week from today. No birthday tilt would be complete without The Beatles “ Birthday Song ”. It ‘s so glad and makes you want to get up and boogie. I would have liked to have seen a video by all of The Beatles, though – not precisely McCartney. Enjoyed the hell out of it however. Rod Stewart ‘s television is very sweetly. I wonder if that ‘s his son. There certain seemed to be a lot of love and confidence between them. Loved this hub, as constantly, flourish ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 15, 2016 : Faith – thus glad you stopped by, and a belated happy birthday ! Faith Reaper from southern USA on February 14, 2016 : What a fantastic happy Birthday playlist, Flourish, specially being I barely celebrated my birthday on January 29 … how did know LOL There are a lot of new ones here to me. Blessings constantly FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 14, 2016 : MsDora – thank you for reading ! I hope you ‘ve had a fantastic weekend. Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 14, 2016 : As usual, many of these are songs I do n’t know ; but I recognize some of the artist and I like their sound so I will listen to their songs today, starting nowadays. Thanks for another list ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 13, 2016 : Frank – Thanks so much, supporter. You have a fantastic Valentine ‘s weekend. Frank Atanacio from Shelton on February 13, 2016 : hello Flourish I love when you do the playlist.. some of these songs.. yeah perfect.. your hub … perfective : ) awesome … .. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 12, 2016 : Audrey – It ‘s such a beautiful, dear sung and a simpleton manner to let person know how you feel. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 12, 2016 : Nell – Thanks for stopping by. I ‘m glad you enjoyed this list ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 12, 2016 : Martie – I ‘m glad this is useful. sometimes the most meaningful gifts are pretty cheap. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 12, 2016 : Genna – I ‘m so glad you enjoyed this. Have a big weekend ! Audrey Howitt from California on February 11, 2016 : Your song is placid one of my favs — it was the first album I bought ! Nell Rose from England on February 11, 2016 : Another bang-up list, history and music ! love it ! Martie Coetser from South Africa on February 11, 2016 : now this is a most utilitarian hub ! I always look for songs that suit a specific acquaintance. You presented a capital diverseness. Thanks, Flourish : ) Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on February 10, 2016 : Oh, I love this series. My favorites on your list are, once again, Elton John ( I love “ Your Song ” ), and Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Rascal Flatts. fantastic music ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 10, 2016 : pinto2011 – thank you for reading ! Subhas from New Delhi, India on February 10, 2016 : now, I am going to stump many with your compilation. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 09, 2016 : Carb Diva – A belated felicitous birthday to you ! Some of the best songs for birthdays do n’t flush mention the word. Elton John ‘s is one of them. Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on February 09, 2016 : flourish, I never thought of Elton John ‘s sung as a birthday tribute, but I LOVE it ! This is a bang-up list — and my birthday was just last week, so you are right on clock time girl. Thanks for a fun hub. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 09, 2016 : Linda – thank you for your kind words. Have a fantastic week ! Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on February 08, 2016 : Thanks for sharing some more songs in this entertain hub, Flourish. I always discover music that is fresh to me in your playlist hub. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 08, 2016 : swalia – As always, thank you for reading. Have a capital week ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 08, 2016 : savvydating – I sure did think about Marilyn Monroe ‘s celebrated rendition of “ felicitous Birthday, Mr. President. ” It was then bad of her. Would n’t you love to know the First Lady ‘s reaction afterwards ? Thanks for stopping by. Yves on February 08, 2016 : Wow ! I had no theme sol many birthday songs existed ! My right to vote goes to Rascall Flatts. Dare I say it … .Thank you for leaving out “ happy Birthday, Mr. President. ” Something about JFK being fine with the whole flyblown affair thing rubs me the wrong way. Anyhow, I enjoy all of your lists — always … no matter who you choose, it ‘s always thoroughly fun ! Shaloo Walia from India on February 08, 2016 : A delightful hub with great collection of songs ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 08, 2016 : Bill – That ‘s one of the merely Beatles songs I can stand ! It ‘s curious how people can be so different. Thanks for read ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 08, 2016 : Shyron – thank you for the addition. That certain is one way to wish person glad Birthday, is n’t it ? Have a bang-up week. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 08, 2016 : Ann – I agree that birthdays should be celebrated and recognized. Why not make person feel special on their day ? They have changed many lives just by being in this earth. Thank you for the kind sentiments. Have a great week ! FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 08, 2016 : Devika – Thanks for the kind praise. Have a capital week ! Ann Carr from SW England on February 08, 2016 : I love birthdays, mine and everyone else ‘s ! You ca n’t do a thing about the pass clock time then why not celebrate your own special day and another day spent on this earth ? I ‘m merely a large kid in truth ! Some capital songs here, even though I did n’t know most of them. Birthdays are special so we need limited songs. Great hub – I love these themed song hub you do so well. Ann Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on February 08, 2016 : amazing ! I like you ideas and great memories from these choices. Shyron E Shenko from Texas on February 07, 2016 : flourish, I love all the video songs you have hera and I have one to add. It is called “ felicitous birthday ” by Loretta Lynn. well, I know where you ‘re going and who ‘s gon na meet you there I know how late you ‘ll be coming home but guess who does n’t care Tonight I ‘ll step out excessively and since I wo n’t be here happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New year My best wishes may be early but I ‘m not sticking around To bake a patty for your birthday while you ‘re out running around She can help you celebrate, may she bring you lots of cheerfulness Happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I love this Blessings and Hugs dear ally.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 07, 2016 : I absolutely adore the Beatles and I have always hated that song. lol Great number however .